Attack on Titan (2015)


Volume 16

Attack on Titan - Volume 16 (2015)

Author/Artist: Hajime Isayama
Publisher: KC Magazine

Historia learns the true nature of the royal family's mission and what she must do to save humanity.

The bombshell of the previous volume gets fleshed out, but as always, when a question gets answered in this series, several more rise up to take its place. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, though, as the questions are a big part of what keeps us going. Eren gets hits hard when the totality of the previous volume's revelation gets fleshed out and Historia steps up to the plate impressively. The one disappointment is that Zackley turns out to be a complete psycho. The future of humanity sure looks bright...

We've got a good mix of action and dialog and things are looking pretty good. There's some awkwardness, but I almost feel it's deliberately invoked. The flashback battle is pretty brutal and the art certainly gets the point across.

This volume runs with the bombshell from last time and does some good emotional gut-punching. The showdown between Squad Levi and Kenny's gang is solid and there's one of the better cliffhangers we've seen in a while. After all the setup for the revolt, we're really moving full steam ahead into the next stage of the story and that's certainly a good thing. I'm certainly on board for whatever comes next.

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