Deep Cover (1992)

Deep Cover (1992)

Director: Bill Duke
Starring: Laurence Fisburne, Jeff Goldblum, Lira Angel

A police officer goes undercover to infiltrate a drug ring, but the deeper he goes, the more he risks losing himself.

I didn't know Bill Duke directed this. That's awesome. He actually has quite a few credits to his name. Well, this is a good film. Laurence Fishburne of course delivers the goods as a straitlaced cop forced to go into the life he's dedicated himself to avoiding. Jeff Goldblum is basically just Jeff Goldblum, but if you like Jeff Goldblum for being Jeff Goldblum, you'll like him here. I like undercover stories and this is really good at it. Fans of crime flicks won't have much to complain about here.

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