Appendix E
Nonstandard Dialog Guide

Chapter 1

Jasper: "Is the merrymaking over already?"

Jasper: "Don't die on me, love!"

Chapter 2

Jasper: "My girl's a strong one."

Jasper: "You killed her, you bloody monster!"

Jasper: "Sorry, mum, I tend to get excited and all..."

Jasper: "What's up with the virago?"

Chapter 3

Jasper: "You're awake!"

Jasper: "I'm fine. Don't worry yourself about me. I'll watch her."

Jasper: "Nothing! Nothing! I didn't get a chance to get nothing!"

Jasper: "It's so! It's so! Now let me go!"

Chapter 4

Jasper: "Will this thing really float?"

Pirate 1: "Looks like castaways."

Pirate 2: "Get the Captain!"

Pirate Captain: "We always be needing more oarsmen, and they be decked in treasure besides. They've got women, too. Take who you can and kill the rest!"

Chapter 7

Jasper: "Why's it called South Port if it's in the North?"

Jasper: "I see they don't teach you Templars about humor none."

Jasper: "He's become the Prince of Thieves now!"

Chapter 8

Jasper: "They think they can take my lute without asking first! I'll show them a thing or two!"

Jasper: "Of course I do! Bunch of women pinched our stuff soon as we washed downstream! They saw I was awake, so they clobbered me good! I'll get them yet, just you wait and see!"

Chapter 9

Jasper: "Don't be shy, my girl! We're all friends here. It's a shame, though. I only wish I was the lucky fellow what got to lay with you!"

Chapter 12

Jasper: "Think nothing of it, young master. You've got to take care of yourself, you know. We've still got a long ways to go."

Scotian Gate Guard: "State your business."

Scotian Gate Guard: "Armed like that, you can go past this gate, but no further. The magistrate is with the King. You might catch him on his way out."

King Breandan: "Give her back!"

King Breandan: "I don't know who you are, but I don't care. That blaggard wants you to go after him. If you bring my daughter back, you can name your reward."

Scotian Palace Guard: "Show some respect! You're talking to King Breandan, Lord of Scotia."

King Breandan: "You're the only ones who can stop him."

King Breandan: "Aye, good luck to you."

Jasper: "There's no way I'd leave my girl. Mark's a good bloke, too. He needs me to watch his back. Sorry, chum, but I never much liked you anyway."

Chapter 14

Jasper: "Might milady be pleased to hear a melody of mine?"

Jasper: "Awww... Can't a bloke show some respect to a lady? You know my heart belongs to you, love."

Jasper: "Alright, alright. You win this one, love."

Chapter 15

Regan: "Father! Father!"

Breandan: "How can I ever thank you?"

Breandan: "You shall have more than mere gratitude. A charter for one of my ships shall be drawn up at once."

Breandan: "You must show this to the magistrate from Porto Sul. He's now in Monteverde, a town south of here."

Breandan: "Not yet you won't, young knight. You've saved my daughter and now we must have a feast to celebrate. I won't take no for an answer."

Maidservant 1: "This man tried to enter the lady's chamber."

Guard: "I heard the girls scream, so me and Seumas here came to see what was the matter. This blaggard's been bullying the womenfolk and talking in strange tongues."

Servants: "Yes, my lord."

Maidservant 2: "I've come to help you with your bath, my lord."

Maidservant 2: "But, my lord..."

Chamberlain: "And now I present our honored guests from the southern kingdom of Gladius, who saved Her Highness from the wicked bandit. Firstly, His Royal Highness Prince Edward, Lord of Greystone and Crown Prince to the throne of the Mountain King."

Chamberlain: "The Most Honorable Mark the Guardian, Lord of House Aran."

Chamberlain: "The Most Honorable Sonia the Defender, Lady of House Leon."

Chamberlain: "The Lady Flavia Adriana of House Flavius."

Chamberlain: "Sister Teresa of the Order of Saint Niccolo."

Chamberlain: "Goodman Giles of Darkwall."

Chamberlain: "Goodman Ignatiy of Dragova."

Chamberlain: "Goodman Jasper of Evelin."

Chamberlain: "Goodwife Jill of Rowan."

Chapter 19

Mael Giric: "Greetings, sirs. I'm called Mael Giric. I'll be getting you to where you're going. Gladius, was it? Not too many people left who remember that route. I'll get you there. Don't worry yourself about that. I picked out the crew myself. They'll do their job. You've got my guarantee."

Mael Giric: "I thought I should tell you the route we're taking. This here's Porto Sul. We're going to follow the coast until we reach the Cape, then we'll cross the strait and hug the coast until we reach Ashkelon. It's the closest harbor before crossing over to the South. It's a bit rountabout, but it's not good for your health to stray any farther from land than you must."

Mael Giric: "If the winds favor us, I'd say about three weeks."

Mael Giric: "Not if you value your lives. Unless one of you is kin to Old Shellback, I say you should leave the sailoring to me."

Mael Giric: "Och, what're you doing to my deck? I ought to have you swab it, you hellion."

Mael Giric: "Don't worry about it, sir. I was just teasing you. I come to tell you that we reached the Cape and we'll be crossing the strait."

Mael Giric: "Not really, no. It's just that them clouds out there worry me a bit. I fear we're in for quite a storm. Noth that it's anything to be too afraid of. Me and the crew have ridden through many a storm in our time. Nothing to fear. Sleep well, sirs."

Mael Giric: "What're you doing up here? Get down below decks, you great fools!"

Chapter 21

Jasper: "Sounds like they're trying to break into the rooms. Someone must be blocking the doors."

Jasper: "I got her. Stay with me, love. I always wanted to get you out of that habit, but not like this."

Jasper: "My girl's asking if he's hot and dry or cold and clammy."

Jasper: "Heat exhaustion, she says. Not as bad as her heatstroke. Give him lots of water, but slow-like. She says to loosen up his clothes and that he needs rest and shade, too."

Chapter 22

Jasper: "Don't fear, my girl. Mark and I won't let anything happen to you. Ain't I right?"

Jasper: "Hold up there, young master. Take this for me, love. I've got work to do."

Jasper: "Pressure plates on the floor and walls. If you don't touch the walls and only walk where I do, we should be fine."

Jasper: "I can handle it. No trap can best me. We need bartering chips, don't we? I can get us some good ones and a bit for myself, too."

Jasper: "No, as much as I believe in my thieving skills, I couldn't live with myself if something happened to you or my girl. I'll be strong, don't you worry."

Jasper: "I think I know what this is."

Jasper: "Wait here a moment. I'll find a path through this."

Jasper: "Not meaning to be rude to you, young master, but you'll have a hard time of it with the lady on your back like that. If'n it's no offense to you, I'd like to carry her over to the other side for you."

Jasper: "I don't need to see to know where I'm going. Trust me, young master. I know what I'm doing."

Jasper: "Hop on, love. I don't want you making all these jumps by yourself. But put down that litter, would you? I'll get it later."

Jasper: "Hang on tight, love, but not too tight. I have to breathe, you know."

Jasper: "It's your turn, young master. Take your time. There's no need to rush. I'll be right behind you."

Chapter 25

Jasper: "I thought you and your men could use the fresh air. Stretch your legs a bit, you know."

Jasper: "Stay away from her! Don't you dare touch her! I'll rip your bloody lungs out!"

Jasper: "Sure."

Breandan: "It's good to see you again, brave knight! I'm obliged to Grandfather Greybeard for telling me about this. I gave you a ship, but it isn't enough to repay you for my daughter's life. My men and I are sworn to your cause. The House of Bruis will fight alongside the Eight Stars once more. The blaggards will taste cold Scotian steel, you can be sure."

Chapter 26

Breandan: "I'd be obliged to you if you tell us about the Red Demons. They sound a lot more dangerous than the Threshers."

Breandan: "And how can we tell which is which?"

Jasper: "She's been working. Doctoring them of all people. I can't say I see how she does it."

Jasper: "I know. I don't want to leave my girl by herself, but some of her monk friends are here, too."

Chapter 27

Bloodeye: "Where's Blackscar? Have you seen him?"

Bosun: "Nah, Cap'n. I ain't seen hide nor hair of him."

Jasper: "What about you?"

Jasper: "If you're going to go, you need to get going."

Jasper: "You can count on me, young master."

Chapter 29

Jasper: "Hey, ain't we on the same side?"

Jasper: "You turned traitor!?"

Breandan: "Give me your name, axeman, and I'll give you mine."

Breandan: "I am called Breandan, of the House of Bruis, King of the Scots. I've come to this land to repay a debt of honor. To slay a beast like you, I'm glad for it."

Jasper: "Stay away from him! They mean to kill you!"

Jasper: "Thank God... I was so worried."

Jasper: "Sorry about that, chum."

Jasper: "I don't reckon they can afford to. They're outnumbered pretty badly. They can't be sending people back this way in the middle of things."

Jasper: "Love, you promised Mark you'd stay here."

Jasper: "I'm going with you. I'm not going to let anything happen to you."


Jasper: "Don't be afraid, love. These people need you. You can do it. And I'll always be right there by your side. That is, if you want me..."

Breandan: "Hail the conquering heroes!"

Breandan: "Don't worry about it. It's nothing more than a little scratch. First, let me congratualte you all on your victory. Second, you've got my condolences for your losses. And third, I'd like to know how in the blue blazes we're going to get home now that Grandfather Greybeard is gone."

Breandan: "Well then, I think we might impose on you a while longer until we decide. It's a hard choice. Putting our lives in the hands of some mind-witch or spending a month or two at sea with them Amazons."