Accel World (2012)


Accel World (2012)

Director: Masakazu Obara
Studio: Sunrise
Starring: Yuuki Kaji, Sachika Misawa, Aki Toyosaki
Episodes: 2

The Nega Nebulas respond to a mystery attack on the school network. Later on, after Haruyuki does poorly on his physical examination, the team works to improve his scores.

These are two light comic fluff episodes. They have no impact on the story canon and the exaggeration of the characters should be enough to clue you in not to take any of it too seriously. The first episode is mostly a battle sequence and the second is the obligatory onsen episode. The main benefit of the second ep is that you see who Ash Roller is in the real world. That alone is almost worth the price of admission. For what these eps are, fun little omake with a bit of fanservice (in both senses of the term), they're decent enough and worth a watch.

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