Appendix E
Vehicle Guide

Vehicles - Military, Earth Union

America-class heavy spacecraft carrier - A sixth generation warship introduced late in the Sheol War, it supported an aviation element twice the size of the earlier light carriers and hosted a special joint task force with representation from all four branches of service.
Endeavour-class space destroyer - A late second generation warship that was more economical to construct than the earlier Defiant-class space destroyers.
Imperium-class space flagship - The largest capital ship in Union Fleet, this fourth generation warship heads the Navy's 4th, 5th and 6th Fleets. Beginning in NE 105, the three active Imperium-class flagships were refitted with fifth generation technology to improve performance and to support an airwing comparable to that of a carrier. Unlike proper carriers, however, they are not intended for an expeditionary role and instead serve as part of their planetary sphere's last line of defense.
Invincible-class space destroyer - A third generation warship that was in the process of being decommissioned when the Sheol War began, it was the smallest ship capable of supporting the powerful Mark III laser array.
Ica-49 Swallow - An unmanned aerial vehicle designed for transporting cargo, it is capable of carrying up to two tonnes of materiel.
Ica-63B Quick Sparrow - A redesign of the earlier Sparrow-class shuttle equipped with the SFPS Mark VId for dramatically improved speed and a laser array for defense, it can transport up to 48 passengers.
Ica-63C Combat Sparrow - A more heavily armed and armored variant of the Quick Sparrow designed for space-to-space transport of Marines, it is capable of transporting an entire platoon.
Ica-69A Pelican - A spaceborne cargo ship that can also serve as a mass transport if needed.
Ica-69B Rescue Pelican - A variant of the Pelican-class cargo ship designed for search and rescue, it includes a full medical team for emergency care of rescuees and a sealed ICU with eight beds.
Ica-75 Albatross - A heavy dropship capable of both spaceflight and planetside incursions, it is slow and lightly armored but in exchange can carry up to 120 personnel if no vehicles are loaded.
IT-7 Kodachi - A second generation light space fighter adopted by the Air Force for close orbital defense.
Koh-132 Wasp - A first generation light space fighter used by the Navy in the early years of the war.
Koh-141 Hornet III - A third generation light space fighter used by both the Navy and the Air Force, replacing the Koh-132 Wasp and IT-7 Kodachi respectively. It is in all respects superior to the earlier crafts and has demonstrated a marked edge over Sheolite ships the same size.

Vehicles - Military, Sheol Empire

Centipede - A heavily armed and armored all-terrain attack vehicle whose armament rivals that of a small warship, its heavy power consumption can result in systems shorting out in the field.
Fiend-class space patrol escort - A light spacecraft that serves primarily as an escort for larger Sheolite ships, it is faster and better armed than its Union counterpart, the Starstorm-class patrol escort, but has poor defenses.
Viper - A light space fighter comparably equipped to the Koh-132 Wasp, its trump card is its disruptor cannon, which can nullify its target's shields but often at the risk of shorting out the craft's systems.