Attack on Titan (2010)


Volume 3

Attack on Titan - Volume 3 (2010)

Author/Artist: Hajime Isayama
Publisher: KC Magazine

Eren awakens to find himself surrounded by the nervous troops of the Garrison, who fear that he's a threat to humanity. He must come to grips with his new ability to turn into a Titan and prove that he still serves the human race before he gets himself, Mikasa and Armin killed.

This volume is basically Episodes 9 through 11 of the TV series. The standoff with the Garrison is quite tense as we know about as little Eren regarding the situation. There's further development in the power trio's relationship, key of which is Armin's realization that the three of them aren't nearly on as uneven terms as he's led himself to believe. We also get an early look at the key Survey Corps members and the debut of the controversial Dot Pixis. (I'm not going to get into that controversy here nor make any particular comment about it.) There's some powerful stuff here as we shift into the next phase of the operation in Trost.

The quality of the art hasn't improved significantly from the previous volume, but there is some degree of incremental improvement and there's some striking imagery as well.

The story is moving along nicely and there are some good character moments. If you're already invested, this will do well to keep you going.

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