The Trident War Chronicles

Volume I: The Book of Zephyr

Three hundred years have passed since the monstrosities of the Darklands laid waste to the land of Notos. After saving Notos in its most desperate hour, the neighboring kingdom of Zephyr has been tending to the broken nation as its protectorate, but there are those among the Notian people who see the Zephyrians not as protectors but oppressors holding Notos back from its true destiny. Under a formidable new leader, a rebel band gathers allies to expel the Zephyrians once and for all. Meanwhile, a new power rises in the Darklands, ready to spill out once more, blighting land, sea and sky with its foul taint. The aging king of Zephyr must make ready for war, facing Notian rebel and Darklander evil all at once, lest the light of hope be snuffed out once and for all.

Table of Contents