The Comic Artist and Assistants: The Animation (2014)


The Comic Artist and Assistants: The Animation (2014)

Director: Takeshi Furuta
Studio: Zecks
Starring: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Saori Hayami, Arisa Noto
Episodes: 6

Side stories and further misadventures of Aito, Ashisu and the gang.

As the main series is gag-based slice of life, there is no significant plot or characterization being advanced here. If you liked the main series, you should like the OAVs as well. As with many OAV follow-ups to TV animations, the boundaries get pushed farther here, to the point where I start to object. Having Ashisu's little sister--who's a middle-schooler, mind you--challenge the Chief Editor (who appears to be the same age but is apparently older than the main cast) to prove who's more shameless is really inappropriate. It starts to creep into Chris Hansen territory and while nothing is explicit, it may well rub you the wrong way. With that as a warning, make your choice to give this a watch or not.