Attack on Titan (2011)


Volume 5

Attack on Titan - Volume 5 (2011)

Author/Artist: Hajime Isayama
Publisher: KC Magazine

Eren is in the custody of the Military Police awaiting trial to determine if he is indeed a threat to humanity. His life is in the hands of the Governor-General as competing factions argue the case for and against his continued existence.

For those of you familiar with the anime, this volume goes from Episode 14 to partway into Episode 17 along with the material from the "Ilse's Notebook" OAV. Eren's trial has more long-range consequences than you'd realize from the TV series and setting things up with the Survey Corps is a nice breather between the Battle of Trost and the 57th Expedition. Fans of Hange get a lot of good material in this one.

The art is slowly but surely getting better. There are a few panels in particular that have a lot of punch to them.

This volume sets up the next arc of the story following Trost and it's pretty good stuff. It also has one of the best fake teasers of the series. If you've started collecting the series, you're not going to want to stop here.

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