All You Need is Kill (2014)

Volume 2

All You Need is Kill - Volume 2 (2014)

Author: Hiroshi Sakurazaka
Artist: Takeshi Obata
Other: Ryosuke Takeuchi (Storyboards); yoshitoshi ABe (Original Illustrations)
Publisher: Young Jump Comics

Now that Rita has revealed that she also goes through time loops, she and Keiji must work together to break the latest loop and end the battle, but even by pooling their collective knowledge of the Gitai, the loop continues. It's going to take something else to break the loop.

Hopefully you don't mind me continuing to compare this with the movie, but I have mixed feelings about the Keiji-Rita relationship developing so much later. We seem to just barely start establishing things between them and then the story's over. Perhaps there's something to be said about that. I did like getting a peek at Rita's past, though. I will say that the movie left me completely unprepared for the ending, not to spoil too much.

Obata doesn't slack off any for the second half. He maintains the same high standard for the conclusion. There's really nothing more for me to say here other than that the visuals won't disappoint.

Although I'm somewhat conflicted about the ending, I'm overall satisfied with the second half. I really liked the development of the Keiji-Rita relationship and wish we had more time with it. Perhaps that's why they started in on that sooner in the movie. Anyway, well worth reading and I recommend it.

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