Replikator (1994)

Replikator (1994)

Director: Philip Jackson
Starring: Michael St. Gerard, Brigitte Bako, Ned Beatty

A botched experiment with replication technology results in a twisted clone of an ex-con bent on satisfying his every desire.

I thought I'd give this one a chance as it might be a diamond in the rough. Well, it isn't. The only thing I can credit this movie with is the dystopian setting, but maybe early 90s Toronto was just naturally that crappy. I really don't know. About the only actor with much name recognition is Ned Beatty, who you can tell was only doing this for the mortgage. Neither the story nor the characters are particularly interesting and about the only reason I trudged through this miserable mess was to warn you not to bother with it. Seriously. It wouldn't even serve as decent riffing material. Skip it.

Avoid It