Appendix E
Vehicle Guide

Vehicles - Military, Earth Union

America-class heavy spacecraft carrier - A sixth generation warship introduced late in the Sheol War, it supported an aviation element twice the size of the earlier light carriers and hosted a special joint task force with representation from all four branches of service.
Camelot-class space cruiser - A fourth generation warship whose latest models have been modified to incorporate more current technology, it is one of the more powerful warships in the Union Navy.
Ica-63B Quick Sparrow - A redesign of the earlier Sparrow-class shuttle equipped with the SFPS Mark VId for dramatically improved speed and a laser array for defense, it can transport up to 48 passengers.
Ica-63C Combat Sparrow - A more heavily armed and armored variant of the Quick Sparrow designed for space-to-space transport of Marines, it is capable of transporting an entire platoon.
Ica-64B Quick Blackbat - An upgraded version of the Blackbat electronic warfare craft equipped with improved sensors and ECM equipment, full defensive armaments, Beta Series shield projectors, and two SFPS MkVId engines.
Ica-69A Pelican - A spaceborne cargo ship that can also serve as a mass transport if needed.
Ica-69B Rescue Pelican - A variant of the Pelican-class cargo ship designed for search and rescue, it includes a full medical team for emergency care of rescuees and a sealed ICU with eight beds.
IT-8 Wakizashi - A second generation air/space strike fighter used by both the Navy and the Air Force, it is the only superlight craft capable of providing air support to ground forces from space-based platforms.
Koh-132 Wasp - A first generation light space fighter used by the Navy in the early years of the war.
Koh-141 Hornet III - A third generation light space fighter used by both the Navy and the Air Force, replacing the Koh-132 Wasp and IT-7 Kodachi respectively. It is in all respects superior to the earlier crafts and has demonstrated a marked edge over Sheolite ships the same size.
Marathon-class space landing ship - A fourth generation warship, it was capable of delivering up to 2000 Marines and all their equipment to warzones throughout the Colonies.
Sengoku-class space destroyer - A fourth generation warship introduced just before the start of the war, it is considerably faster than the earlier Invincible-class thanks to its SFPS MkVIa engine and sports a more varied armament as well.
Sparta-class light spacecraft carrier - A fifth generation warship and the successor to the Troy-class , it features more robust armaments and thicker armor than its predecessor for improved combat performance and survivability.
Starlight-class space supply ship - A third generation starship, it was the workhorse of the Navy throughout the Sheol War and could be configured to carry a variety of cargo for essential underway replenishment operations.
Starstorm-class space patrol escort - A fourth generation warship that vastly improved upon the older Sky Shark-class , it was the fastest type of ship in the Fleet until the debut of warships equipped with the MkVI series of engines.
Strategos-class space destroyer - A fifth generation warship, it is not only larger and more robustly armed than the earlier Sengoku-class but also hosts a small aviation detachment.
Troy-class light spacecraft carrier - A fifth generation warship, it was the first platform for deploying superlight spacecraft in combat.

Vehicles - Military, Sheol Empire

Abyss-class space flagship - The largest warship on record and the personal flagship of the Sheolite emperor himself, its very existence was completely unknown to the Union for most of the Sheol War.
Anaconda - A heavy space fighter nearly as well-armed as the Fiend-class patrol escorts, it posed a considerable threat to Union warships.
Archdemon-class spacecraft carrier - The platform for the Sheolites' superlight spacecraft, it was also a capable warship in its own right even without the support of escorts.
Archfiend-class space destroyer - Though disadvantaged when compared to its Union counterparts, this class of warship was equipped with the dreaded mass drivers used to devastating effect in the Sheolite raids on the Colonies.
Cobra - A medium space fighter that boasted thicker armor and heavier armaments than the Viper, it had a reputation for being notoriously difficult to shoot down and was believed to be the craft most responsible for losses among Union pilots.
Demon-class space cruiser - Despite not being significantly larger than the Archfiend-class , this warship boasted considerably heavier armaments, making it a significant threat in both ship-to-ship combat and orbital assaults.
Fiend-class space patrol escort - The smallest class of Sheolite warship, it was about evenly matched with the Union Starstorm-class .
Hellduke-class space dreadnought - The flagship of the main Sheolite fleets, it is larger than all Union warships except the Imperium-class
Viper - A light space fighter comparably equipped to the Koh-132 Wasp, its trump card was its disruptor cannon, which could nullify its target's shields but often at the risk of shorting out the craft's systems.

Vehicles - Military, The Empyrean

Angel-class light space cruiser - The backbone of the Empyrean Navy, it is the main combatant of both the expeditionary fleets and the orbital guard fleets.
Archangel-class heavy space cruiser - The flagship of the Empyrean's expeditionary fleets, it is about the size of a Union Sparta-class carrier and its primary weapon is a devastating heavy laser array.
Cherub - An unmanned heavy tank patrolling Selene 03's surface, the power of its two medium laser arrays is offset by its low speed.
Confessor - A light attack drone armed with a single laser array, it is small and fragile but relies on sheer numbers to pose a threat.
Dominion-class space destroyer - A warship that comprises most of the expeditionary fleets' numbers, it is surprisingly weak and poorly armed for its size and serves more to distract enemies from the more valuable Angels and Archangels.
Grigori-class patrol escort - The smallest manned craft in the Empyrean Navy, it provides the bulk of the orbital guard fleets' numbers and relies heavily on maneuverability to survive.
Innocent - A heavy attack drone, its medium laser array gives it the capacity to pose a threat to warships, but its offensive power is offset by its comparatively low speed and inferior maneuverability.
Martyr - A medium attack drone that often leads formations of the smaller Confessors, its three laser arrays pose a significant threat to Union superlights.
Punisher - An unmanned light tank patrolling Selene 03's surface, it complements the colony's built-in defenses.
Seraph-class super space cruiser - A huge warship larger than even the Union's Imperium-class flagships, it serves as the flagship for the orbital guard fleets and is an imposing projection of Empyrean naval power equipped with three heavy laser arrays.