AT 1084 (AZ 1456) - Spring
The Tower of Void, Isle of the Magi

Sightless though they were, the Dark Eternal's eyes opened when his meditation was broken. In his sanctuary in the distant North, there were none to disturb him. Or, rather, there were none without to disturb him, but among the multitude of souls surging within, there was one that continued to defy him. What did she hope to accomplish? For all her power, she was no match for him and the more souls he added to his collection, the greater his power became. And yet the futility of her struggle did nothing to discourage her efforts.
The brief flash of will receded into the multitude and so the Dark Eternal could return to his meditation. Unfortunately, his projection in the Darklands was gone. It would take too much time to craft another. Time wasted. There was nothing to be gained by returning there anyway. The future lay much nearer.
The Dark Eternal moved the infant Lich to the North for good reason. Though all the pieces appeared to be in place for the Monarch Lich to achieve great success, the Dark Race was not yet ready. More time and care was needed before they could achieve their true potential.
Whether it took two thousand years or two hundred thousand years, the Dark Race would be perfected and his work would be complete. Until that day, though, he would continue his tireless labors.