Appendix A
Character Glossary

Adrienne the Darkling - An escaped prisoner from the dungeon of Darkwall, she had taken part in the Crimson Revolt when she was younger. A menacing and mysterious individual, she seeks revenge against Randwulf's regime. Cold and aloof, she treats Mark and his companions scornfully and displays little loyalty to them.

Algernon the Shadow - One of the Five Stalkers, he is Randwulf's best spy and a master of disguise.

Ben-Oni - Roque's Ziphite name.

Bertram - A former spearman in the Royal Gladian Army, he is one of the leaders of the loyalist community in Stormtree.

Blackscar - One of Bloodeye's pirates, he was captured in a raid as a boy and became a member of the crew on account of his talent as a fighter. His true origins are a mystery.

Bloodeye Redbeard - A dreaded pirate captain, he is known for raiding ships passing through the Atlantis Sea.

Boss Milby - The leader of the Sons of Greystone rebel group.

Breandan - The King of Scotia, he is a generous ruler and a fierce warrior.

Brenok - One of the Five Stalkers and Mark's childhood tormentor, he fled to Gladius after Kyrios' defeat and became one of Shadowblight's apprentices. Loyal only to himself, he will betray anyone to further his own agenda and would think nothing of contravening the orders of either Randwulf or his master. Beyond his pursuit of greater power, his life is devoted to hurting Mark in any way possible.

Cadmus Martial - The commander of the Marauders, he was once a member of Royal Gladian Army who betrayed his countrymen during the Battle of Greystone. He is infamous for his brutality.

Catherine - One of Mark's companions from the fight against Kyrios and a Pendant Bearer, she is the Lady of Fiora and a powerful psychic. She was placed under a cursed sleep by Brenok and transported to Arma.

Claudius - Randwulf's son and heir apparent, he is shunned by his father for being weak and lacking talent as a swordsman. Hearing the news of the disturbances in the kingdom caused by Mark and his companions, he sees a way to redeem himself in his father's eyes.

Conrad - A young revolutionary, he is a member of the Sons of Greystone, a rebel group operating in southern Gladius.

Drusus - One of the Five Generals, he is the commander of the Marauders' Archer Division.

Edgar - The King of Gladius before Randwulf's invasion and Edward's father, he was slain in the Battle of Greystone.

Edward - The son of King Edward and a bitter alcoholic, he had clumsily lashed out at Randwulf's regime for years before Mark's arrival. Now he seeks to use Mark as hi trump card against Randwulf's forces and is constantly frustrated by the young Guardian's opposition to his whims. He likes to style himself as a leader, but neither Mark nor any of his companions listen to what he says. He does not get along well with anybody, and he has a highly antagonistic relationship with Sonia in particular.

Edytha - The wife of Terentius, she is a cunning woman and loyal to her husband. Because of Terentius' inability to administer effectively, she is the de facto ruler of Gladius until Randwulf returns.

Ethred - Giles' replacement as commander of the Marauders' Pikeman Division.

Felix the Crusader - An Elemental Knight and a Master Templar, he was an acquaintance of Mark's grandfather, Gregor the Guardian. Busy fighting in the Holy Lands at the time of Randwulf's invasion, he was unable to lend his sword to the Gladian cause, but now he has sought out Mark to complete his training as a warrior.

Gerard - A blacksmith who serves as one of the leaders of the loyalists from Eagle.

Gerdy - Hildy's sister, who left the swamp years ago to join the Order of Saint Niccolo, she is actually Teresa's teacher, Sister Kleantha.

Giles the Savage - Formerly the commander of the Marauders' Pikeman Division, he deserted after being overwhelmed by the atrocities committed by his comrades. Saved by Nereus when he was lost at sea, he chooses to spend the rest of his years in solitude in the Nereidium.

Harald Svenson - The son of Sven Leifson, he is a lieutenant in the Gladian Guard. Driven mad by an encounter with Mark, he is currently confined to quarters.

Hildy - Feared as a witch, she is actually a harmless albeit eccentric herbalist.

Ice Golem - A monster lurking in the Glacier, it strikes fear in the herders of the northern borderlands.

Ignatiy - One of Mark's companions from the fight against Kyrios and a Pendant Bearer, he was captured by the Gladian Guard years earlier and thrown into the dungeon of Darkwall. After escaping, he happens to be reunited with his old friend, only now he has an all new ability to use in the fight against evil.

Jasper - A wily thief doubling as a minstrel, he had spent years drifting throughout Gladius, gaining notoriety for his craft until he encountered Mark. He travels with Mark for two reasons: a sense of loyalty to Mark for sparing his life and his infatuation with the Niccolan novice Teresa.

Jill - The daughter of the Rowanite headman Ridley, she is an expert at the arts of hunting, archery and scouting. She is fiercely loyal to Sonia, her adoptive sister, and will do anything for her.

Josiah Ben-Ezra - A rabbi who serves as the spiritual leader for the people of Ziph, he struggles to keep up the morale of his people in the face of relentless attacks by Wilde's minions.

Killian - A wandering fencer of distant relation to House Leon, he became Sonia's swordmaster, later sacrificing his life to prevent them from the Gladian Guard from capturing Sonia after she performed the Rite of Succession.

Leonard - Sonia's elder brother, he is believed to have died twenty years ago when pirates attacked Sandstone.

Lovel - A Rowanite hunter who attempted to court Sonia in his younger days and later married Jill.

Luther the Guardian - Mark's father, he was renowned as the greatest warrior in all of Gladius, but he fell during the Battle of Greystone.

Lucius - A mysterious fortune teller who set up shop in Hildy's hut.

Marcella the Nightstalker - One of the Five Stalkers, she is a ruthless murderess and one of Randwulf's choicest assassins.

Mark the Guardian - The son of Luther the Guardian and a former heirodeacon of the Order of Saint Arita, he traveled to Gladius in search of information about his family and got caught up in the rebellion against Randwulf. Having succeeded his father as the Guardian, he now seeks to confront Randwulf to hold him to account for the abuses of his reign.

Mael Giric - A veteran of the Scotian army who currently works as a sea captain in Porto Sul, he is charged with escorting Mark and his companions back to Gladius.

Nereus - The ruler of the Nereidium.

Nicoma - The Queen of the Amazons.

Nivy - A Faerie responsible for the Ice Golem's reign of terror.

Norbert - One of the servants at Darkwall, he is the personal caretaker of Prince Claudius.

Nyssa - Mark's mother, she apparently died during Randwulf's invasion, but Mark has yet to find any definitive evidence of her fate.

Perry - A traveling merchant with a taste for disguises, he boasts a surprisingly large selection of goods.

Philippus - A young monk from the Veracruz Abbey, he is one of the few survivors of Harald's attack.

Prometheus - The Titan doomed to spend an eternity with an eagle pecking at his liver, he is now loose and seeking revenge on what he views as an ungrateful humanity.

Randwulf the Conqueror - The King of Gladius and an Elemental Knight, he conquered Gladius twenty years ago and is currently on a campaign to subdue Byrn. He is driven by the warlock Shadowblight's prophesy of his downfall, centering on an "Eagle in the East" believed to be Mark. He dispatches his finest operatives, the Five Stalkers, to capture Mark and his companions.

Regan - The daughter of King Breandan.

Reinard - One of the Five Generals, he is the commander of the Marauders' Spearman Division.

Ridley - The headman of Rowan and Jill's father, he adopted Sonia after her mother died.

Rodrigo - A man from the Porto Sul's Hospitality Service, he assists foreign visitors to the city.

Roque the Green Bandit - An infamous highwayman, he puts on the airs of a gentleman thief despite being lowborn.

Shadowblight - A powerful warlock and soothsayer, he betrayed his order in search of greater power and ushered Randwulf into power as a cover for his magical experiments. Adrienne and Vincentian are among his test subjects, both of whom bear him a deep hatred. He is widely feared and distrusted.

Shadowstryke - The sole survivor of the ancient order of wizards known as the Shadow Clan, he works in secret to disrupt Shadowblight. After years of careful planning, the time has come to execute his plan.

Siegfried Martel - The mayor of Stormtree, he was the Captain of the Guard under King Edgar. Although loyal to Edward, his fellow veterans think he is a traitor because of the position of power given to him by Randwulf.

Sonia the Defender - The daughter of Julian the Defender, she was hidden away in Rowan during Randwulf's invasion and raised by the Rowanite headman, Ridley. She bitterly hates Randwulf and his followers, especially the Gladian Guard. Currently traveling with Mark, she looks for the opportunity to avenge both her family and the swordmaster who trained her. She has a highly antagonistic relationship with Edward.

Stefan - Mark's companion from the fight against Kyrios and a Pendant Bearer, he has served as Catherine's bodyguard for years. After Catherine was placed under a cursed sleep by Brenok, he was transported along with his mistress to Arma where he was reunited with Mark. He blames his former comrade for the devastation in Byrn, but that is not the only reason for his deep-set bitterness.

Sven Leifson - One of the Five Generals and Harald Svenson's father, he is the commander of the Marauders' Axeman Division.

Tardos the Destroyer - An Elemental Knight who was shipwrecked in the Wasteland, he was horribly burned and mutilated by the locals before being sealed in the depths of the Warrior's Triad.

Tariq the Assassin - An Elemental Knight seeking to avenge his father's death, he serves Randwulf as one of the Five Stalkers as a mean to an end. When he learns that Felix has joined Mark's group, it seems that the day he has been waiting for is close at hand.

Terentius - The Captain of the Gladian Guard, he is charged with maintaining order in Randwulf's absence. Following the defeat of his men at Crimson Field, he is at his wit's end, desperate to stop Mark and his companions before they spark a widespread revolt.

Teresa - A novice in the Order of Saint Niccolo, she is the star pupil of the famed herbalist, Sister Kleantha. She was ordered by Abbot Octavius to accompany Mark and his companions. A timid young woman who had never been exposed to the outside world, she has a difficult time traveling with a band of warriors, but she is growing braver and her skills have already been proven to be an essential asset to the group. She is easily embarrassed by Jasper's constant displays of affection.

The Friar - A Niccolan friar who was once a chaplain for the Royal Gladian Army, he tells Mark about the attack on the Veracruz Abbey.

The Magistrate - An official in Porto Sul, he is responsible for all economic activity related to the port and is the only one other than the Viceroy who can authorize Portican ships to leave the harbor.

Thorfinn Egilsson - A man from Niflheim who acts as a guide for Mark's group while in the Glacier.

Ulfson - One of the Five Generals, he is the commander of the Marauders' Swordsman Division.

Ursus the Giant - One of Randwulf's special operatives, he is one of the most menacing figures in all the Marauders.

Vincentian the Dark Knight - One of the Five Stalkers and the son of Cadmus Martial, he has a profound hatred for Shadowblight and his apprentices, Brenok more so than the others. His strong sense of duty is at odds with Brenok's endless plotting and general disregard for orders.

Wilde - A monster known as the Master of the Woods, he has terrorized the people of Ziph for many generations.

Ymir - The King of Niflheim.