Appendix B
Slang and Jargon Glossary

Slang and Jargon - General

Arby - see RBC
clearplaz - a cheap and durable alternative to glass used frequently in offworld construction; derived from 'clear plastic'
Earther - someone born on Earth
EDC - Earth Defense Corps; an Earth-based paramilitary force founded after the Lunar Revolt
ISIS - Internal Security Information Service; an intelligence service focused on communications and signal interception
klick - kilometer
MCN - Mars Central Network
mick - megameter, i.e. one thousand kilometers
pre-sec - pre-secondary school; Years Seven through Nine in the public education system
RBC - 'Rhea's Bastard Children', inhabitants of the Saturnian Sphere; after stateswoman Rhea Pinchot, who played an influential role in the colonization of Saturn
Red Rico - a disparaging nickname for World Council Chairman Ricardo Banderas most often used in right-wing circles
SBN - Solar Broadcasting Network
sench - centimeter
Tita - Titania
Unionist - member of the Union Party
UPS - uninterrupted power source
UST - Universal Standard Time

Slang and Jargon - Military

ABCs - The nickname of the 123rd Test Wing
ACU - the shortened abbreviation for the standard field dress of Army personnel, the Adaptive Camouflage Combat Uniform
ARGCOM - Argyre Command
bag - flight suit
bandit - hostile radar contact
battle rattle - gear for combat operations
bogey - unidentified radar contact
C2 - command and control
CDC - Combat Directions Center
CG - commanding general
CI - counterintelligence
commo - communications
CQ - charge of quarters
C-SIGINT - counter-signals intelligence
CSO - combat systems officer (AF)
Datch - an IT-7 Kodachi
DFAC - dining facility
driver - pilot (AF)
ECCM - electronic counter-countermeasures
ECM - electronic countermeasures
EO - the administrative division charged with handling issues related to racial, sexual, religious and other forms of discrimination and harassment; from 'equal opportunity'
EW - electronic warfare
exo suit - exoskeletal suit
FAV - Fast Attack Vehicle
firsty - a first-class cadet (AF)
Foodoo - Personal Heads-Up Display Unit (PHUDU)
greenback - Army personnel (N, MC)
intel - intelligence
INTSUM - intelligence summary
jarhead - a Marine
Jody - (noun) the archetypal guy who steals a servicemember's significant other while away for training or on deployment; (verb) to be a Jody, i.e. to cheat with a servicemember's significant other while the servicemember is away
JSUPT - Joint Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training
LZ - landing zone
MARPAC South - Mars Polar Air Command, South
Mast - Captain's Mast or Admiral's Mast; nonjudicial punishment (N)
MCB - Marine Corps Base
MI - military intelligence
NFO - Navy flight officer
OD - olive drab
OpSec - operational security
Pigsticker - an Oly-38 Bayonet; the pilot of an Oly-38 Bayonet
plebey - of or like a plebe; having the character of the early stage of training (N)
SB - starbase
SG1 - A common, albeit incorrect name of the SSG1.
Shelly - Sheolite
SIGINT - signals intelligence
silver - the silver bar of junior officer collar/shoulder insignia
Six-Delta - SFPS Mark VId
Skipper - the captain of a ship
squid - Naval personnel
swabby - Naval personnel
TAO - Tactical Action Officer
TDY - temporary duty
Tier 9 - the command level usually held by an O-6 (i.e. brigade-level in the Army, wing-level in the Air Force, etc.)
torp - torpedo
weapons free - brevity code to fire at the operator's discretion in accordance with rules of engagement
weapons hold - brevity code to hold fire except for self-defense purposes
weapons tight - brevity code to firing only on confirmed hostiles in accordance with rules of engagement
Zash - an IT-8 Wakizashi