Submission Guidelines


If I wanted to have complete control over my work, I'd never make it public. However, fanfics are going to be made, so we might as well provide an outlet to foster the best of it. If you think your prequel, sequel, sidestory, what if, or retelling can make the cut, feel free to submit it to us. If we like it, you'll find it on the site. Now, before you get on that keyboard, let's lay down the law.
  1. Apply the ratings. Just as I make a point to give people a head's up, you should too. Check the ratings page if you're not sure what they mean.
  2. Stick to the context of the work your piece is based on. For example, there is only mild cursing in Knight of Gladius, but rather extensive strong language in Ticonderoga. It's inconsistent to make a KoG fanfic sound like a Tarantino movie.
  3. Justify changes to the canon. If you want to turn something on its head, you better have a reason for it. If you're just going to plaster the names of my characters onto completely different people, you might as well be writing your own story. This isn't meant to be a ban on "what-ifs," but if you want your story to be hosted here, you better be able to explain why you just turned a pious nun into a total slut.
  4. Acknowledge the author's wishes. You can write whatever you want. Even when threatened with legal action, nothing short of death or massive crippling can stop you. However, getting your piece posted on this site is a privilege, not a right. You've got to win the approval of the original author. I've got better things to do than go out hunting all fanfics that aren't enjoying my sanction. I'm not arbitrary. If I don't think your piece makes the cut, I'll tell you why, even give you some suggestions on how to make it better. If you just want to float a balloon, try posting on the forum. You might be surprised at the constructive criticism you get.


Some people like to write, others like to draw. As with fanfics, I want to be supportive of the fanbase when it comes to fanart. No, you don't have to be professional grade to get posted, but stick figures aren't going to cut it (unless you're really clever about it).
  1. Reasonable file size. I don't want to see anything bigger than 1600x900 and/or 1MB. If you've got a really good reason for it being bigger than that, I'll consider it, but don't hold your breath. If your piece would be accepted anyway, I'll resize the pic to specs myself. If you don't like the thought of me fiddling around with your baby, you should take care of it before you submit.
  2. If you're particular about the framing of the thumbnail, feel free to cut one yourself. The height limit is 200px, but the width can be proportional depending on if your canvas is laid out portrait or landscape. If you don't provide a thumbnail, I'll cut one myself.
  3. Mind the content. This isn't a porn site and it isn't I won't be accepting any sexually explicit or excessively gory material. I don't have a problem with a reasonable degree of blood and gore (in keeping with the work the picture's based on) nor any tasteful and contextual nudity. Such pieces will have warning labels on them, but if they're good, I don't have a problem hosting them.

When in doubt, ask. Drop me a line at It's what I'm here for.