Appendix A
Character Glossary

Aristides - The commander of the Zephyrian First Legion, he is a friend and confidant to King Solon.

Aristoboulos - The tribune commanding the cohort of the Third Legion garrisoned at Babophos.

Asom - One of Dabidos' elder brothers and a fellow member of the Hawks of Maranthe.

Auguston - A priest who serves as Lord Xenomachos' confessor.

Balios - The nephew of Solon and a vocal opponent of the Darklands campaign.

Caligo - An ancient vampire who was once a disgraced general from the fallen Kingdom of Euros, he serves the Dominion as the dreaded Knight of Chaos.

Carolus - A descendant of the last Knight Champion of Notos, he founded the Promethean Alliance to overthrow the Zephyrian rule of Notos.

Carpos - The son of Solon and Xanthe and the Crown Prince of Zephyr, he has betrayed his parents in a bid to claim the throne for himself.

Corona - A White Dragon exiled and cursed to live in human form for opposing the Dragon King Xorgoth, she travels to Notos to break the curse and continue her resistance.

Cronos - The governor-general of the Protectorate of Notos and commander of the Zephyrian Third Legion, he is renowned as the Genius of the Nanoi Campaigns.

Cytheros - Commander of the Third Legion's battlemages

Dabidos - A childhood friend of Ionathas and the second-in-command of the Hawks of Maranthe.

Daphne - The daughter of King Solon and Queen Xanthe, she acts as regent in her parents' absence.

Democles - The tribune commanding the cohort of the Third Legion garrisoned at Kordai.

Diogenes - A cataphract who fought alongside Xenomachos during the Nanoi Campaigns.

Dionysios - The legate of the newly formed Zephyrian Fourth Legion.

Doulos - A relic of old Euros, a powerful Talos revived by the Dark Eternal to guard the Black Keep.

Einaras - A young Xotikan spearman who is part of the levy from Goldleaf.

El-Naia - The Xotikan mother goddess who is believed to have created the Xotika and founded their society.

Euricledes - An infantry centurion in the Third Legion promoted to tribune during the Darklands campaign.

Eusebios - The urban prefect of Hesperia.

Eustathios - The tribune commanding the cohort of the Third Legion garrisoned at Maximilion.

Gamaliel - The 17th pontifex of the Church of Holy Light, he is a longtime opponent of King Solon with a dangerous agenda.

Harana - The Queen of Goldleaf before Xanthe.

Haranel - The brother of Queen Harana and a respected sage among the people of Goldleaf.

Hector - One of the Royal Bodyguards charged with protecting Daphne.

Heraclios - A priest in the Church of Holy Light who serves as the Archbishop's chamberlain.

Hilarion - The tribune commanding the cohort of the Third Legion garrisoned at Girondin.

Ieremias - The successor of Mikaelos as pontifex of the Church of Holy Light. A friend of King Solon, he was devoted to furthering the King's reform efforts.

Ionathas - A Notian free knight trained in Zephyr who leads a band of freelances called the Hawks of Maranthe.

Loukios - Lord Menelaos' replacement as prefect of the Royal Guard.

Memnos - The former governor-general of the Protectorate of Notos.

Menelaos - The prefect of the Royal Guard.

Mikaelos - The 15th pontifex of the Church of Holy Light, he was a strict enforcer of orthodoxy which put him at odds with King Solon in the early years of his reign.

Nicephoros - A tribune in the Zephyrian Second Legion and the son of Xenomachos' old companion Sir Diogenes.

Nikolaios - A centurion of the archers of the Zephyrian Third Legion.

Octavian - A cohort tribune of the Zephyrian Fourth Legion charged with the excavation of the Delate Mountains.

Photios - The founder of the Church of Holy Light.

Pollux - The last King of Euros, resurrected by the power of the Monarch Lich.

Polycarpos - The First Eparch, who is governor of the northern province of Zephyr and chief magistrate of the capital, he is second only to the King in terms of authority.

Polynikes - The fleet prefect of the Royal Zephyrian Navy.

Ptolemaios - The grandmaster of the Royal Mages' Circle.

Raddai - One of Dabidos' elder brothers and a fellow member of the Hawks of Maranthe.

Relinia - The Xotikan name of Xanthe.

Rowland - The leader of the Promethean Alliance and the direct descendant of Notos' last Knight Champion.

Samaos - One of Dabidos' elder brothers and a fellow member of the Hawks of Maranthe.

Scipio - A mage who left the ascetic community of the Montan Tower to join the Promethean Alliance.

Sidarazel - The Chief Law-speaker of Goldleaf and an opponent of Xanthe's alliance with Zephyr.

Simona - A Black Xotika who has served Rowland's family since she was captured in the previous Darklander invasion of Notos.

Solon VI - The 66th King of Zephyr, he has dedicated his life to bring about a new age of progress and social justice.

Stephanos - A former tribune in the First Legion chosen to serve as legate of the Army of Light.

Telemachos - Cronos' personal bodyguard and the Third Legion's Master of the Sword.

The Grand Logothete - The chief administrative official of the Kingdom of Zephyr, primarily tasked with the treasury.

The Guardian of the Forest - The captain of the Goldleaf Queendom's army.

The High Chamberlain - The head of the Castle Zephyr's household servants.

The High Priestess - The highest religious authority in Goldleaf.

The Master of the Assembly - The official charged with the orderly conduct of the Xotikan assembly.

The Monarch Lich - The ruler of the Chaos Dominion, who seeks to spread the curse of the Darklands to Zephyr and beyond.

Uriel - A wandering treasure hunter seeking the riches of the Vione and Delate Mountains, he becomes a guest of the palace after saving Princess Daphne from an assassin.

Xanthe - The Queen of the Xotika of Goldleaf, she married Solon not only to unite their two nations but also their two races.

Xenomachos - The commander of the Zephyrian Second Legion, known as Xenomachos the Iron Wall.

Zephyr - The Olympian god of the west wind, said to be the founder of the Kingdom of Zephyr and its first king.