Azumanga-Daioh (2001)


Volume 3

Azumanga-Daioh - Volume 3 (2001)

Author/Artist: Kiyohiko Azuma
Publisher: Dengeki Comics

There's more fun to be had as Year 2 winds down with fall events like the culture festival and sports fair. Year 3 will be here before you know it.

While there aren't any major developments in this volume, it does have some of the best gags in the series. Lots of fun to be had.

Except for a couple pages, this entire volume sticks to the 4-koma format. There's nothing lacking, though. The same standard you've come to expect is maintained.

As I said earlier, this volume arguably has the best gags of the series, so if you want to get a good laugh with Chiyo and the gang, be sure to add this to your collection.

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