Soda Cracker (1989)

Soda Cracker (1989)

Director: Fred Williamson
Starring: Fred Williamson, Maud Adams, Bo Svenson

A Chicago detective investigates the murder of his partner against the department's orders.

This is a thoroughly mediocre cop film. There isn't anything about it that's great, but nothing that's really terrible either. Fred Williamson is decent in the lead role and the villainous duo of Bo Svenson and DR Jones aren't that bad either. (Jones' physical presence is fairly effective, I'll admit, as he manages to dwarf Williamson, who isn't a small guy by any measure.) Maud Adams is similarly decent as Crystal Tarver, though she seems a little old for her character. (Perhaps she changed careers, which would explain why she's fairly new to the force.) There's honestly not much to say. There are a lot of cop shows out there and by being neither really good or really bad, there's not a whole lot of incentive to see it.