Appendix D
Equipment Guide

Equipment - General

DataPad - A digital tablet that provides a convenient portable interface with a wide variety of devices.
Epsilon Series Artificial Humanoid - A model of artificial humanoid first released in 036, it was the first commercially-released synthetic to be equipped with a learning computer and was largely indistinguishable from natural humans.
Iota Series Artificial Humanoid - A model of artificial humanoid that took advantage of nanotechnological advancements to near-perfectly mimic human growth from conception, their near-perfect imitation of natural humans and the unethical practices behind their development led to the recall of all units in 097.
Kappa Series Artificial Humanoid - A modification of the Iota series released in 094, it was designed to be developed on an accelerated growth cycle for quicker release to the market, but all units were recalled before the first shipment could reach the customers.
light - A classification of spacecraft between 50 and 200 meters in length, less than 40 meters in width, and less than 10 kilotonnes in mass.
Mu Series Artificial Humanoid - The model of artificial humanoid that ultimately met the demands of anti-synthetic activists, it had more limited capabilities than previous models and a distinctive appearance from natural humans.
PersCom - Personal Communication Unit, the ubiquitous multimedia communications device, capable of transmitting audio and video signals, connecting to the Interverse, and holographic projection among other functions.
repulsor - An antigravity device that allows vehicles and materiel to hover over surfaces, its size and output depend on the mass of the affixed object and the desired magnitude of repulsion.
superlight - A classification of spacecraft that is less than 50 meters in length, 30 meters in width and 300 tonnes in mass.
Zeta Series Artificial Humanoid - A model of artificial humanoid released in 051, it could successfully pass for a natural human by most visual and X-ray scans and featured an unprecedented capacity for emotional response.

Equipment - Military, Earth Union

Alpha Series shield projector - The first generation of shield projector, it is known for being large and bulky with high power consumption and expensive production costs. Most active-duty crafts equipped with Alpha Series projectors were refitted with the Beta Series as the war progressed.
arm cannon - The common name for the PAK3.
Beta Series shield projector - Developed before the war, this shield projector allowed for further downscaling and was much cheaper to produce than the original Alpha Series, allowing for widespread deployment on Union craft.
BL7 Laser Array Mark III - The third generation of military laser equipped on Union craft, it was equipped on a number of larger third- and fourth-generation warships. It is the most powerful military laser fielded in the Union arsenal, but the units are quite large and have high energy consumption requirements.
BL15 Laser Array Mark V - The standard laser array for fifth- and sixth-generation warships, it is smaller and less powerful than the earlier Mark IV but more energy efficient, allowing the restoration of the stream-fire option.
BL16 Laser Array Mark VI - The standard laser array of superlight crafts, it is nearly half the size of the Mark V but with only a 36% reduction in output.
blaster pistol - The common name for the P43.
blitz gun - The common name for the MG12A2.
boxer pistol - The P81, so named because of its stopping power, like a boxer's punch.
buzzer - A slang term for the NT74 sonic disruptor.
disruptor - see sonic disruptor; not to be confused with the Sheolite weapon of the same name
Fly Eye - A small portable sensor unit equipped with a repulsor to fly around and reconnoiter dangerous areas. Readings are transmitted to the helmet of the operator.
Gamma Series shield projector - A significant improvement over the Beta Series, released in 108, its design could be scaled down to man-portable units and was both more potent and energy-efficient than its predecessor.
G22A4 - The standard infantry small arm of the Earth Union, a pulse rifle capable of firing at 600 rounds per minute.
ion cannon - A mounted weapon that fires a burst of ions to disrupt electronics.
LightSuit - The standard body armor of the Earth Union Armed Forces.
LightSuit-P - A stripped-down version of the LightSuit most commonly used by pilots and aircrew.
LightSuit-S - A variant of the LightSuit with a barebones powered exoskeleton integrated in for strength and mobility enhancement.
Mark III - see BL7 Laser Array Mark III
Mark V - see BL15 Laser Array Mark V
Mark VI - see BL16 Laser Array Mark VI
MediSuit - A powered armor exoskeleton employed by the Marine Corps' Mobile Armor Division.
microwave cannon - The successor to the ion cannon, it fires a focused beam of microwave radiation to disrupt electronics but has not completely replaced the ion cannon because of high power consumption.
mirror chaff - A type of countermeasure for laser fire using thousands of small mirrors rated for deflecting military-grade lasers, it has become less commonly equipped due to the decreased use of lasers in combat by both Union and Sheolite craft.
MG12A2 - A light squad support weapon with a rate of fire nearly ten times that of a standard G22 pulse rifle. The A2 variant also features a magazine-fed semiautomatic grenade launcher.
P43 - The standard sidearm of both the Earth Union Armed Forced and the Federal Police, it fires a relatively weak charged pulse that is safe for use on spacecraft.
P81 - A sidearm commonly used by Special Operation Forces, it fires 10mm caseless rounds with considerable stopping power.
PAK3 - A portable plasma cannon attached to the arm of a MediSuit, it is the smallest feasible plasma cannon with three rotating barrels to allow a higher rate of fire.
particle cannon - A mounted weapon that fires powerful particle blasts with moderately high destructive power offset by a low rate of fire.
plasma cannon - A mounted weapon that fires a large plasma burst, it has a particularly damaging effect on the biomechanical hulls of Sheolite craft but is not widely fielded due to its size and heavy power consumption.
pulse cannon - A mounted weapon that fires charged pulses at a high rate of fire, effective at depleting energy shields but with limited destructive power.
pulse rifle - The common name for the G22.
NT74 - A nonlethal hypersonic weapon commonly issued to security personnel.
SG1 - A common, albeit incorrect name of the SSG1.
sonic disruptor - The common name for the NT74.
SSG1 - A portable railgun used as the standard sniper system of the Earth Union Armed Forces.
Starbeam - The standard space-to-space missile equipped by Union spacecraft.
StatSuit - A modular mechanical counterpressure suit that is standard issue to all offworld personnel.
tractor beam - A wireless towing device that creates a strong electromagnetic attraction with receiver units installed in the target ship.

Equipment - Military, Sheol Empire

nail gun - The nickname for the standard infantry weapon of Sheolite forces, it fires alloy spikes that can bypass shields and crack if not penetrate LightSuit armor.

Equipment - Military, The Empyrean

heavy laser array - The most powerful laser array of its size, it is the strongest weapon in the Empyrean arsenal and is easily capable of sinking warships.
laser blaster - A handheld laser blaster with equivalent power to the Union's much larger LG6, it is known simply as a 'sword of light' by the Empyreans.
light laser array - Roughly the equivalent of the Union Mark VI laser array, it is nevertheless noticeably more powerful.
medium laser array - A powerful laser array that is surprisingly compact, it is found on larger Empyrean vehicles and is capable of inflicting severe damage.