Attack on Titan (2012)


Volume 8

Attack on Titan - Volume 8 (2012)

Author/Artist: Hajime Isayama
Publisher: KC Magazine

With the failure of the 57th Expedition, Eren is supposed to be handed over to the Military Police, but the Survey Corps has a desperate plan that risks everything to expose the true identity of the Female Titan.

We wrap up the coverage of the TV series in this volume and actually go a little into what should be the first episode of the next season. Astute readers probably anticipate the identity of the Female Titan, but the reveal still has punch and there are even more dramatic revelations to follow. As usual, we get teased with some information that tends to whet our appetite for answers rather than sate it, but this volume does a good job of bringing the current arc to a close and setting up the new one.

There are some awkward-looking panels leading up to final battle with the Female Titan, but the big fight itself look quite good.

If you like big battles and big reveals, you won't be disappointed with this one. For those of you who were introduced to the franchise via the TV series, there is a little extra excitement as we start to go into new territory.

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