06 Dec 10

So blessedly close to drop-kicking another semester... Well, while I'm busy wrapping things up, you can enjoy Chapter 7 of Tico2. I'm not going to make any promises on Chapter 8, but maybe I can get it out in a week or two. Plotting the next few chapters is going to be a bit tricky, but I'll have more time to write. Maybe I can even pick TWC back up while I'm at it. Stay tuned.

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29 Nov 10

How was your Thanksgiving, one and all? Are you stuffed from all the feasting? This stuffed?

Moving on, we have a bit of a rarity for the Tico series and indeed the site as a whole lately, two updates in close succession. We've got Chapter 6 of Tico2 and you can expect Chapter 7 next week. How I've managed to pull it off amidst all the stuff I have on my plate, it's a wonder. Credit four hours of sitting in the airport. Things are getting serious for our friends on the Tico. Stay tuned for more.

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22 Nov 10

The mascot stands over the body of Dido, my previous laptop, gone a fortnight as of today. In other news, I have a small update for you. This is probably going to bore anyone who doesn't delight in all the little details. Whilst working on the next chapter of Tico2 I came to realize that I'd made a considerable technical flub that needed resolution. Due to my insufficient research, I thought it was perfectly doable to have an E-7 act as the senior NCO for the Engineering Department, but since I found a personnel list that shows it to be an E-9 billet on a sub, it's definitely not going to fly on a carrier. I believe the general rule is "two down and one up" when it comes to assuming a billet relative to your paygrade. This forced a retcon. Chief Eva Bianchi is now the LCPO of the Electrical Division and an EMC instead of an MMC. Although she could easily qualify for Machinist's Mate, Electrician's Mate is more natural rating for her, being an Aviation Electrician's Mate prior to seeking the billet on the Tico. This change has warranted a number of other changes, but I've gone through Tico1 and fixed everything that needed fixing so that anyone who hasn't read the story before shouldn't be able to tell there was a change. In fact, any of you who have read it should find that the changes are rather low impact. I did like having her as the department's NCOIC, but it would be straining credulity a little too much. I'll be doing enough of that later, so I need to build up goodwill while I can. ^_^ Anyway, even though I have no business working on Chapter 6 right now, I am and it may well result in it dropping as soon as next week. Stay tuned.

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20 Nov 10

If any of you were hoping for some les yay between Lydia and Trifkovic, this is about as close as you're going to get. Well, as close as you're going to get until the shippers start putting their fanart up. Moving right along, we have Chapter 5 of Tico2 up and ready for your viewing pleasure. I probably should be using this time for other things, but I had to get this out. Just another month and this semester will be done. I'll finally have time to dig into the much ballyhooed Palidor Media 2.0. Hopefully I can get it ready over the break for an anniversary launch. In the meantime, don't expect much while I'm in the end-of-the-semester crunch. Let this be your sustenance. Until next time.

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21 Oct 10

The mascot cuts a striking profile to highlight the building drama in Chapter 4 of Tico2. I actually got this together sooner than I was expecting, but my days aren't quite as packed solid as they've been before now. Things are still heating up as we get into the latter half of the semester, so don't expect a flood of updates or anything, but if I can, I'd like to follow up with something in the next couple weeks or so. Will I be able to deliver? Stay tuned.

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28 Sep 10

Laundry day is never boring when the mascot's around. Speaking of laundry, Jeff might find his dirty laundry put out on display if he's not careful in Chapter 3 of Tico2.

Way back in January, I mentioned wrapping up my coursework for a diploma in web design in September. Well, the future is now and part of my celebration involved sitting down and doing some writing for a change. As you see, I finally got through Chapter 3. Now, this isn't the end of all the school stuff I have to deal with, so I'm not about to promise a quick followup with Chapter 4. It's progress all the same, though, and once this semester is over, I plan to use the Christmas break to develop Palidor Media 2.0 in time for the anniversary. In the meantime, I'll write whenever I can spare the time and release chapters of Tico2 and TTWC as they get finished. Until next time.

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31 Aug 10

The mascot is pretending to be a rock formation to get out of doing any work. In other news, I had to scrimp and save, but I've got Solon's Chapter 2 of TTWC1 for you. Don't expect much else anytime soon, though. My schedule is going to be brutal in September and I don't expect it to let up much until December. Got a bit of a rough semester ahead of me, but if I manage to make any progress, you can be sure I'll pass it along. Stay tuned.

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27 Jul 10

The mascot calls the assembly to order. All this squabbling in the face of a national crisis is unconscionable. To see for yourself, have a go at Solon's Chapter 1 of TTWC1. Because I can't commit to a regular update schedule, I'm just going to post new chapters as I get them ready. Enjoy.

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19 Jul 10

Dramatic cat is dramatic. And why is the mascot looking so dramatic, you ask? Why, it's because we're finally rolling out The Trident War Chronicles - Volume I: The Book of Zephyr. To get you started, we have the Introduction and Solon's Prologue. As you can see from the table of contents, this series follows a pretty regular pattern. Each volume represents a different side of the war. Each volume is divided into eight sections representing major players on that side and each of those sections consists of seven chapters. I can't guarantee a regular weekly update, especially with the the fall semester coming up, but I'll see what I can do for the time being. I'll also try to work on Chapter 3 of Tico2 while I'm at it. Stay tuned.

Before I go, one more thing...


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13 Jun 10

Good news! I've just gone through and upgraded the forum to PHPBB3. This makes my life a lot easier and should do you some favors too. This is but one step in the development of Palidor Media 2.0, set to launch by our next anniversary. I'm busy with another project at the moment, but once that wraps up next week, I should have more time to get some writing done and hopefully get TTWC1 out the door. Stay tuned.

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UTC 00:28:10

01 Jun 10

After a dispute during the photo shoot, the mascot marched right off the set. It totally has nothing to do with her being a little prima donna. Honest. In other news, I've got Chapter 2 of Tico2 ready for you. I wasn't able to get this up over the weekend like I planned. Being out in the countryside, my Net access is going to fluctuate a bit. All the while, I'm making progress on getting TTWC ready for launch. Keep an eye open. Until then.

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UTC 22:42:22

22 May 10

The mascot is summering in warmer climes, taking life easy. Meanwhile, I'm trying to get some content together for you. I can't guarantee weekly updates, but you're going to see more activity than you have in a while. Today I'm happy to bring you Chapter 1 of Tico2. Chapter 2 should follow pretty soon and hopefully I can get a little TWC whipped up. I'll keep you posted, so stay tuned.

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UTC 22:44:12

01 May 10

Mr. DeMille, the mascot is ready for her close-up. And what's the occasion? Why, it's the third annual International Ayame Jellybean Day (observed). Prost!

Things are winding down on my end, so maybe I can get some work done for the site. I just recently worked on adapting The Trident War Chronicles into a turn-based strategy game, which has gotten the story on my mind and bodes well for me getting it started up in a week or two. Stay tuned.

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11 Apr 10

I wasn't expecting to get another update out until next month, but whaddya know? I'm pleased to debut Ticonderoga - Volume II: Against Higher Powers. The Prologue is up for your reading pleasure. You'll notice that the table of contents is incomplete, which gives you some idea of the state the story's in. But, hey, Tico1 took three years to come together, so I fully expect Tico2 to shape up in that time. Don't expect anything else until May, so enjoy what you've got until then.

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UTC 04:53:13

31 Mar 10

Look of fear!

No, I don't know what the mascot's got that look for. Maybe because she sees the storm on the horizon. And that storm is war! Or something like that. I'm debuting a new cycle in the Space Arc, the Colony War Cycle. Right now I've got two novels, Avni and Operation Bedivere, and a short story, "Cressida Alone". Also, next week I'll launch Tico2, so you can look forward to that.

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UTC 23:41:37

18 Mar 10

We're just nine days shy of it having been a whole three years since I started the serialization of Tico1 and here we are at long last at the end. The Epilogue is up for your viewing pleasure. I also have several appendices for additional reference. I cant say when I'll get Volume II started. Next month is looking bad for me as far as writing progress is concerned. Still, when it does start, expect to delve a lot deeper into the war. Things are really going to pick up. Until then, soak up the finale and stay tuned for more.

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UTC 04:51:01

10 Mar 10

Tonight on Ayame Jellybean Presents, we have the thrilling climax of Ticonderoga - Volume I, Chapter 26: The Wages of Sin. Can the Ticonderoga and her crew stop the Seven Deadly Sins once and for all and save the six thousand civilians in the Villareyes Starport? Don't delay! Dive right in and find out for yourself!

*ahem* Theatrics aside, do you remember back when there used to be an update every week? Those were good days. Admittedly, I'd already written the KoG series and T3W, so I really didn't have to put in all that much work. Yes, there were several chapters added and a number of existing ones worked over, but most of the work was done. I think I only had two or three chapters of Tico1 written when I first started serializing it back in March of '07. It's been a long ride, but I'm finally done. Next week I'll be posting the epilogue and we can look forward to me spending three years on Tico2. I did at least achieve my goal of getting Tico1 done during spring break (that'd be this week). I've got a trio of term papers coming up next month, so I can't guarantee much new material in the immediate future, but my summer is looking pretty open, so maybe I can get back on a decent update schedule, if but for a little while. You know all about me and my big plans, but I'm hoping to start delivering some of the goods. Stay tuned.

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The sum of my accomplishments this month were jack, diddle and squat. In other words, no updates. Menboku nai.

27 Jan 10

You know the guys who forget their anniversary? Well, that's not me. I am, however, the good-for-nothing who turns up empty-handed. That's right, I don't have anything to bring to the table for Palidor Media's third anniversary. My schedule simply isn't allowing the time to work on any new content. While I can't do much for the present, I can talk about the future. Yes, I know how my plans have gone in the past, but a guy's gotta have goals, right? By the end of September, I'll have finished my coursework in a web design diploma program and I intend to use what I've learned to rebuilding the site. That's right. Palidor Media 2.0 in 2011. That's the objective. I also should be able to finish up Tico1 in the coming months and move on to Tico2. Maybe I can finally get The Trident War Chronicles up and going, too. Yes, I'm really busy right now, but don't get it in your head that I've forgotten about you guys. Just try to bear with me a little while longer. I'm slowly but surely building the skillset to really make this place take off. If nothing else, I'll get some content out in mid-March when spring break rolls around. Stay tuned.

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