Appendix A
Character Glossary

Agatha - A maidservant of House Aran.

Bronwen - The wife of Hiram and mother of Gregor, she committed suicide after suffering through years of harassment by Percival.

Cadmia Adriana - The daughter of Cadmus Martial and Flavia Sapphira and Adrian's twin sister, born a dhampir but raised by her mother as a full vampire.

Cadmus Martial - The head of House Cadmus and an officer in the Royal Gladian Army cavalry, he makes a deal with the warlock to betray his country in exchange for greater power.

Cova - The wife of Sigbrand and mother of Randwulf, Erlenda and Wolfmar.

Crassus Vitellius - The head of House Licinius and a prominent courtier.

Diomedes of Falanks - Laertes' adjutant, he serves as the captain of the mercenary guards.

Edgar - The King of Gladius and father of Edytha and Edward.

Edward - The son of King Edgar, he serves as a common spearman in the Royal Gladian Army.

Edytha - The eldest daughter of King Edgar.

Erasmus - The vice magistrate of the mines and the father of Liria and Nyssa.

Erlenda - The daughter of Sigbrand and sister of Randwulf and Wolfmar.

Flavia Corinthia - The eldest daughter of the lord of House Flavius, the wife of Gregor and the mother of Tiberius and Luther. She returned to her family in Corinth after Gregor's death.

Flavia Sapphira - The youngest daughter of the lord of House Flavius, later married to Cadmus Martial, and the mother of Adrian and Adriana. She was turned into a vampire while pregnant and so her children were born dhampir.

Gunnar Terentius - A young mountain bandit pressed into the Marauders.

Gregor the Guardian - The tenth Guardian, son of Hiram and father of Tiberius and Luther. He died at a relatively young age seeking a way to end the feud between House Aran and House Leon.

Hiram the Guardian - The ninth Guardian, grandson of the famed Adelar, he was the father of Gregor. His rivalry with Percival of House Leon would later explode into a long and bloody feud.

Julian the Defender - The tenth Defender and the son of Sebastian, he befriends Luther and works to end the feud between House Leon and House Aran, despite the efforts to continue the feud by his grandfather. He later marries Liria and becomes the father of Leonard and Sonia.

Laertes of Bredsvert - A former noble seeking to restore Titan, he turns to Randwulf as a potential collaborator with this effort.

Lassair - The neglected wife of Percival and the mother of Sebastian, she was a close friend of Bronwen and took her life shortly after Bronwen's own suicide.

Lavelle - The fastidious chamberlain of Castle Greystone, he is known for being strict about the rules of the court.

Leif Grimmson - Said to be the descendant of a berserker, he commands one of the most feared bandit gangs in all Titan.

Leonard - The son of Julian and brother of Sonia, he is the presumptive heir to House Leon and shares Percival's grudge against House Aran.

Liria - The elder daughter of Erasmus and Nyssa's sister, she later marries Julian and becomes the mother of Leonard and Sonia.

Luther the Guardian - The younger son of Gregor, he became the eleventh Guardian after the Gems rejected his brother Tiberius. Since childhood, he works with Julian to end the feud between House Aran and House Leon. He later marries Nyssa and becomes the father of Mark.

Marcus Adrian - The son of Cadmus Martial and Flavia Sapphira and Adriana's twin brother, born a dhampir but raised by his mother as a full vampire.

Mark - The son of Luther and Nyssa.

Nyssa - The younger daughter of Erasmus and sister of Liria, she is a plucky tomboy who often clashed with Luther as a child. As an adult, she would fall in love with Luther, marry him and become the mother of Mark.

Otto - A pikeman in the Royal Gladian Army.

Percival the Defender - The ninth Defender and grandson of the famed Leander, he nurses a powerful grudge against House Aran for its supposed crimes against his family. What began as a simple rivalry with Hiram of House Aran explodes into a long and bloody feud that Percival stubbornly continues in spite opposition from within his own family.

Randwulf the Conqueror - The eleventh Conqueror, the son of Sigbrand and brother of Erlenda and Wolfmar. As a young man, he travels through the fallen kingdom of Titan, challenging thieves, murderers and other ruffians. After receiving a prophecy of his rise to power from a mysterious wanderer, he proceeds to bring the roving gangs of mountain bandits under his command.

Ridley - A Rowanite scout serving in the auxiliary of the Royal Gladian Army.

Sebastian the Defender - The tenth Defender, son of Percival, and father of Julian. He worked secretly with Gregor of House Aran to put an end to the feud between their two families, but the efforts were cut short by Gregor's untimely death and his own soon after.

Septimus - The Abbot of the Veracruz Abbey.

Shadowblight - A powerful wielder of ancient magics who first appears to Randwulf as a prophet who guides him on his quest for power, later to reveal his true form once Randwulf becomes strong enough. He manipulates other people to do his bidding as part of a larger scheme.

Siegfried Martel - The Captain of the Guard and Edgar's personal bodyguard, he is a talented swordsman who was originally admitted to the Palace Guard after being named the champion of the Royal Gladian Army's biennial tournament.

Sigbrand the Conqueror - The tenth Conqueror and the father of Randwulf, Erlenda and Wolfmar.

Sonia - The daughter of Julian and sister of Leonard, she is a tomboy like her Aunt Nyssa, much to her mother's dismay.

Sven Leifson - The son of Leif Grimmson and a lieutenant in his gang of bandits.

The Vampire - An enslaved vampire sent to turn the pregnant Flavia Sapphira in order for her to give birth to dhampir.

Thor Magnusson - A skilled but rebellious recruit in Randwulf's Marauders.

Tiberius the Guardian - The original eleventh Guardian, the son of Gregor, he led House Aran from a relatively young age in the midst of the turbulent feud with House Leon. He has no interest in trying to end the feud, only in protecting the members of his household and the general populace. He is rejected by the Gems after a failed experiment and passes the title of Guardian on to his younger brother Luther.

Ursus - A feared giant commanding one of the many gangs of mountain bandits in the Crescent Mountains.

Wolfmar - The youngest son of Sigbrand and the brother of Randwulf and Erlenda, he was abducted by bandits and held for ransom, only to be killed in retaliation for a botched rescue attempt by his father.