ERASED (2016)


ERASED (2016)

Director: Tomohiko Ito
Studio:A-1 Pictures
Starring: Shinnosuke Mitsushima, Chinatsu Akasai, Aoi Yuuki
Episodes: 12

A young man's consciousness travels back in time in an attempt to avert a tragedy from his childhood.

I had this recommended to me and I really wished that I followed up on the suggestion sooner. This is an amazing series that I marathoned in a single sitting. This is what is referred to by some as a Peggy Sue plot, a sort of mental time travel to change the course of events from one's past. The concept of going back in time with all your knowledge and experience appeals to me a lot, so it was really cool watching it play out. I liked Satoru as the protagonist quite a bit and was amused by the running gag of his mental filter not always working. The other characters are quite good as well and the character design is rather appealing. While you may see the reveal coming, I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. By all means, give this one a watch. Personally, I intend to add it to my collection.

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