Appendix C
Nonstandard Dialog Guide

Chapter 2

Gate Guard: "Hold there, stranger. What's your business here in Stormtree?"

Gate Guard: "A traveler, are you? Don't see many of them around here. Any other business I should noo about?"

Gate Guard: "Can you pay the toll then? It is one silver crown."

Gate Guard: "This ain't Gladian money, it ain't!"

Gate Guard: "It'll be fifteen of these then."

Gate Guard: "You want in or not!? Maybe I should arrest you for being suspicious. It ain't normal for foreigners to show up around here, it ain't."

Jasper: "Oi! Let me go! Let me go!"

Jasper: "Alright, alright! I'll give it back!"

Jasper: "I'm Jasper, a bit of a thief and a bit of a minstrel."

Jasper: "That'd go against my grain, you see. Hey, how about I join you? You did spare my life and all. Maybe I'll return the favor someday."

Jasper: "Hey, there's honor among thieves, you know. Just keep an eye on that big blighter, will you?"

Chapter 3

Jasper: "I'd rather avoid the Guard if I could. They're not likely to ask me any questions. They'll either stretch my neck or lop my head right off my shoulders."

Jasper: "I like to ply my trade at night and all, but you two are day people. Don't you think we should get some sleep?"

Jasper: "What you doing?"

Jasper: "I'm impressed. I thought only the rich knew their letters. Been keeping secrets, have you? You're really a blueblood, aren't you? I should call you 'young master' from now on, shouldn't I?"

Jasper: "Vows, you say? You're a monk?"

Jasper: "Why'd you come to a place like this? What about your family?"

Jasper: "Well, good for you. Never give up, I always say."

Jasper: "Ah, not really. You could say I'm from everywhere and nowhere. Like the Trickster, I go hither and thither as I please doing what I will."

Jasper: "I'm quite content to sing for my supper, but if that doesn't get me my daily bread, I'll pinch some pockets to make the difference. Of course I admit a soft spot for the shiny bits and my fingers are apt to stray when I see them, but I never pinch from blokes who can't afford to lose it.

Jasper: "What can I say? Killing's not my thing. Of course, you didn't try to kill me either. I can tell, too. I guess you're more of a holy man than a swordsman."

Jasper: "Oi! I'll not let you speak to him like that! He's a man's man, my boy is, ten times the man you'll ever be!"

Jasper: "I'll just have to find a new place then, won't I? No profit in staying if this kingdom becomes any less friendly. Won't be a place for minstrels either. With the likes of you as king, there'll be no singing, only crying."

Jasper: "Let's just go to sleep then. No more fighting until morning."

Jasper: "No one's looking for us, not yet at least. We all should enjoy what rest we can get while we can. There's no telling when our luck takes a turn for the worse and life ain't so easy anymore. I've got ears like a fox, you know. If I hear anything, I'll be up like a shot. You wouldn't last long in my business otherwise. A thief's word may not count for much, but trust me and go to sleep. May Old Nick take me for a tour of the seven hells if something happens to you before sunrise."

Chapter 4

Jasper: "You're a good chap. It's the least I can do."

Jasper: "It's a right awful place, it is. She's a plump old hen, but there's a price to her, if you know what I mean."

Jasper: "Thank you kindly, young master. If you hadn't drawn the attention of them Guardsmen, they might've taken notice of me. I almost thought I'd have to take my leave of you when they gathered around that big oaf."

Jasper: "Just do as he says."

Jasper: "I like the way you think, young master. You're a rare sort, you know, a beautiful thing in this day and age."

Jasper: "Don't worry, young master. No matter who you are, I'll protect you from that blighter."

Chapter 5

Jasper: "Oi, who'd need someone to protect some hovels like these?"

Jasper: "Why can't I get a better nickname than that?"

Jasper: "All names I'd rather not claim."

Sonia: "I come here and see a tree ripe for the picking, and you and your gang think you can get your pick before me?"

Sonia: "A lot of bark for a mere pup. What's the matter, little dog? Too scared to hunt without your pack?"

Sonia: "Come at me then, little dog."

Sonia: "Enough of your barking, little dog! Come if you have the courage!"

Sonia: "You can't use that arm, little dog. And you're no southpaw either. You ain't giving me much of a challenge."

Sonia: "I'm gonna beat you with my shield alone, little dog. How's that for a deal?"

Sonia: "You want a fight and I want a challenge. These are my terms, little dog. Take it or leave it."

Sonia: "It's about to get worse, little dog. Now I'm going to claim my spoils. You've seen my skills in combat, you worms! If you don't want to taste my steel, you'll do as I say!"

Sonia: "What could this miserable village possibly give me? No, there's nothing you can give me, but there is something you can do for me, something you will do for me."

Sonia: "Stop your blubbering. Do as I say and I'll spare your wretched lives. Strip these men, naked as the day they were born, bind them wrist to wrist and march them to the garrison post."

Sonia: "These dogs know better than that. Don't you, little dog? If you or any of the other dogs thinks about hurting these people, I'll find out about it and there'll be a reckoning, rest assured of that. Remember that there are fates far worse than death. Remember it well. That goes for all you worms, too! Get to work!"

Chapter 6

Jasper: "Oi! Don't say such things, young master. I'll be good."

Jasper: "You're a right fair little girl, I say. I know you little nunnies are starved for love. I just want you to know I'm always ready to satisfy your needs, if'n you catch my meaning."

Jasper: "Please stop calling me that! I'm trying to charm a fair lady here, not some punchy shrew like yourself!"

Chapter 7

Kith: "I can't believe they got Leb, Yuri and Brenner."

Gil: "Don't worry, Kith. The one we got will get what he deserves once we reach Corinth."

Quid: "Yeah, but what about the one who shot me and Yuri?"

Kith: "Or the one who got Brenner?"

Gil: "We can't touch the Drunkard Prince, Kith. You know that. Bad as I'd like to see him suffer, though... Anyway, at least you lived through it, Quid. Once we take care of this one, we kin tell the Captain about the others and the whole Guard will be out looking for them."

Quid: "Hmph. How many did you count anyway, Gil?"

Gil: "I was focusing on the gates the whole time. What about you, Kith?"

Kith: "I looked back when I heard Yuri. I saw four at the cathedral and then there's the Drunkard Prince and the one we got. That makes six."

Quid: "We'll at least drop the count to five in Corinth."

Kith: "What the--?"

Jasper: "My name's Jasper."

Jasper: "You heard her. I don't know how the big lug does it.

Gate Guard: "Wot ye got theyah?" the guard asked.

Quid: "Prisoner. He caused some trouble for us when we were passing through Cruz. We're taking him to Corinth."

Kith: "He's some kind of mercenary or something. We've already lost half our squad to him and his band and on top of it all, this whoreson managed to stab me last night trying to escape."

Gate Guard: "You'd best report it to the commander since you're passing through here. You know how he is."

Gil: "Yeah, the tightest black-plume in the whole mother-loving Guard. We'll be sure to stop by."

Gate Guard: "I wish I could see the show."

Quid: "Heh, it's what you get when you're stuck in garrison in a no-count town like this."

Gate Guard: "Yeah, well, at least me and my buddies ain't out getting themselves killed like you patrol dogs."

Quid: "Rot in hell, gate boy."

Gate Guard: "Same to you, road rat."

Gil: "Kith, water the horses and get us some fresh supplies. We'll be heading out again once I've reported the prisoner to the commander. Quid, you're coming with me. Keep a hold on him for me."

Quid: "This one's all we caught, sir."

Gil: "Well, sir, me and my squad was sporting with the Drunkard Prince while we was passing through Cruz. Then this dog came in and attacked Yuri and then the Drunkard Prince killed Brenner. We caught this one and were making our way out of the city when one of them killed Leb... ...and wounded this man here."

Gil: "I don't know, sir. The only one who got a good look at the others was Kith and I sent him to get supplies. We figure there were six of them counting the Drunkard Prince and the prisoner. Maybe the people you're looking for were with 'em."

Gil: "Sir, that isn't necessary. It's just one prisoner."

Chapter 8

Quid: "Do we take him to Punishment Square now, sir?"

Gil: "Sir, maybe this isn't such a good idea, making a public show of it and all. If there are Wayfarers in the crowd, they might riot. They're dangerous, you know."

Jasper: "I said I'd return the favor, didn't I?"

Chapter 9

Jasper: "Since before we got him."

Jasper: "Stop complaining, you big bloody fool! Just do as the lady says for once!"

Jasper: "I got you."

Jasper: "You're awfully rude, you know."

Sonia: "Open the gates. This man was caught in a cave-in and we need to get him to the doctors right away."

Gate Guard: "What's in that big pack over there?"

Sonia: "Broken tools for the blacksmith to fix. We thought he could get a head start on his work."

Gate Guard: "What about the nun?"

Sonia: "Last rites if he doesn't make it. Of course, she won't be needed if you'd just open the damn gates."

"Alright, alright."

Chapter 11

Jasper: "I've been horribly beaten and bruised. I don't think I can make it. Maybe if you can nurse me back to health. Feed me by hand and bath me and whatnot."

Jasper: "I've got no one to talk to. That big one hates my guts, the shrew ain't much better, and the forest girl don't seem to talk at all. I'm jealous you're getting my girl all to yourself."

Jasper: "Friends don't have as much fun."

Jasper: "You don't need parents, love. I never knew my old dad and my mum was a right old witch, she was. Toss both of them and I'd've been a much happier boy."

Jasper: "You don't know, young master. Not all parents are good and I know I didn't get the worst of it."

Jasper: "Life's like that. You can't let it get to you."

Guardsman 1: "But, sir, this is the third time we've come to this city. What do you hope to find?"

Guardsman 2: "Sir, that mercenary could've died from his wounds a long time ago and his companions scattered to the four winds."

Guardsman 2: "Is that the only reason we're here, sir?"

Guardsman 3: "Well, sir, the townspeople say an old woman lives in these ruins."

Guardsman 3: "Maybe she's out buying food or selling her wares."

Guardsman 3: "There's a loom here, sir. Weaving's a good way for an old woman to earn her bread."

Guardsman 4: "Sir! It looks like there's a cellar here. Shall I check inside?"

Guardsman 5: "There he is!"

Guardsman 5: "No, sir! It's the Singing Bandit!"

Jasper: "Don't call me that, you whoreson!"

Chapter 12

Jasper: "I love a trusting fool. Trust others, believe in the goodness of men by all means. It makes me the most gold, it does."

Jasper: "You may think it's an easy explanation, but it seems awfully long to me."

Jasper: "Why do you suppose they haven't given us our plots yet?"

Chapter 14

Maid: "Well, what a surprise. Come to pay us a visit, have you, mum? Wait here and I'll let Alfstan know you've come to see him."

Chapter 15

Gatekeeper: "Pull yourself together, sir!"

Jasper: "You ought to listen to my girl. You'll get us all killed."

Jasper: "Sure, I'll take care of my girl. You just make it back alive."

Jasper: "I got you. Good luck."


Jasper: "It's a right awful pity, it is. I'm sure my girl'd find me a lot more attractive if she'd get a drink or two in her."

Jasper: "What're you doing!? My heart's for my girl and no other!"