Appendix A
Character Glossary

Alah-Orah Sidh - The matriarch of the Trolwif witches.

Alsasun - A cousin of Xordun commanding the rearguard of the Darklands expedition.

Apollo - The Olympian god of light and the sun.

Arachne - Known as the Queen of Spiders, she has sought revenge on the Olympians for placing her under a curse. She is the Monarch Lich's consort and will bear the next generation of the Dark Race.

Aradok - A cousin of Xorgoth's mate commanding the main body of the Darklands expedition.

Atalanta - A scout who served as one of the captains of Caligo's Companions.

Basilissa - A Herakles queen given a power boost by the Monarch Lich, she rules a network of colonies that helps secure the Lich's reign over the Darklands.

Belah Dinh - A Trolwif who serves as the second-in-command of Medusa's forces.

Blackstone - A pirate who was shipwrecked in the Darklands, he is forced to serve the Chaos Dominion and work against the powers in both Notos and Zephyr.

Caligo - Called the Knight of Chaos, this ancient vampire was once a notorious general from the fallen kingdom of Euros.

Chrysanthe - A black mage who served as one of the captains of Caligo's Companions.

Dar Gweh - A Trolwer executioner in the service of King Orguz.

Diomedes - A hammer-wielding infantryman who served as one of the captains of Caligo's Companions.

Doulos - A powerful Talos constructed long ago by Eurean mages, he is reactivated by Dox to guard the Black Keep.

Dox - The Dark Eternal, a seemingly immortal being of great and terrible power who has fostered the Monarch Lich to guide him on the path to conquest.

Eurimenes - A black mage who served as one of the captains of Caligo's Companions.

Gamaliel - The 17th pontifex of the Church of Holy Light, he personally leads the Army of Light in the Darklands campaign.

Hazila - The high priestess of the Black Xotika in the service of the Dark Eternal.

Iason - A horseman who served as one of the captains of Caligo's Companions.

Medusa - A vengeful Gorgon who shares kinship with Arachne in her hatred of the Olympians who cursed her.

Ophis Python - The Lord of Serpents, he is the last of the Python race who once fought against the Monarch Lich.

Orgdith - The leader of a scouting party sent to spy on the newly arrived Army of Light.

Orgmar - The son of Orgun and grandson of King Orguz III.

Orgrin VIII - The King of the Orghim of the Shade's Forest during the Monarch Lich's conquest of the Darklands.

Orgun - The son and heir of King Orguz III, he seeks to bring an end to the Monarch Lich's rule.

Orguz III - The King of the Orghim of the Shade's Forest, he is unable to spare his people from the coming war and seeks to find a way to at least minimize their losses.

Orgwid - An Org scout killed on an expedition to spy on the Army of Light.

Pallas - The Olympian goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare, responsible for cursing both Arachne and Medusa.

Pollux - The last King of Euros, resurrected by the power of the Monarch Lich to serve as a chamberlain.

Rohanshalashak - Chief Elder of the Red Dragons.

The Miastor Prince - An ancient vampire who ventured to the war-torn Euros to drink the blood of a heart consumed by the Darkness.

The Monarch Lich - The ruler of the Chaos Dominion, who seeks to spread the curse of the Darklands to Zephyr and beyond.

The Spider Lich - The son of the Monarch Lich and Arachne, he is transported to the distant North for safekeeping.

Ubu - A Darkling general assigned to Sir Caligo as his second-in-command, he is also a spy for the Monarch Lich who ensures the continued loyalty of the Knight of Chaos.

Udun - The high priest of the Darklings.

Urgill - The granddaughter of King Orguz III, she left the Darklands for Notos on a mission from her father to raise allies for his rebellion against the Monarch Lich.

Urginn - The daughter of Orgun and granddaughter of Orguz III.

Urgonna - The second wife of King Orguz III and the mother of Orgun.

Uruni - A Darkling sent to Zephyr with Ophis Python to impersonate Princess Daphne and take her place on the throne.

Xordor - The son of Xordun, cousin of Xorgoth.

Xordun - A cousin of Xorgoth and the commander of the vanguard of the Darklands expedition.

Xorgoth - The King of Dragons, he has made a pact with the Monarch Lich to aid in his war in exchange for the relics of the Black Dragon Xargos.

Xormoth - The son of Xorgoth who hatched during the Darklands expedition.

Xorud I - The fourth King of Dragons, who was a great terror beyond the Valley of Tiamat.

Xorud II - The son of Xorun, cousin of Xorgoth, left behind as Steward of the Valley during the Darklands expedition.