Attack on Titan (2010)


Volume 2

Attack on Titan - Volume 2 (2010)

Author/Artist: Hajime Isayama
Publisher: KC Magazine

The Titans continue their advance through Trost. While Mikasa holds her position in the rear formation, she finds herself remembering when she first met Eren, but when she has leave to go to the middle formation, she finds what's left of her fellow recruits and learns the terrible news from Armin about Eren's death.

The second volume of the manga goes up to the end of Episode 8 of the anime (another good cliffhanger). Mikasa's flashback to when she first met Eren, the appearance of the Rogue Titan and the recruits' desperate plan to escape Trost do a fine job of latching into you and keeping you glued to the pages. I really liked seeing Eren and Mikasa's past and their relationship fleshed out.

The art is still decent but not great. Isayama really seems to have a hard time with hands, not that I can blame him. The dynamism that I count among his greatest virtues continues to hold through. The action scenes have a lot of punch to them.

If you were hooked by the first volume, the claws are only going to dig in deeper here. Some of the best parts of the story I've seen so far can be found here, so by all means, read it.

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