Child of Promise

There is a prophecy that when the Great Eclipse occurs, the Child of Promise will unite with the blood of kings to usher in the new age. The Protectors exist to find the Child of Promise and guard his life at the cost of their own. As the day of the Eclipse draws ever closer, the Protector Rio must escort the Child to the royal city so he can fulfill his destiny. However, there are those who would have the Child for themselves in a vain attempt to reap all the benefits. And then there are those who fear what the new age may bring and will stop at nothing to see the Child dead. Rio and her fellow Protectors must fend off threats from all sides, but they do not begrudge their fate. It is what they are born to do. They live for the Child. They fight for the Child. They kill for the Child. And, if necessary, they will die for the Child and the promise of the new age. It is a race against time and impossible odds. They cannot afford to fail, no matter the cost.