Inuyasha (1998)


Volume 5

Inuyasha - Volume 5 (1998)

Author/Artist: Rumiko Takahashi
Publisher: Shounen Sunday Comics

Inuyasha and Kagome help an orphan who hates youkai. A witch steals the remains of Kikyou for sinister purposes.

The Nazuna story introduces Inuyasha's "time of the month" as the fans would joke back in the day. Whenever the new moon rolls around, the stakes are raised, which is good because Inuyasha tends to be a bit on the overpowered side, so this allows Takahashi to adjust the power scale a bit. InuKag shippers will appreciate the moment they have. We build on that going into the next story. We work on unraveling the mystery behind what went down 50 years ago and bring back a certain significant character. (More on that next volume.)

The art is as good as you'd expect. No complaints here.

We get some good moments this volume, especially for the shippers in the audience. The second story kicks off one of the stronger subplots in the series, so this is definitely worth having.

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