Little Witch Academia (2013)


Little Witch Academia (2013)

Director: Yoh Yoshinari
Studio: Trigger
Starring: Megumi Han, Fumiko Orikasa, Michiyo Murase

At a school for witches, the relatively untalented but ambitious Akko Kagari jumps at the chance to show off in a dungeon raiding assignment.

This is a fun little romp packed with imagination and loaded with potential. I can't remember if this was my introduction to Studio Trigger or if I checked it out after I started watching Kill La Kill. Regardless, it leaves a good impression, setting up just enough during its brief runtime to get you hooked and wanting more. It's little surprise they got such an overwhelming response when they turned to the fans to help with funding the sequel and the groundswell that allowed a TV series to be made. We've got interesting characters and gorgeous animation. What's not to love? By all means, pick this one up.

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