Bone (1972)

Bone (1972)

Director: Larry Cohen
Starring: Yaphet Kotto, Andrew Duggan, Joyce Van Patten

A down-and-out used car salesman's wife is held hostage by a serial rapist, but then things really go downhill... for everyone.

I didn't know what to expect when I decided to watch this. I just selected it because Yaphet Kotto was in it. He's amazing, by the way. Anyway, yeah, I didn't know what to expect. Certainly not the blackest of black comedies that crosses the line so many times it'll make your head spin. As I said, Yaphet Kotto really kills it in this and I also want to give all due credit to Andrew Duggan and Joyce Van Patten. It really is a surreal experience. You'll find yourself laughing at things you really shouldn't because it's so audacious you can't help yourself. If you're really sensitive, then you may not see much humor in it, but if you're game for dark humor and a bit of mind screw, then by all means, give this one a watch.

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