Appendix D
Equipment Guide

Equipment - Military, Earth Union

boxer pistol - The P81, so named because of its stopping power, like a boxer's punch.
HeavySuit - A scaled-up powered armor exoskeleton that serves as a heavy weapons platform.
HG137 - A class of smoke grenades with signal and riot control variants.
HG206 - A tactical grenade capable of releasing a low-yield EMP to disrupt unshielded electronics.
MediSuit - A powered armor exoskeleton employed by the Marine Corps' Mobile Armor Division.
P81 - A sidearm commonly used by Special Operation Forces, it fires 10mm caseless rounds with considerable stopping power.
pulse grenade - The common name of the HG206.
Starbeam - The standard space-to-space missile equipped by Union spacecraft.
StatSuit - A modular mechanical counterpressure suit that is standard issue to all offworld personnel.