31 Dec 08

Well, I finally got it done. Chapter 23 of Tico. Not quite my hopeful goal of getting the story done by year's end, but it's something, right? I've also got an item for my Fanart Gallery provided by our very own Angel. This being New Year's Eve and all, I pray you, gentle reader, do not imbibe overmuch or engage in excessive debauch. I'll be spending the evening drawing up my syllabus and lesson plans. Whee. >_>

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UTC 17:46:55

28 Dec 08

Well, how was everyone's Christmas? All is well on this end, though I've only got one week left to relax before the heat gets turned up again. Here's Chapter 2 of T3W for you. That chapter of Tico is taking longer than I thought, but let's see if I can't get it out by this Wednesday. Keep those eyes peeled.

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UTC 23:33:06

22 Dec 08

The mascot wants to remind all you kids out there about the value of good oral hygiene and that includes flossing regularly. In other news, we have Chapter 1 of T3W. My friend, who goes by the handle "Edelghen" in the forums, often cites this chapter as a sterling example of my depraved nature. I'll let you decide if the content of the chapter is a statement on me. God help me if I ever turn the story into a graphic novel. -_-; Well, anyway, you guys take care. I've got a nice long drive this Tuesday, maybe enough to get the next chapter of Tico done as a Christmas Eve treat. Stay tuned.

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UTC 03:25:02

15 Dec 08

The mascot is not amused. Still, she's adapting nicely to her new surroundings. And without further ado, I'm proud to present the prequel to the Knight of Gladius Trilogy: The Three Warriors. We have the Prologue for now, with more to follow in the coming weeks. Enjoy.

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UTC 02:59:01

09 Dec 08

And here we are. You might remember me showing you the gang at the end of Volume I. Well, here we've got all the party members plus the heavy hitters on the bad guys' side. These Miis actually look pretty close to how I envision the charas. There are some significant details I couldn't add like Adrienne's scar and Marcella's eyepatch, but I don't think that takes away too much. One day I might try my hand at digitally altering the pics to make up the difference. Anyway, I hope you guys appreciate it, 'cause I'm sure there are other things I could've been doing with my time. ^_^;

Oh, and if you were wondering about that interview I had today, I got the job. Looks like I'll be able to keep this site going after all, to say nothing of all that other stuff. ^o^

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UTC 07:38:33

08 Dec 08

Here it is, the Epilogue of KoG3. It's been a long run, but this is the end for Knight of Gladius. Don't worry, though. This isn't the end for your favorite characters. There are plenty of spinoffs to be had. Next week we'll be taking a step back into the past with the prequel novel The Three Warriors. I meant to have something cooked up to commemorate the end of Volume III, but I've been busy setting up my new rig and I've been having some software issues on top of that. If that's not enough, I've got a job interview in the morning, so I'm not going to be staying up. However, I'll see if I can't get that treat slapped together tomorrow afternoon. Also, let's not expect the next chapter of Tico this week. I was busier with other stuff than I was expecting and more of my spare time was devoted to T3W. It'll all come together, though. Just hang in there.

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UTC 05:02:18

30 Nov 08

The battles rages on in Chapter 29 of KoG3. It's a real monster, over an eighth of the whole book, but I'm sure you'll be so riveted you won't even notice. ^_^ Speaking of monster chapters, the next one for Tico is going to be pretty long, too (though nowhere near as long as this). It may not be ready this week. I've got at least half the dialog down, but that's just the start. I'll see if I can't make it happen, though. Keep your eyes peeled.

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27 Nov 08

This day has been a long time coming. Four months, in fact. And here it is: Chapter 22 of Tico. We're gearing up for the home stretch now. Things'll get racheted up quite a bit once Chapter 23 hits and it'll be a roller coaster ride right to the finish. Get ready for that. And in the meantime, I bid my fellow countrymen to enjoy Turkey Day. Have an extra slice of pumpkin pie on me. ^_^

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UTC 06:11:59

23 Nov 08

Here we are. Photographic evidence that the mascot is just fine. Little flower child. Or is that flower-eating child?

Well, the battle's begun and now Mark is facing down Randwulf. Find out what happens in Chapter 28 of KoG3. Oh, and I have good news. This Wednesday you'll be getting a new chapter of Tico. If I can keep up the momentum, another one will be coming your way next week, too, and though I know better than to make any promises, I might just be able to wrap up Tico1 by the end of the year. That'd be nice, wouldn't it? We'll see if I can pull it off. Stay tuned.

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16 Nov 08

The mascot got her very first bath two weeks ago. As you can imagine, she was enjoying it something fierce. She was supposed to come with me last Saturday, but she got sick, so I had to leave her behind. She got better right away, so no worries there, and I'll get her when I go back for Thanksgiving. You see, I just moved, which is why I didn't have an update last week. Well, that's part of it. I'm also planning on continuing my education, so getting all that to work has been keeping me busy. However, I'm here for you now and that's the important thing, right?

It's been a long journey, but for every beginning, there is an end. The Battle of Darkwall begins in Chapter 27 of KoG3. This is a battle two big to be told in a single chapter. Even two aren't enough. That's right. A three-chapter climax. Arm yourselves, friends, and steel your hearts, for the enemy knows nothing of mercy. Sally forth!

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UTC 06:29:52

03 Nov 08

Sorry this is late. I've been on the road. There have been miscellaneous festivities and such keeping me busy. I've got a move coming up this weekend and plenty of stuff to keep me occupied this week, so I'm keeping this short. Here's Chapter 26 of KoG3. The battle for the fate of Gladius begins next week. Stay tuned.

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UTC 15:43:07

26 Oct 08

The mascot peers into your very soul. Meanwhile, I give you Chapter 25 of KoG3. I'd give you my usual witty banter and speculation, but I'm in a hurry, so until next time...

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UTC 14:23:15

18 Oct 08

The mascot is making a point to see that my suit is properly haired after coming back from the drycleaners. But enough of that. Here it is. "The Dream". You've traveled along with Mark and his companions for quite a while now. You might think you know them pretty well, but there's a side to each of them unlike anything you've seen. I invite you, gentle readers, to head over to Chapter 24 of KoG3 and see for yourselves. If everything goes according to schedule, Volume III will come to a close at the end of next month. I'm going to have to kick things in gear and get the dang thing finished before then. ^_^; I also need to get a head-start on the next project coming out the chute. Stay tuned.

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UTC 22:50:58

16 Oct 08

Here's the rest of this batch of card. Like last time, they're on the first and second pages, 'cause the Battle card slipped past me when I was making the update last weekend. We now have enough cards to warrant a third page of the gallery. If there are as many cards as Steff has claimed, there'll be a lot more pages to come.

No real progress on my side of the house on account of a workshop I'm doing. We'll see if I can get back on the horse once it's done. Until next time, doggies.

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UTC 04:53:33

12 Oct 08

The mascot will kung fu you if you mess with her. Remember that. In other news, I've just completed a rather grueling project I've been meaning to do since September... of last year. Back then I told you of my plan to write summaries of the stories I have in pre-production, teasers to build up a little buzz, get you all excited for what's on the horizon. I devoted this week to getting that done. 65 in total. (The three shorts I've already posted are excluded from this number.) I had to rearrange the directory on my side of the house, which meant I had to tweak the tags in every story file and then correct the archives so there wouldn't be any broken links. I was up until 0330 this morning getting the coding part done, to say nothing of uploading all the new files. The things I do for you people. :P

Going back through the archives was like reliving the past two years. All the stuff I've meant to do and never accomplished, all the late updates, the glacial pace of Tico's serialization, etc, etc. Really puts things in perspective.

After everything I've done, I'd be justified in saying, "This is the update. Enjoy." But I'm not going to do that to you. You still get your weekly dose of KoG, Chapter 23 of KoG3. Speaking of putting things in perspective, I have to shake my head at the irony of my assertions last year that I'd have the edits of KoG3 wrapped up in no time. I'm still not done with the last two chapters, and it's getting close to crunch time. Admittedly, besides adding a lot of new scenes, I did decide to rebuild the end from the ground up, so that's some excuse. Just a little, though. Look forward to next week's chapter, "The Dream". A biggie and a goodie. ^_^

With all this talk about me and my stuff, you might've forgotten about Steff. Well, cut it out. She's got more cards. I'm giving you half now and the other half Wednesday. They're on both pages of the gallery, so be sure to check 'em both. And don't hesitate to throw your replica into the river, or you'll be lonely. (Maybe trying to form a sentence out of the set of cards isn't the most sensible thing in the wide world.)

Oh, and before I forget, let me announce that today marks the formal debut of my Cross Arc. The Cross Arc, as its name implies, is a cross--in this case--of elements from the Tellus and Space Arcs, an excuse to blend magic and high technology freely. I have less strictures, less rules than what I apply to the other three Arcs. Hopefully this results in a unique flavor of stories. You'll note that two stories formerly in the Frontier Cycle of the Space Arc (Return from Avalon and Light and Darkness) have been moved to the Post-Apocalyptic Cycle of the Cross Arc. They just fit better there, although RfA holds the distinction of being the only Cross Arc story occurring before the fall of the Union. I'll try to have the short "Say Hello to Mother" up in the near future so there'll be at least one sample piece available. And keep an eye out for Everyday Magic. It's a project I'm particularly fond of and look forward to writing. And that should do it for now. We'll see what next week brings.

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05 Oct 08

Alright, here we are, Chapter 22 of KoG3.

And while the Stones may not get no satisfaction, you can by visiting the Clair Dawn Tarot Gallery for its latest addition.

That's all for now.

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UTC 00:30:25

28 Sep 08

Here we are. Another weekend, another update. I've got Chapter 21 of KoG3 for you.

plus the latest four cards in the Clair Dawn Tarot Gallery.

I want to state for the record a significant change made to Chapter 4 of Tico. I modified Air Force doctrine, mandating that all flights of spaceborne fighter squadrons would consist of four planes. This means there are just two wingmate pairs in Bravo Flight: Kodiak and the flight subleader and Mazurek and Matt. It also forced me to change squadron callsigns, so Mazurek is no longer the convenient unlucky 13. This changes some of the in-battle conversation, too, which I'm not entirely happy with, but the change smooths out some logistical issues I was dealing with and gives the Air Force units greater consistency. None of you may care about any of this, but if you did, I've done my bit by telling you.

Random Reader: Stop dithering with this rubbish and give us a frickin' new chapter!

Alright, alright. It'll happen. Eventually. I swear. ^_^;

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UTC 18:23:30

25 Sep 08

Here comes the promised additions to Steff's Clair Dawn Tarot Gallery, although two of today's three additions are actually on the second page. Look for the last four of this set this weekend.

I know I've fallen behind with Tico yet again, but I've been doing some work behind the scenes. I've gone back and corrected some stuff. I believe I mentioned the whole compartment designation thing before. Well, I've finally got all the berthing compartments put into my diagram of the ship, so that's one thing that will get labeled correctly. Still a long ways from completion, though. Anyway... Maybe I can actually go forward in the story again. One can only hope.

Posted by: James
UTC 02:02:37

22 Sep 08

The mascot and I have been on the road. Two weeks back, I thought things were going to settle down for me. Then I had a run-in with Ike.

a. b. c.

Which Ike? Take a wild guess. Anyway, I'm back now and I've got Chapter 20 of KoG3 for you.

Steff has something for you, too. Eleven new additions to the Clair Dawn Tarot. I'm giving you four now, three on Wednesday and the last four Saturday or Sunday.

And that's it for now. What lies in the future? Who knows? I sure don't. ^_^;

Posted by: James
UTC 01:45:34

07 Sep 08

And so my journey comes to an end. Though the mascot is happy to see me, she still takes the time to smell the flowers. Or eat them. ^_^; As promised, I've got two chapter of KoG3 for you. Chapter 18 and Chapter 19 for your viewing pleasure.

Steff's also got a new item for her Special Projects Gallery.

I don't know what's on the immediate horizon, but I'm going to be spinning my tires for a while, so maybe I can get Tico back off the ground. We'll see. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 21:40:48

05 Sep 08

Hisashiburi, folks. Though I did warn you, I feel really bad about having given you nothing for a whole month, but when you've been away for two years, there's a lot of catching up to do. As my little walkabout comes to its end, I finally have something for you. It's been a long time, a really long time, but Angel has been kind enough to provide some new images for her gallery. I've also done some minor tweaks to most of the files I have up on my side of the house. This weekend I'll have two chapters of KoG3 ready for you to make up for the drought. Look for it.

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UTC 03:01:04

04 Aug 08

Sorry this is so late. I thought I'd be able to get the update up last week no problem, but guess what. Moving to another country (particularly with a fuzzy companion in tow) takes a bit of effort. Who'da thunk it, eh? Well, now I'm on vacation, so if you see another update before September, it'll be a treat. Anyway, here's Chapter 17 of KoG3. Might as well leave you on a battle chapter, yeah?

Here's a bonus for you. I've been sitting on this a while, but stuff's kept me busy. Here's a new item for Steff's Special Projects Gallery.

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UTC 07:55:24

20 Jul 08

I'm glad I went ahead and did the work for the update ahead of time, 'cause I really haven't had much time to myself this weekend. Next week is bound to be crazy, too. In the midst of all this business, let's take a moment to enjoy Chapter 16 of KoG3. We get to see an old friend back in action. In other news, I know I was thinking I'd be able to get the next chapter of Tico out, but things aren't coming together at the moment. Add that to all the craziness that's bound to ensue, progress on Tico is officially bing put on hold for the time being. I'll get the next chapter to you when I can. At very least, you can expect next weekend's update. Until then...

Posted by: James
UTC 15:58:56

14 Jul 08

And I show up late to the party again. Things came up over the weekend, and there was stuff to keep me busy today, too. Apologies all around. Today happens to be the mascot's Adoption Day. Everyone pass around the fish-flavored treats. As you can see, in a year's time, not much has changed but her size. ^_^ Anyway, on with the show. Here's Chapter 15 of KoG3. We'll see if I can't have a chapter of Tico ready for you while I'm at it. Stay tuned.

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UTC 14:05:41

09 Jul 08

It's been a long time. Too dang long. It's been over three months, but today I have Chapter 21 of Tico here for your viewing pleasure. In a way, it kinda fits because Lydia's been out of it so long. Her pain is your pain. Anyway, I might actually be able to get the next chapter out by this time next week. Stay tuned.

Guess what? It turns out our mail accounts have an external filter for spam which actually works rather well, so Steff can go back to using her old e-mail address. That should be easier on everyone. If you haven't changed, then nothing's lost. In case you forgot, that's steff@palidormedia.com. I guess that's what I get for not exploring our e-mail service thoroughly enough. Well, better late than never, right?

Posted by: James
UTC 18:11:25

07 Jul 08

I almost got it in at the last minute. Well, I have no one to blame but myself. I was trying to see if I could give you a double feature, but it didn't come together in time. However, you most certainly will get Chapter 21 of Tico this week. It's coming together and it'll be done. Anyway, in the meantime enjoy Chapter 14 of KoG3.

In other news, Steff is finally settled in her new digs, so she might actually have some new material in the near future. Also, because her old e-mail address has become a giant spam magnet, you should now e-mail her at steffj@palidormedia.com. A word to the wise, kids, you're never going to make money off those survey sites. Don't even bother registering for them. And the webmail client Horde is a piece of crap. Its blacklist does jack diddly squat. Hunk a junk. >_>

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UTC 00:09:30

29 Jun 08

Looks like someone's had a hard day. You ever felt like that? Well, whether you have or haven't, you can still enjoy Chapter 13 of KoG3. I know I said I was going to put extra effort into getting the latest chapter of Tico out, but I got sidetracked. Did a fair bit of work with the peripheral materials, though. I can tell you that the Tico has enough escape pods for 10944 people, but only berths 10170. Isn't that fascinating?

Random Guy: Stop piddling around and just write the bloody story!

Alright, alright, I'm going to make another stab at it. This time... with feeling!

Posted by: James
UTC 13:50:54

23 Jun 08

The mascot lets out an evil hiss and... attacks! That or she's yawning again. ^_^; Sorry the update is late, but here's Chapter 12 of KoG3. To make it up to you, I'm going to make a serious attempt to get you guys a chapter of Tico this week. We'll see if I can pull it off or not.

I've been introduced to the Agony Booth and I can hardly pull myself away. Seriously, there's comic gold to be had there. Check it out.

Posted by: James
UTC 07:45:07

20 Jun 08

If you see a wolf, would you cry "Wolf!"? And if you did, would anyone believe you? Ponder these questions as you head on over to the Tarot Gallery for the last of this batch of cards. When will the next batch roll in? Who knows? Give it a week or two.

Posted by: James
UTC 03:29:07

19 Jun 08

Double, double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble. Making mushroom brew, I am. What's that? Some kid named Billy came up with that line before Dan Owsen wrote the translation for A Link to the Past? Never heard of 'im. ^o^ Okay, enough goofing around. Shuffle-step to the Tarot Gallery. And try to stay out of mischief.

Posted by: James
UTC 15:30:43

18 Jun 08

Spring is in the air at the Tarot Gallery. You'll notice that there's a link to a second page. I've decided to set a 20-card limit per page. As there are supposedly more than 210 cards in total, expect to see a lot of pages before it's all said and done. Don't look to the end for the most recent entries, though, because I'm listing the cards alphabetically. I will, however, always link to the page that has the new card, so it should be no problem to keep up. This current batch will run out by the end of the week and then we'll have to wait until Steff has Net access again before we can get anymore.

While we're waiting, I might just dust off Tico to deliver the latest chapter. No promises, but it could happen. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 15:12:27

17 Jun 08

Pink Pecker's Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. (For alliterative purposes, I had to affix Ray's old unit to that tried and true tongue twister.) I wonder if Peter Piper is pied or... caked? Anyway, go check out the Tarot Gallery. It should make everything clear. Or not.
Posted by: James
UTC 16:12:35

16 Jun 08

Today's entry in the Tarot Gallery is quite the coincidence. Or is it? Why, you ask? Well, it just so happens that Steff is on the move and in little more than a month's time, I'll be on the move myself. You'd almost think she planned this with her mind powers. ^_^;

Posted by: James
UTC 16:20:44

15 Jun 08

Today's update is brought to you by this plate of cookies. Oh, and here's Chapter 11 of KoG3. That's all I've got for now. I've spent the weekend having a Macross 7 marathon. Remember, kids, when venturing out into space, be sure to pack a pop idol or a rock band. You don't want to end up like the Macross 5 Fleet, do you?

As a side note, I want to say how proud I am for living though an event that makes the Wikipedia news bar. ... Now how sick is it that I just got another shake as I'm writing this? It's distressing the mascot. Haa... -_-

Posted by: James
UTC 16:26:01

13 Jun 08

"Eek! A mouse!" screams the stereotypical housewife standing on a chair with skirts hiked up so the little critter can't climb up. Of course, if you're a South Park fan, this image has been permanently marred. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're better off not knowing. Anyway, head on over to the Tarot Gallery and make sure this one doesn't crawl up your leg. ^_^;

Posted by: James
UTC 23:51:27

12 Jun 08

If parting is such sweet sorrow, what does that make meeting? Bitter happiness? Sour joy? Head on over to the Tarot Gallery and see what you can come up with.

Posted by: James
UTC 23:31:25

11 Jun 08

Let me tell you about life, son. Life is a chubby green bug-baby. You don't believe me? Check out Steff's Tarot Gallery and see for yourself. It's true, I swear.

Oh, and sorry about missing the update yesterday. I was kinda wrapped up in other stuff. Trying to get a jump on my next venture so I can keep the mascot fed. I've got a good lead for starters, so we'll see how it pans out. Stay with Channel 9. We'll keep you advised. ^_^

Posted by: James
UTC 01:38:29

09 Jun 08

You turn around and you see him, bedecked in his regal finery. That permanent smile, those unchanging eyes that seem to peer into your very soul. He comes bearing a 99-cent breakfast treat, but he is the last thing you want to see when you pull back the shower curtain and stand there, wet and naked, staring into that plastic face. *shudder* Anyway, direct your attention to the Tarot Gallery. And lock the door when you go take a shower. It might just be enough to keep him out. Burger King? More like Devil King.

Posted by: James
UTC 15:10:09

08 Jun 08

Here's Chapter 10 of KoG3. I'd love to say I've got something planned for you this week other than more tarot cards, but my time is running short and I really need to buckle down on the old job hunt. Better I not promise you anything and surprise you rather than promising something and coming up empty. Right?

Posted by: James
UTC 10:28:19

06 Jun 08

Yes, I know. There isn't any real excuse for missing these updates given how quick and easy they are, but I'm sure I can think of something. ^_^; Anyway, here's the latest card in the Tarot Gallery. More to follow. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 15:29:23

03 Jun 08

Another card in Steff's Tarot Gallery.

In completely unrelated news, I'm mulling over the concept of sapience and it's having a considerable effect on how I see the species of my Tellus Arc, not that it's likely to change much in the stories themselves. Just another way for me to waste time. ^_^;

Posted by: James
UTC 12:41:18

02 Jun 08

I would've had this up sooner, but I'm doing some extra stuff behind the scenes, and I've been rather sickly lately besides. Anyway here's the latest entry in Steff's Tarot Gallery. Steff insists the maiden is the villain here. Make of that what you will.

Posted by: James
UTC 23:50:46

02 Jun 08

As you see here, the prima ballerina is preparing for her bar exercises. In other news, I've got Chapter 9 of KoG3 ready for you. Could it be, the obligatory onsen scene? I guess you'll just have to read and find out. ^_^

Posted by: James
UTC 00:39:59

30 May 08

Did you get to the choppa? No? How'd you go out? Plasmacaster to the head? Ouch. Well, so it goes sometimes. In a way, your fate more or less fits in with the last card of the previous batch, now available for viewing in the Tarot Gallery. I'll start posting entries from the most recent batch on Monday. I have to say it, though. You shoulda got to the choppa, man. You really shoulda. :P

Posted by: James
UTC 14:28:27

29 May 08

I ain't got time to bleed, but I do have time to put a new card in the Tarot Gallery. When you see what the new card is, you'll understand. (Just be glad I didn't follow the standard compulsion of yelling "GET TO THE CHOPPA!" ^_^; )

Posted by: James
UTC 23:42:41

28 May 08

Okay, I've got a new card in the new Tarot Gallery. I've moved all the tarot cards there and retroactively changed the links in the previous updates so people don't get lost. Steff's just given me another batch which is as big as the previous two combined, so I might start releasing more than one a day. There's supposed to be over 210 in all. Oh, and as a side note, I'm arranging the cards in alphabetical order and not the order in which they're added to the list. That should do it for now. Until next time, cats and kittens.

Posted by: James
UTC 14:51:16

27 May 08

Real quick. New card at the Tarot Gallery. Will talk more next time. Later.

Posted by: James
UTC 17:06:04

24 May 08

Well, I wasn't expecting to have an update ready before I got back from the States, but you'd be surprised you can get done on a long car ride when you can plug in your laptop. As the mascot is house-sitting back in sunny Nippon, I've enlisted the services of a reserve mascot. Now that's one clean rat. ^_^ Okay, on with the show. Here's Chapter 8 of KoG3. Welcome to the jungle, folks.

In other news, Steff's whipped up a new batch of tarot cards, so head to her Tarot Gallery for the first entry in this new series. Don't expect the next one until Monday at the earliest. Tuesday is more likely. After that I'll be posting one a day until this set runs out. Stay tuned.

Oh, and one more thing...


Posted by: James
UTC 02:52:02

16 May 08

Get thee to the Tarot Gallery, go. Weren't expect Hamlet, were you? Well, I'm in a bit of a Melancholy Dane mood. (Or would that be "Melancholically Danish mood"?) I go to rouse my spirits back at hearth and home with kith and kin to cheer me. I think I can manage this weekend's update, but don't expect anything next week. As for the tarot cards from Steff, that's it for this batch, but I expect more to follow. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 04:00:33

15 May 08

With the help of Windy to counteract the blistering Coriolis storms and Watery to relieve her parched throat, Sakura has won the Wasteland Card. It's now on display in Steff's Tarot Gallery. What's that? When am I going to stop with the CCS references? Probably never. :P

Posted by: James
UTC 04:14:16

14 May 08

Another entry in the Tarot Gallery. Imagine yourself capturing all these Dawn Cards yourself, while being videotaped by your ambiguously gay cousin in cute little outfits made by said cousin, accompanied by a stuffed animal version of Steff's charming companion Sophie. Now, when you're not being creeped out at the thought of those long lonely hours your cousin spends watching those videotapes, imagine CLAMP suing you. Ha ha. :P

Posted by: James
UTC 01:22:14

13 May 08

Off to the Tarot Gallery with you. Another tarot card for your viewing pleasure.

Posted by: James
UTC 14:15:57

12 May 08

We've got another tarot card on display in Steff's Tarot Gallery. Think of her as a sort of Clow Reed. She's even got a mascot/familiar to go with her. ^_^

Posted by: James
UTC 00:19:29

11 May 08

Back from my wild and crazy adventures in Tokyo and putting out an update on time for a change. I'd rather not go into why I suddenly have the leisure to make an update, so let's get right on with the show. I've got Chapter 7 of KoG3 for you.

I'm also presenting a little mini-series in Steff's Tarot Gallery. You see, our resident art whiz is designing her own tarot deck to sharpen her mastery over the arcane and she's willing to share the fruits of her labor with you, gentle readers. I'll be posting one a day for the rest of the week. (Yes, it's partially a ploy to increase the number of updates for the month.)

Stay tuned for more.

Posted by: James
UTC 12:31:35

30 Apr 08

When I said I might surprise you, I was thinking more along the lines of maybe pushing myself to get the latest chapter of Tico out, not falling off the face of the Earth for more than three weeks. A part of it was the finalization of the transfer, which didn't come together until last week. (You can see the mascot has been unpacked and is ready to go.) There have been other, personal matters, but there's no need to get into all that here. What's worse is that things won't improve much next month. I've got a trip to Tokyo planned for the latter half of Golden Week (going from 02 May to 06 May) and then I'm going back to the States for a week shortly thereafter. All this leaves me with less time for the site than it deserves. Still, if you soldier through this rough patch, my faithful viewers, things should level out.

Let me at least offer you Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 of KoG3 to soothe, at least in part, the long drought. Now if I could just get the other contributors to toss me a bone or two. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 08:05:14

05 Apr 08

The mascot roars in triumph for she is king of the mountain! That or she's yawning. ^_^; And this is our first update since the move. It was on account of the transfer that I didn't post an update last week, but I'm making it up to you today. I've got not one but two chapters for you. Here's Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 of KoG3. Still no ETA on the next chapter of Tico, though. The more I study about the Navy, the more I need to overhaul. And we've got classes starting up again soon. I realize I don't have to do all that much, but it's still another thing to add to the mix. Well, I can't promise anything outside the update next weekend, but you never know, I might surprise you. ^_^

Posted by: James
UTC 14:31:43

26 Mar 08

The host of this site, Network Solutions, like many businesses in this country, has made a poor decision in this time of war. Out of what I can only hope are financial and not ideological interests, they have censored the site for Geert Wilders new film Fitna before the movie itself or even any real information could be posted. Some digging revealed that they have been providing domain name registration (though not actual webhosting) for Hezbollah. This is unacceptable. I cannot remain associated with such people, so I'm cutting my ties with them. I've heard horror stories about trying to transfer stuff over from NetSol, but I'll see that it gets done. In the meantime, the site may go down for a while. This is a temporary issue. So, until everything is up and running with my new webhost, I ask for your patience. Thank you.

Posted by: James
UTC 00:15:24

24 Mar 08

Surprise, surprise. Steff hasn't fallen off the face of the earth after all. And, believe it or not, she's got a new page of the TCW comic. We haven't seen of those since November. Pay extra attention to the lower left-hand panel. You know how guys will suck in their gut when they're trying to show off to chicks? I swear Lori is doing that with her jowls. ^o^ (I'm just joshing you, Steff. You're doing what I lack the courage [and ability] to do.)

Posted by: James
UTC 00:35:07

23 Mar 08

We here at Palidor Media would like to wish you all a Happy Easter. As you can see, we've already got our resident Easter Bunny in a basket. (Yes, her ears are a bit short, but she's white and has a stubby tail and wiggles her nose. That's close enough.) Today I've got Chapter 2 of KoG3 for you. A technical issue is holding up progress on Chapter 21 of Tico. In order to be as authentic as possible, I'm furthering my research and that's going to take time. Give it, say, a week or two. Oh, and I would've had today's update up yesterday, but I've been implementing a format change, which has taken extra time.

In other news, Steff has something for you that I'll be posting tomorrow. Keep an eye out for it.

Posted by: James
UTC 13:51:02

15 Mar 08

Hisashiburi. I swear, I feel like I'm more out of it having been gone just one week than when I was gone two. I'm back in the swing of things now, at any rate. Here's Chapter 1 of KoG3 for you. I might have the next chapter of Tico up next week, but I'm not so sure. Kinda stuck at the moment.

Also there's rumors Steff might have something new ready soon, like a new Bagel strip. Keep an eye out.

Posted by: James
UTC 15:20:51

27 Feb 08

Watch where you sit. Under any common zabuton could lurk a mascot waiting for the opportune moment to attack. In other news, I've got Chapter 20 of Tico ready for you, remarkably (as far as this series is concerned) out within a week of its predecessor. You'd think it was on a schedule or something. Well, this is probably going to be the last update until I get back from the States on the 10th. I might manage to update between now and then, but taking Christmas as an example, I'd serve you best by promising nothing and maybe, maybe surprising you. We'll see how things shake out.

Posted by: James
UTC 15:53:07

25 Feb 08

It's been a long time coming, but here's the latest installment of Steff's award-winning (one day, maybe) comic, Bagel. Today's very special episode gives you eligible bachelors out there a little insight into our resident eligible bachelorette. According to her, pilates (not the Pontius variety) are the way to go to achieve that requisite six-pack. As for the oil part... Canola, maybe? That or 10W40. You'll have to experiment.

Posted by: James
UTC 14:16:19

23 Feb 08

You know, there was a time when this was the norm, but recently it's out of the ordinary for me to post the weekend update on Saturday. Well, anyway, today's the big day. I proudly present Knight of Gladius - Volume III: The Eagle and the Wolf. Let's kick things off with the Prologue. Volume III is a good bit longer than either of the previous volumes. In fact, it's nearly as long as Volumes I and II combined, so kick back and enjoy the ride. Shoot, I might even finish Volume I of Tico before this one wraps up. ^_^; Speaking of Tico, I'm off to a good start with Chapter 20, so I have every confidence I'll have it up in time next week.

In other news, Steff should have something coming up in the very near future, so keep an eye out for it.

Posted by: James
UTC 09:44:39

21 Feb 08

The mascot lives in the lap of luxury, if one can be so generous to describe it as such. The shot above her is largely meant to annoy the North American fans of Smash Brothers. The 9th of March is a ways off, but look at all these copies just sitting on the shelf in just one store in Akiba. (Actually, that store had another display almost as big on the second floor.) Yes, I'm being mean, but I've been going through the same thing waiting on MP3. Worse, actually, since I've been waiting since August. (And I'll actually be back in the States when it ships, so I have to wait even longer. ;_; ) Anyway, moving on...

When I set my mind to something, really set my mind to it, things get done. What I've got done for you today is Chapter 19 of Tico. And you know what? I'm going to put some serious effort into getting Chapter 20 up next week. See if we can't pretend we've got regular serialization for a change. As I've indicated above, I'll be going back to the States the week after next, so don't expect any updates then. I might see if I can't make up for one of the missed weekend updates on the 10th. We'll see.

Posted by: James
UTC 13:17:09

17 Feb 08

Yes, it's late, but here's the Epilogue of KoG 2. And that does it for Volume II. Next week will mark the launch of Volume III. I would've done something special to mark the end of Volume II, but I had a major anime marathon over the weekend. I tried to at least have the update up before going to bed, but it wasn't displaying right for some reason and I was too tired to fight with it. It's fine now, so don't ak me what was up. In other news, I'm going to force myself to get the latest chapter of Tico done this week. Expect to see it Wednesday or Thursday. Until then...

Posted by: James
UTC 23:47:06

10 Feb 08

The mascot thinks it's rather cold out. Speaking of cold, this weekend was the annual Sapporo Snow Festival. I'd wanted to go, but I really should've had the sense to make some reservations beforehand. Should've at least found out that there's no shinkansen to Sapporo. >_> Well, there's always next year. Besides, next year will be the big 6-0. It'll probably cost me four times as much, but maybe I can con someone into taking me along as an interpreter. Place your applications now. ^_^ Anyway, in lieu of any pictures of the amazing snow and ice sculptures they have at Sapporo, you'll have to settle for something I made last year, a yukibashira ("snow pillar"). I didn't want to put out the effort to make a proper snowman, so I wound up doing a wintery Tower of Babel. ^_^;

Now for the main event. I've got Chapter 29 of KoG 2 for you. All that's left of Volume II is the epilogue. Can you believe I haven't even finished the rewrites on Volume III in all this time? Well, it'll have to get done now. ^_^; I don't know if I'll have a chapter of Tico up for you this week. I'll give it a shot.

Posted by: James
UTC 09:42:15

04 Feb 08

After hearing that interstellar bounty hunter Samus Aran is actually a hot chick, Solid Snake is really eager to see what's under the hood. He always did have a way with the ladies... Anyway, as the above screenshot should indicate to you, I acquired my very own copy of Dairantou Smash Brothers X (or Super Smash Brothers Brawl as you may know it) this weekend, which completely justifies this delay of the update. Completely.

However, now that I'm in the office, where there's no Smash to be had, I have the leisure to get the update up for your viewing pleasure. Here's Chapter 28 of KoG 2. This is the big battle with Kyrios. After this, just two more chapters and it'll be time to start Volume III. As for Tico, don't expect the next chapter this week. Between Smash Brothers and my responsibilities as an editor, I don't see it happening.

I've got something from Steff. She's opened a new section of her Gallery called "Sketches and Scraps". The first entry is an early render for Steff's version of Beauty and the Beast. That's her latest idea, to go after the children's market with retellings of popular fairy tales, retellings with that special Steff twist. Expect teasers once the project gets further along.

Posted by: James
UTC 02:35:07

30 Jan 08

It's taken more than a whole bloody month, but I've finally got Chapter 18 of Tico up for your viewing pleasure. Relish it, because I'm not going to make any promises on when Chapter 19 gets released. Maybe I'll surprise everyone (myself included) and have it up next Wednesday like it should be, but going from my experience on this project, it's better for me not to be making any promises or predictions. Tomorrow is the big launch for SSBX. Amazon isn't making any guarantees on when it'll ship my copy, so I'm going to try hitting up some of the brick and mortar stores in the vain hope I can get my hands on a copy. I've heard supplies are limited, but maybe, just maybe I'll be successful. Debating whether I want to attempt this during my lunch break or not... We'll see. ^_^;

Posted by: James
UTC 13:48:13

27 Jan 08

Happy Anniversary, Palidor Media! I would've got you something, but they were all out. Yes, all out. Of everything. Yes, it's true. I was also going to have a festive picture of the mascot, but I've decided to put her under wraps to seal in the freshness until next year. Oh, I've got something for you after all. Big news: I beat FE10 today. It's been over a month since I played it, but I picked it up yesterday and between then and now, I got through the last couple chapters. "What does that do for us?" you ask? Well, that entirely depends on your point of view. Oh, and Nephenee was my MVP again. 89 kills. That's 17 more than last time if memory serves. My turquoise-haired killing machine. Gekiha! ^_^

Posted by: James
UTC 16:25:57

26 Jan 08

Got Chapter 27 of KoG 2 for ya. Sorry I didn't get you that chapter of Tico. To be entirely honest, I got sucked into this one story I have in preproduction. I don't even have a full cast list or a partial outline yet, but I had this dialog in my head and I had to write it down. Actually laid the foundation for a good three chapters, I'd say. "But that doesn't get us any Tico," you say. True, and I apologize. As I've said, the dialog's done. I just have to fill out the narrative. Don't ask me why my style's shifted that way, writing down all the dialog first and then going back to do the narrative. Can't say it's particularly more or less effective. Just what I've started doing lately.

In other news, tomorrow is Palidor Media's anniversary. I'd love to say we have something planned, but I don't even think the rest of the staff knows about it. Being the failure of a leader that I am, I haven't even bothered to inform them of this. Well, I'll at least say a few words then, maybe I can throw something together in the meantime. We'll see. Oh, also, I've been in talks with someone who'll be joining the staff soon. He's got some exciting ideas that he's bringing to the table, so keep an eye out for that.

Posted by: James
UTC 05:43:57

24 Jan 08

I should have the latest chapter of Tico ready for you guys, really I should. However, I've had to deal with tests, the onset of a cold, and a rather nasty snowstorm, all of which have hampered my efforts to make any progress. I have managed to scrounge up the willpower to give you something, though.

Here's some pics from Steff's showing at Awentree. Being a LotR fan, I thought it was "Arwentree" at first, which would've been kinda cool.

Well, I'm going to see if I can push myself to get that chapter of Tico done tomorrow. If I'm successful, I'll post it then. If not, I'll see that it gets out next week, 'cause once SSBX launches on the 31st, I can't imagine a lot of time being devoted to anything else. ^_^;

Posted by: James
UTC 15:21:10

20 Jan 08

There's a lot of stuff I should've done this weekend. I didn't really accomplish much. Anyway, here's Chapter 26 of KoG 2. This week our gang ventures into the general unpleasantness of Pandemonium. Enter at your own risk, kids. Enter at your own risk.

Steff has greenlit the idea to make a special presentation about her little art show. It might amount to nothing more than a page with all the pics on display, but I think I'll at least try to get Steff to come up with some snappy captions to go with 'em. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 14:10:49

18 Jan 08

Man, I haven't managed to catch much of a break this week. One thing after another. I had to sacrifice the latest chapter of Tico to get some other stuff knocked out instead. Among that stuff is that thing I've been promising for the past week or so. Drumroll, please...

On occasion, I've said that I envision Palidor Media growing into something more that just me and Steff's operation. Well, today, auspiciously close to Palidor Media's first anniversary, we take a step in that direction. For those of you who have received e-mails from me, you know that I bill myself as a "Lead Contributor". Today I open up two new classes of Palidor Media team members. The first is the Assistant Contributor. Assistant Contributors are professional or near-professional creative types who participate in Palidor Media as part of their online presence. The second class is the Apprentice Contributor. Apprentice Contributors are promising amateurs given an outlet to cut their teeth. They're still a little rough around the edges, but they might just make something of themselves one day.

Our first Assistant Contributor is a skilled artist and none too shabby as an author either. Her name is Angel De Riso. If you frequent deviantArt or SFFWorld, you might have stumbled across her stuff at one point or another. She's big on angels and stuff. Here's a word from the lady herself:

"I give to you my inner universe. Enjoy the ride, and make sure to check back into reality once you're done. Wouldn't want anyone losing their job over my dearest of assassins and angels. I'm glad to give more exposure to my work, and I hope it is thoroughly enjoyed by the readers. I look forward to continuing my work and receiving feedback. =^_^= "
She'll have her short story "Nemesis" up for viewing either next week or the week after that, with more to follow. In the meantime, why don't you go check out her Gallery? All your praise and adulation can be directed to angel@palidormedia.com.

Our two Apprentice Contributors are Kazuya Mori, a young artist in training, and Ayame Kato, who wanted another title besides "Official Mascot". They don't have any material to speak of at the moment, but that should change in the near future. (But don't expect too much from the latter, being a cat and all.) You can reach them at kazuya@palidormedia.com and ayame@palidormedia.com respectively.

And that should do it. Besides the regular weekend update, the next chapter of Tico should show up either this Wednesday or Thursday. Steff's done with her little art show and she might be willing to share some pics. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 07:25:44

13 Jan 08

The mascot wonders why I couldn't post this update yesterday. She can just go on and continue wondering. :P Here's Chapter 25 of KoG 2. You know when you've got a lot of things to do and you spend so much time whining about it that you don't get any of it done? What's that? Oh, no reason. Just askin'.

Posted by: James
UTC 08:01:49

10 Jan 08

You know when I said my vacation wouldn't interfere with the regular updates? Yeah, I kinda underestimated the holiday season. That and how little time you want to devote to anything besides the familia when you haven't seen them in a whole year. Now, I would've had this up yesterday, but when I was spot-checking it last night, I fell victim to the mascot's voodoo powers. Don't you know? She can induce sleep by curling up in your lap as an adorable ball of white fluff. Speaking of the mascot, I should probably have a picture posted to ring in the new year and prove that she survived her bout in solitary. Maybe during the Saturday update. Anyway, I've got Chapter 17 of Tico for you. I have all the dialog for the next chapter written, so I might just be able to do more than simply say it'll show up on schedule. It might actually be up on schedule. Blows your friggin' mind, right? ^_^; I believe I've already hinted that there's some new stuff coming up. Hopefully it'll be ready sometime next week. Keep your eyes peeled. Not literally, though. That's just ghastly. :P

Posted by: James
UTC 01:36:51