Appendix B
Slang and Jargon Glossary

Slang and Jargon - General

Arby - see RBC
Fed - 1) the Federal Police or a Federal Police officer, 2) the government or any government official
Franky - a term for Sheolites not actually used by the military community; from 'Frankenstein'
Frontier - all space beyond the area within the combined orbits of Neptune and Pluto as defined by the Ringe-Wahl Act
gim - one gigameter, i.e. one million kilometers
Interverse - the vast computer network spanning all settled space, the Internet on a system-wide scale
mick - one megameter, i.e. one thousand kilometers
MinDef - Ministry of Defense
MoD - Ministry of Defense
Moonie - a citizen of Luna, especially one with strong anti-Earth views
Orbital - a citizen who lives and works offplanet on orbital space stations and the like
OSS - Orbital Space Station
RBC - 'Rhea's Bastard Children', inhabitants of the Saturnian Sphere; after stateswoman Rhea Pinchot, who played an influential role in the colonization of Saturn
Tita - Titania
UST - Universal Standard Time

Slang and Jargon - Military

AB - Airbase (AF)
ABC - 123rd Test Wing (AF)
ACU - the shortened abbreviation for the standard field dress of Army personnel, the Adaptive Camouflage Combat Uniform
Airhead - Air Force personnel (N)
bandit - hostile radar contact
berth - living space onboard a ship
bird - originally aircraft but later applied to superlight spacecraft as well
BLT - battalion landing team
bulkhead - a wall in a ship
butter bar - a second lieutenant (A, AF, MC)
C2 - command and control
CAG - commander, air group
CVBG - Carrier Battle Group
CVHBG - Heavy Carrier Battle Group
CID - Criminal Investigation Division (A)
civvie - civilian
Class A's - the Army green service dress uniform
CNO - Chief of Naval Operations
CO - commanding officer
companionway - ladders connecting the decks of a ship; generally only used in emergency situations when personnel lifts are inoperable
Datch - an IT-7 Kodachi
deck - the floor of a ship
Devil Bitch - derisive term for a female Marine or Marines in general (A)
Devil Dog - Marine
DFAC - dining facility
DI - drill instructor (MC)
Double-O - operations officer (AF)
goat locker - living space for chief petty officers on a warship
gold - the gold bar of junior officer collar/shoulder insignia
greenback - Army personnel (N, MC)
Gunny - gunnery sergeant (MC)
HE - high explosive
HHD - headquarters and headquarters detachment hooah-hooah - highly motivated; often used as a term of derision by less dedicated soldiers (A)
HUD - heads-up display
IG - Inspector General
JAD - Joint Air Division
Kasfey - KSFE
KSFE - Kadokawa Space-folding Engine
leatherneck - Marine
LCPO - leading chief petty officer (N)
Lice - ESS Lysander
LT - lieutenant
LTC - lieutenant colonel
MA - Master-at-Arms
Mommy - the mothership of a craft, especially an air/spacecraft carrier
NEX - Navy Exchange (N. MC)
NIS - Naval Investigative Service (N, MC)
NSS - Naval Space Station (N)
OCS - Officer Candidate School (A, N, MC)
Officers' Country - living spaces for officers on a warship
OG - Orbital Guard
ONB - Orbital Naval Base
OSI - Office of Special Investigations (AF)
OTS - Officer Training School (AF)
overhead - the ceiling of a ship
passageway - a corridor on a ship
PCS - permanent change of station
PT - physical training
rack - a bunk or bed (N, MC) S-1 - the staff division for administration and personnel at the brigade-level and below (A, MC) SAR - search and rescue
sat - satisfactory
SB - Starbase (AF)
Senior Lance - the informal title of an E-3 with significant seniority over other junior enlisted (MC)
sham - goof off
Shelly - Sheolite
silver - the silver bar of junior officer collar/shoulder insignia
Six-Bravo - SFPS Mark VIb
Six-Delta - SFPS Mark VId
Six-Echo - SFPS Mark VIe
sound off - respond (loudly under most circumstances)
SP - Security Police (AF)
Special - Special Operations personnel
squid - Naval personnel
swabby - Naval personnel
SupCom - Supreme Command
TA-50 - individual equipment; no longer used in official documentation but still common parlance (A)
TDY - temporary duty yonder
Three-star - a lieutenant general or vice admiral
Tico - ESS Ticonderoga
Tweety - any noncombat pilot (N)
Two-star - a major general or rear admiral
unsat - unsatisfactory
USDM - Union Service Defense Medal
VDU - visual display unit
VF - fighter squadron (N)
VRC - carrier fleet logistics support squadron (N)
VS - shuttle squadron (N)
weapons free - brevity code to fire at the operator's discretion in accordance with rules of engagement
XO - executive officer
Zulu cannon - any cheap, homemade cannon illegally outfitted onto spacecraft