Appendix B
Slang and Jargon Glossary

Slang and Jargon - General

Amfoot - American football
ATC - air traffic control
hab-dome - habitation dome
ECIS - Earth Central Intelligence Services
EVA - extravehicular activity
Fed - 1) the Federal Police or a Federal Police officer, 2) the government or any government official
gim - one gigameter, i.e. one million kilometers
GNS - Global News Service
Icebox - the federal prison complex on Pluto
ISIS - Internal Security Information Service; an intelligence service focused on communications and signal interception
LaSynCo - Laslo Synthetics Corporation
Mars Commie Network - a derisive nickname for MCN by conservatives; in part a play on 'mass-commi' (mass communication)
MCN - Mars Central Network
MD3 - microchip drug delivery device
Outer Rim Ripper - the common nickname in the press for serial killer Rupert Victor Murdoch
pol - politician
prole - the lower classes, from 'proletariat'
Redblood - A member of the Movement for the Preservation of Natural Humanity; from their frequent references to 'red-blooded humans'
sench - centimeter
the Belt - the Asteroid Belt
the 'Verse - the Interverse; less commonly, the universe
VTBS - Venera Tele-Broadcast Service

Slang and Jargon - Military

ACID - Army Criminal Investigations Division
ACU - the shortened abbreviation for the standard field dress of Army personnel, the Adaptive Camouflage Combat Uniform
AFOSI - Air Force Office of Special Investigations
Airhead - Air Force personnel (N)
Alphas - the Marine full service dress uniform
bandit - hostile radar contact
BCGs - standard issue military glasses; 'Birth Control Glasses' due to their repellant effect on the opposite sex
BCT - Basic Combat Training (A); Basic Cadet Training (AF)
Big Four - name, rank, serial number and date of birth; the four pieces of information servicemembers are required to provide their captors as prisoners of war
civvie - civilian
civvies - civilian clothes
CS - combat systems
D&C - drills and ceremony
DFAC - dining facility
ECM - electronic countermeasures
ECCM - electronic counter-countermeasures
EW - electronic warfare
Fort Livingroom - the joking name given to a servicemember's home as their assigned duty station after discharge
FTX - field training exercise
FUBAR - Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition
GCE - Ground Combat Element (MC)
greenback - Army personnel (N, MC)
IG - Inspector General
Impy - Empyrean
lav - lavatory
leatherneck - Marine
MRE - meal ready to eat
NIS - Navy Investigative Service
OSI - a short form of AFOSI
rack - bed, bunk (N, MC)
RMJC - Revised Military Justice Code, the Union's code of military law from 106 to 125
PRT - Physical Readiness Test (AF, N)
PT - physical training
SAR - search and rescue
Shelly - Sheolite
squid - Naval personnel
SupCom - Supreme Command
torp - torpedo
Tweety - any noncombat pilot (N)