Dangerous Money (1946)

Dangerous Money (1946)

Director: Terry O Morse
Starring: Sidney Toler, Gloria Warren, Victor Sen Yung

When an undercover Treasury agent is killed while trying to expose a counterfeit money operation, Charlie Chan takes on the case.

From what I understand, the Charlie Chan films released by Monogram Pictures are significantly inferior to the earlier entries in the series released by Fox. As far as B detective movies go, this one is decent enough. Particularly in capturing his character's dialog and dialect, I find Sidney Toler a bit inconsistent. Of course he doesn't mimic an actual Chinese accent, but even his movie fake Chinese accent tends to slip more into Tonto mode. I liked Victor Sen Yung in Across the Pacific and he's entertaining here too. I'm probably not supposed to be amused by Willie Best's antics as Chattanooga Brown, but honestly, I'd watch a Jimmy Chan and Chattanooga Brown series. It's like Rush Hour but slightly more embarrassing (but still less offensive than Rush Hour 3). It's not a particularly great story and moderns probably will get their feathers ruffled by the double whammy of racial caricatures, but I've seen worse (and apparently this is among the better Monogram Chan flicks). Take it or leave it.