31 Dec 09

The mascot proudly faces the new year, confident of great things on the horizon. Well, I'd hate to disappoint her. That being said, I wouldn't count on a much higher tempo of updates than what we saw this last semester. I'll do what I can, but bear in mind how much I have on my plate. I'll do what I can.

What I can do at the moment is give you Chapter 25 of Tico at long last. I was finally able to get this one wrapped up. I already have a head-start on Chapter 26, so I might be able to get it out before the semester starts. I know better than to promise, though, and by now even if I did promise, you should know better than believe me. ^_^; We'll see what happens. Stay tuned.

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UTC 01:13:22

16 Nov 09

Not having much work these days, the mascot has become a bit of a couch potato. I can't say I'll have much work for her any time soon either. That chapter of Tico is taking longer than I was expecting, not that I've really had much time to work on it. Still, I didn't want to leave you guys flapping in the breeze, so I went ahead and pulled out this little short from the archives. It's called "The Two Curtains", a cute little side story of The Brothers Pendragon. Once the semester's done, maybe I'll be able to deliver some more content. Stay tuned.

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05 Oct 09

The mascot curls her lip in disdain at last month's traffic report, but what can you expect when there's no new content for weeks on end? Well, despite my crazy schedule, I've managed to bring something to the table a week earlier than expected. Here's my first piece for the Cross Arc, a short entitled "Say Hello to Mother". This is but a warmup for what's to come in the Cross Arc.

I'm hoping for a flash of inspiration during fall break next week so I can bring you something else, either the start of The Trident War Chronicles or the next chapter of Tico. We'll see what I can do. Maybe we can make the mascot happier when the next report rolls in.

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UTC 03:51:16

05 Sep 09

The mascot looks awfully content, doesn't she? I wish I could say the same for myself. Such is the joy of being overly ambitious. This isn't much of an update as I don't have any new content for you, but I do have some information. I've decided to break up The Trident War Chronicles into a trilogy. It was just too big to keep together as a single book. Each volume will represent a different side of the conflict. This gives me both less and more work to do, but I won't bore you with the details. Unfortunately, I won't be getting to it right away. The demands of school and work are simply too much right now. Maybe I can get some stuff out to you during my fall break in the middle of October. I'll try at any rate. I might even have the next chapter of Tico out by then.

This is a little more long-term, but I'm thinking about giving the site a major overhaul to coincide with the third anniversary. Working on that could be my project over the Christmas break. I'll keep you posted.

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UTC 21:11:02

06 Aug 09

Getting a mint on your pillow is pretty standard, but you know the service has gone above and beyond when they leave a mascot on your pillow. ^_^

On a more serious note, it's a day later than I planned, but here's that short I was promising: "Casualty Notification". I also have a teaser up for another short, "Dancing with the Devil", which will probably find its way to the site some time after I've wrapped up Tico1. I don't know what I'll have for you this weekend, if anything, but keep your eyes peeled all the same. Until then.

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UTC 22:05:43

03 Aug 09

If there was any doubt about the mascot being Japanese, the proof is in the pudding, or in this case, my plate of rice. If she'll drink some miso soup, there'll really be no doubt.

Okay, let's get serious. Today we wrap up The Three Warriors with the Epilogue. Except for this recent hiccup, it's been a smooth run, but this marks the end of novels I've already written. The next story in the chute, The Trident War Chronicles has a fair bit of work done already, but I haven't touched it in years and it's due for a major overhaul. Add that to the insanely hectic schedule I have waiting for me this fall, I can't promise weekly updates without a hitch, but I'm going to try.

As for that short story I mentioned last week, look for it later this week, maybe Wednesday. My number one reader requested it, so it's going up. If you're afraid of spoilers, hold off on it, but it could very well raise more questions than it answers. I'll also be posting at least one more teaser for another story in planning, maybe more than that. We'll see if I can't make up for the past couple months. Stay tuned.

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UTC 06:08:53

26 Jul 09

The mascot is stunned, stunned that I would take more than two months to pick T3W back up. In my defense, I was on vacation for three of those weeks. The rest of those weeks were craziness that left me little time to sort out those troublesome scenes that needed reworking. By the way, I hope you appreciate Edgar's big fight scene. You have no idea how long that took to get written. Anyway, here's Chapter 23 and Chapter 24 of T3W. Next week will mark the end of T3W. I can't guarantee I'll dive right into the next story, The Trident War Chronicles, but I'll try.

In other news, I've recently been making good progress on the Ticonderoga Cycle short, "Casualty Notification". I can't decide if I'll post it now or wait until I've gotten into Tico2. If you've got an opinion on the matter, feel free to drop me a line at james@palidormedia.com. Later.

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UTC 21:27:24

04 Jun 09

When you leave your drink out, you never know if a mascot might decide to take a sip. Think about that. Anyway, I know I've missed the weekly update two weeks running, but I've been really busy and there's a new scene I'm trying to squeeze into the chapter. It's the big battle, so I'm sure you can hold out a little longer.

And in a move that's bound to lower the ambient temperature in the Home for Infinite Losers, I've got Chapter 24 of Tico up for your viewing pleasure. I know I'd been promising it for a while now, but it wound up getting longer than I was expecting. Not much further to go yet in this one either. Things should heat up even more once we get to the next book in the series. Be on the lookout.

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UTC 21:44:56

18 May 09

Half a mascot is better than none. That's what I always say. Here's Chapter 22 of T3W. We'll see if I can't have the latest chapter of Tico out Wednesday. I've got finals to grade and new classes to plan (not to mention episodes of Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu to watch), but I'll see if I can't squeeze it in. Until then.

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UTC 03:08:05

11 May 09

It's laundry day. Be sure you don't mix your coloreds with your whites. Here's Chapter 21 of T3W. It won't be much longer now and we'll be moving on to the next story in the pipe. As it's only partially written, we might be seeing a Tellus Arc story with as sloppy a release schedule as Tico. I'm sure you're all looking forward to that. -_-;

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UTC 01:25:49

03 May 09

The mascot is pretty worn out from all the festivities for the second annual International Ayame Jellybean Day (observed) last Friday, so here she is holed up under the desk. Moving right along, here's Chapter 20 of T3W.

I've got two more weeks until this term is over and then I'll have a few days off. I'll see if I can't use that time to get the next chapter of Tico out. I'm almost done with it, actually. I just haven't had the time to work on it.

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27 Apr 09

I let the mascot have the day off, so today's update is brought to you by this peculiar tomato. In other news, here's Chapter 19 of T3W. We can see the clouds. Storm's coming.

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21 Apr 09

If the mascot concentrates really hard, she can find her happy place. I don't have as much luck. I know this is later than usual, but let me tell you something, those of you in the audience who are students may think mid-terms are no fun. Let me tell ya, it's no cakewalk for teachers either. Bleh. Anyway, here's Chapter 18 of T3W. Enjoy.

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UTC 01:13:24

13 Apr 09

The mascot takes the phrase "put your foot in your mouth" quite literally. Don't try this at home, kids. At least not unless you've washed your feet first. Even then... Anyway, let's get this show on the road. Yes, I'm running late, I know, but the Easter weekend rush threw my schedule off a bit. Without further ado, here's Chapter 17 of T3W.

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UTC 22:55:19

06 Apr 09

We've got a little blue burrito here. And, no, that isn't my beer gut you see there. Let's move right along, shall we? Here's Chapter 16 of T3W. Enjoy.

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UTC 00:28:16

30 Mar 09

Ugh again. I'm behind the power curve, dagnabbit, but none of it really affects you guys, so don't worry about it. Anyway, let me go ahead and give you Chapter 15 of T3W. As you can see, the mascot is being held up, so I guess I need to go save her. I'm off!

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UTC 06:11:06

23 Mar 09

Ugh. It's late. Here's Chapter 14 of T3W. Cadmus Martial is on the scene and he's as lovable as you remember him.

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UTC 06:11:17

16 Mar 09

While you can't tell it by looking out now, we did have some sunny days this week and the mascot took full advantage of it. Here's Chapter 13 of T3W. Enjoy.

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UTC 03:40:03

09 Mar 09

Do mascots dream of electric sheep? Or, for that matter, any sheep? She's not telling either way. You'll have to settle for Chapter 12 of T3W. This one would've been nice for Valentine's Day weekend. Oh well.

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UTC 03:37:34

02 Mar 09

The mascot observes a moment of silence. What for? I'm sure she has her reasons. Anyway, here's Chapter 11 of T3W.

In other news, I realize this is taking a rather long view of things, as it won't happen until the middle of June, but I want to discuss my plans following the conclusion of T3W. While I've gotten some feedback asking for Children of Darkness to come out soon, I really feel I shouldn't focus exclusively on the Gladius Cycle lest it give people too narrow a view of the Tellus Arc. Also, I really want to write The Brothers Pendragon, so the next story up is The Trident War Chronicles, followed by TBP and then CoD. One day I might get terribly ambitious and start serializing multiple stories in a single arc at the same time, but I doubt it. Anyway, there you have it, my plan. Let's see if I can stick to it.

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UTC 06:21:31

22 Feb 09

They say it's not easy to put the cat back in the bag once it's out, but with our mascot, it seems to be the other way around. Anyway, here's Chapter 10 of T3W. Enjoy the happy days while they last. As Tigger would say, TTFN--Ta-ta for now.

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UTC 14:58:21

16 Feb 09

Well, how was your Valentine's Day? Full of dancin' and romancin', I'm sure. As you can see, our resident mascot of love rose to the occasion. Anyway, here's Chapter 9 of T3W. Until next time.

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UTC 04:07:49

09 Feb 09

The mascot is shocked at how IE8 displays the site. I can only hope the CSS implementation improves by the time it comes out of beta or I'm probably going to have to recode the whole dang site. Then there's the matter of how it looks in Chrome. >_> Why can't all these browsers display the same code the same way? Geesh. Anyway, here's Chapter 8 of T3W. Enjoy.

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UTC 03:27:33

02 Feb 09

Punxsutawney Jellybean sees her belly. It's still white, so six more weeks of winter. Or something. Well, whatever. Here's Chapter 7 of T3W. No speculation on what may or may not happen this week, which probably means nothing until the end of the week. I may surprise you. Then again, my only surprise may be my being so unsurprising. Later.

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27 Jan 09

Happy Anniversary, Palidor Media! To commemorate the occasion, I present the photographic series "Ayame and the Spider". Do enjoy.

Yes, that's a tarantula in that container. Usually the mascot devotes her attention to said tarantula's food source, the neighboring container of crickets, but for some reason she took interest in the less pleasant of the two. Who knows what goes through a mascot's mind?

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UTC 23:12:07

26 Jan 09

It's a nice day for a white kitty wedding. If you're wondering what I'm talking about, check out Chapter 6 of T3W. As you see, the mascot has taken to the sensation that is WoW. Really is a bad habit, I say, but we all need a vice or two, right?

Tuesday's the big anniversary. Yeah, I got nothing. One day, though, I'll be able to celebrate these occasions right. Until then...

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UTC 07:56:26

19 Jan 09

Well, here we are. Another update. The tardiness of this one can be blamed on MGS3. I took out the last rank-and-file member of the Cobra Unit today. (Go Joe! Oh, wait...) Just when I thought I was getting the hang of CQC, I keep on killing Major Raikov. I mean, just because he looks like Raiden, that's no excuse. ^_^; Anyway, here's Chapter 5 of T3W. I've also got some summaries in Angel's Stories Section. Now you can get an idea of what to look forward to.

Not this Tuesday but next next Tuesday is the site's second anniversary. I really need to throw something together this year. We'll see if I can pull it off or not. Until next time.

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UTC 06:23:07

12 Jan 09

The mascot is creating technical difficulties for the site. (Okay, that's not my laptop, but it makes for a fine excuse, right?) If you're wondering why the update is late(r than usual), it's because I went through Hell Week. Not quite the same thing SEALs go through, but I rang out at the end all the same. Yeah, yeah, non-hacking weakbody, etc, etc. Let's push past all that and get on with the show. Here's Chapter 4 of T3W. Readers with keen memories will know that this isn't just your everyday encounter going on here. Enjoy. We'll see if I can't devote any of my newfound time to delivering some extra content. Later.

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UTC 20:04:06

05 Jan 09

The mascot welcomes you to the new year. We kick things off with Chapter 3 of T3W. Now, I'd love to stick around and chew the fat, but tomorrow's my first official day at the new job, so I need to be shuffling off to bed. The site's anniversary is coming up next week. I'd love to say I have something special planned, but I can't swear to anything at the moment. Until next time.

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UTC 04:53:48