Chapter 3
The Order to Attack

AT 1082 (AZ 1454) - Midsummer
The Shade's Forest, The Darklands

The day had finally come. The humans from the land called Zephyr had landed in the Darklands with all their hosts. Orguz increased patrols in the borderlands. If the humans would war against them, they would be ready, but he did not seek to provoke them in the hope that they would ignore the Orghim for greater foes.
Hope, however, was in short supply in these cursed lands. Much to his dismay, an emissary of the Monarch Lich, a desiccated human corpse wrapped in threadbare black robes, had arrived in his court. Though he wanted nothing less than to cast the wretched creature out of his sight, Orguz did not dare such a move.
"I have orders from His Majesty the Monarch Lich, King of the Kobaloi," the emissary said in a hoarse whispering voice. "The invaders split into two hosts before landing. One host has been establishing itself in the ruins of the city called Oris at the mouth of the Second Acheron. You will immediately gather all your forces and move against the invaders."
Orguz sighed. The thing he dreaded had come to pass. Without the strength to defy the Lich, he had no choice but to lead his people to war.
"His Majesty's will be done," Orguz replied in a low voice.
The emissary's withered lips managed a faint smile before it turned to leave. Orguz narrowed his eyes as he watched the shambling abomination fade into the distance. It represented all that was evil about the rule of the Lich. The heartless ruler of the Dominion threw lives away without regard, for death did not mark the end of one's service to his will.
Orguz had no idea of the number or quality of his enemy. Humans steeled for war were said to be great and terrible foes, capable of working much woe upon their enemies. He feared for his people, but perhaps he could rise to the challenge and become a war-king after all.