Appendix B
Species Guide

While this is not a comprehensive list of all species to appear in the story, it does include all those specifically mentioned and a few others which are present but do not receive mention in the text. In addition to the various names used within the context of the story, the more common names are also included for the reader's convenience.

Black Dragon - A race of Greater Dragons aligned with the Darkness, they are the largest breed of Dragons. They are powerful users of dark magic and have ruled Dragonkind ever since the death of the White Dragon King.

Dark Race - A term for Liches.

Darkling - A race of dark-skinned humanoids with long limbs and nearly featureless faces, they are strong users of dark magic and are especially known for their ability to travel between shadows. Their entire race is dedicated to serving the Liches.

Demi-Python - A race of large serpents born of the mixing of common snakes and the Pythons.

Dragon - A broad label for a wide variety of mammal-like reptiles, commonly known for flying and breathing fire, but these traits do not apply to all subspecies.

Dwarf - A race of mountain-dwelling humanoids short in stature and stoutly built with a particular talent for mining and metalworking.

Fell Race - A broad term including such species as Goblins, Trolls and Ogres.

Firedrake - The smallest Dragon capable of both flight and breathing fire.

Forest Child - A name for Elves.

Great Kobalos - The name of Ogres in Zephyr, Euros and Notos.

Green Dragon - The most common form of Dragon, it lacks wings but is capable of breathing fire.

Grey Dragon - The most common of the Greater Dragons with thin, serpentine bodies and the ability to fly in spite of a lack of wings.

Goblin - A race of small humanoids, the most common of the Fell Races, most typically found in forests and mountains.

Harvester Drone - The only strain of Herakles capable of flight besides juvenile queens, they allow for a wider foraging range, though they can carry less than half as much as the common worker drone.

Herakles - A species of giant insects originating in the lands east of Euros; they are social insects much like ants and termites with a queen, soldiers and drones. There is also a parasitic strain that attaches to a host and controls its actions.

Kobalos (pl. Kobaloi) - The name for Goblins and related species in Zephyr, Euros and Notos.

Lich - A race of powerful undead with unparalleled dark magic; only a single male is born each generation, requiring the mingling with other species. Unlike most undead, they are capable of reproduction, which is necessary as their mortal bodies deteriorate as their power grows.

Mountain Folk - Another name for Dwarves.

Ogre - One of the Fell Races, alternatively classified as a type of Goblinoid or as a type of Giant, they are much larger and stronger than humans, but curiously they are often found in vassalage to Goblins.

Org (pl. Orghim) - The Goblinish name for a male Goblin.

Python - An ancient race of giant serpents.

Red Dragon - The largest and strongest of the Lesser Dragons, the fire they breathe is said to burn the hottest of all Dragonkind.

Shadow Child - A term for Darklings.

Shadow Walker - A term for Darklings.

Talos - A term for a variety of magical constructs that are basically animate statues, common in Euros before its fall.

Tree Goblin - A breed of Goblins native to the forests, know for their lighter bodies and longer claws than their mountain-dwelling brethren.

Troll - A Goblinoid race larger than humans, known for their large noses and hairy bodies.

Trolwer - The Trollish name for a male Troll

Trolwif - The Trollish name for a female Troll

Urg (pl. Urghin) - The Goblinish name for a female Goblin.

White Dragon - A race of Greater Dragons aligned with the light, their pearlescent scales and twin pairs of feathered wings are among their most prominent features.

Wyrm - A breed of limbless Lesser Dragons, the weakest of all Dragon subspecies.

Wyvern - A breed of Dragon native colder climes, they can breath both fire and ice and are distinctive for their lack of hind legs.

Xotika - The name of Elves in Zephyr, Euros and Notos.