Sword Art Offline Two (2014)

[そーどあーと・おふらいん つー]

Sword Art Offline Two (2014)

Director: Kiyoshi Takanashi
Studio: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Haruka Tomatsu, Kanae Ito
Starring: I was a Ballerina
Episodes: 9

The variety new program Sword Art Offline continues with its coverage of the second season of Sword Art Online.

This very much follows the pattern of the previous Sword Art Offline. Production values and content are essentially the same level. If you like the last set, you'll like this too. There's good fun with the characters and Asuna gets more of a fair shake of the screentime than the series proper. Also, the addition of Sinon in the commentary results in a lot of Kirito abuse. Even if you like Kirito, it's funny. Fans have every reason to give it a watch, so there you go.

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