Action Jackson (1988)

Action Jackson (1988)

Director: Craig R Baxley
Starring: Carl Weathers, Craig T Nelson, Vanity

A Detroit cop on thin ice pursues a ruthless auto tycoon, only to be framed for murder and forced to go on the lam until he can clear his name.

80s action movie time! You'll see a lot of familiar faces here and that's one of the best parts. You of course have Carl Weathers in the lead, plus Bill Duke as the captain, Thomas F Wilson as one of the bumbling officers, Sonny Landham as a coked-out maniac, etc., etc. It's like a Commando/Predator/Die Hard party. You wouldn't expect Craig T Nelson to really take to a villainous role or have any chance of posing a physical match for Carl Weathers, but he and the film make both work. This is a fun movie with good action and characters. I definitely recommend it for any 80s action fan.

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