Agent Max Steele


The Man with Two Faces

Max Steele is the very model of the James Bond-style superspy. Suave, witty, lethal. His mission: to bring down an international organization bent on world domination, Novus Ordo Seclorum. Allowing himself to be captured by NOS operative, he is taken inside the main NOS compound, where he has a chance to take down not only the Commissars Council, but also the mastermind of NOS, the nefarious Dr. Hessler. However, the mission fails and Max comes to in a police interrogation room. The cops call him by a different name, accuse him of all sorts of things, demanding a confession. His reality has been turned on its head. Is it real or is it all a plot by NOS to shatter his mind and eliminate the greatest threat to their plans? Max intends to find out, but with the whole world against him, can even a superspy get to the truth and live to tell the tale?