21 Dec 14

Those of you following the blog know this is coming, but I have some new teasers for you. I'm debuting the Arthurian Cycle of the Earth Arc and to kick things off, we have the initial trilogy: The Seeds of Avalon - Volume I: The Birth of Arthur, The Seeds of Avalon - Volume II: The Rise of Arthur, and The Seeds of Avalon - Volume III: The Fall of Arthur. There'll probably be one or two more full novels and a number of short stories added to this list. Lots of material to cover. Something else to look forward to. Stay tuned.

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UTC 22:22:05

19 Dec 14

We see a slumbering White Dragon, er, white cat. No, I'm not likely to stop this anytime before the end of Corona's section. Speaking of which, here's Corona's Chapter 1 of TTWC1. Look for the aftermath of the gang's dramatic jailbreak next week. (And, you know, Christmas.) Stay tuned.

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12 Dec 14

No box can hold a free spirit. That box isn't holding the mascot. The mascot is holding the box. That nonsense aside, it's time for a jailbreak in Chapter 12 of Tico4. If our gang is successful, we may just be heading into a new arc of the story. Look for more TTWC1 next week. Stay tuned.

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04 Dec 14

The White Dragon roars. Er, that is, the white cat roars. (Or maybe she's just yawning.) Yes, the time has finally come. We're on our final lead for the story with Corona's Prologue of TTWC1. If I'm not mistaken, the story will wrap the last week of February and from there we'll dive into TTWC2. I've already got a good lead on it, so there won't be any delays in the updates in the foreseeable future. Next week's chapter of Tico4 is a big one, so look forward to that. Stay tuned.

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28 Nov 14

I think I'm going to make this pic a recurring feature around Thanksgiving. Familial obligations, particularly my avuncular responsibilities, have been keeping me busy. Still, because I eschew the nonsense of Black Friday, I can scrape together the time in the wee hours to get this update out. We might just be giving our gang a glimmer of hope to be thankful for in Chapter 11 of Tico4. Next week we start things up with Corona in TTWC1. Stay tuned.

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21 Nov 14

The mascot strikes a stoic and distinguished-looking pose to send off the Iron Wall Cataphract. We bid farewell to the seventh of our eight leads in Xenomachos' Epilogue of TTWC1. The next time we return to the story, we'll be following our final lead, the White Dragon Corona, who you got some brief glimpses of during Ionathas' section.

I apologize for the delay getting this out, but I had a family emergency to attend to. Those of you following the blog will note that I appear to be back in the saddle as far as making progress is concerned. Ideally, I'll keep kicking the ball far enough down the court that we won't have to worry about any more missed updates due to lack of content. That would've been nice back in the drought of '09, am I right? Anyway, we pick things back up in Tico4 next week. Stay tuned.

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13 Nov 14

The mascot's attempt to escape to the roof is foiled. She's not the only one with no escape options. Here's Chapter 9 of Tico4. Next week we say goodbye to Xenomachos, so look forward to that. Stay tuned.

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UTC 05:36:12

06 Nov 14

You have to muster your courage and venture into the tunnel if you are to claim the prize. Yes, it's a bit of a stretch to describe an upside-down chair as a tunnel, but I've stretched more to shoehorn a picture of the mascot into the theme of the week's chapter. Anyway, here's Xenomachos' Chapter 5 of TTWC1. One more chapter and we'll be moving on to our final lead chara in the book.

I'm thankful for my generous buffer as I've let myself get well behind the power curve as far as writing's concerned. I really need to set things aright and resume my more regular progress. I've found a lot of excuses, but nothing really justifies not sparing a good undisturbed hour or so to move my stories on ahead. Then again, perhaps this time off has served to recharge my batteries. Hard to say given all the poorly translated Japanese I've been wading through the past few weeks. Anyway, as far as update go, you don't have anything to worry about for a good long while and I intend to see that it stays that way for a good while longer. Stay tuned.

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30 Oct 14

It's almost Halloween and you have to keep an eye out for spooky goblins and ghosts. Another place you need to keep an eye out is prison. The mascot is demonstrating how to be on alert and it'll likely serve our team well in Chapter 9 of Tico4. While they're busy enjoying the gentle hospitality of the most dreaded military prison in the Union, we can check up on the results of Xenomachos' bug hunt next week. Stay tuned.

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24 Oct 14

This week's update is brought to you by this brave, somewhat irregularly shaped pumpkin, which was made subject to my culinary experimentation on fresh pumpkin. It was a nice bit of kibarashi after the marathon that was the first leg of that project I mentioned last time. Anyway, let's get on with the show. We've got Xenomachos' Chapter 4 of TTWC1 ready for you. Next week, we spend some time in the big house. Stay tuned.

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UTC 01:17:41

16 Oct 14

There I was, blazing through Suikoden II, putting down the Mad King Luca Blight, when a big project falls in my lap. I'm just about to finish the first leg, but more is on the way and I'll likely be rather busy for a while, but I can still find the time for the weekly update. It doesn't hurt that this week features a short chapter. We got our first glimpse of the dreaded Icebox last time, but help may well be on the way in Chapter 8 of Tico4. We'll start in on the latter half of Xenomachos' section next week. Stay tuned.

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09 Oct 14

The mascot has been reunited with the junior mascot and they're sorting through a tattered mess, not unlike the condition of the Zephyrian Third Legion. (Yes, that's quite a stretch, but it's at least some effort to make the connection.) Here's Xenomachos' Chapter 3 of TTWC1. This marks the midpoint of Xenomachos' section. We're drawing ever closer to the finale. More Tico4 next week. Stay tuned.

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UTC 01:23:56

03 Oct 14

Four days of Disney revelry, a violent bout of food poisoning, kayaking in the rain, and a thousand-mile solo drive across five states in one day... Yes, I've had some stuff going on lately and it's thrown things off a bit. I'm still trying to get in sorts, but as you can see here, the mascot is adjusting to her new environs. Speaking of new evirons, a move of a far less pleasant sort is taking place in Chapter 7 of Tico4. Welcome to the prison arc of Tico4. Rough times ahead for our gang, but if the previous chapter is any indication, there may yet be some hope for them. Stay tuned.

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25 Sep 14

I don't have time to deliver this update to you with much ceremony. While I haven't won the Super Bowl or anything, I'm at Disney World at the moment with the familia. And yet I'm still getting this update out. So here's Xenomachos' Chapter 2 of TTWC1. Enjoy. More to come. Stay tuned.

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17 Sep 14

It's been pretty grim lately, but maybe not all hope has been lost. As we move on from the tribunal arc, maybe something positive can be working in the background. Find out for yourself in Chapter 6 of Tico4. We'll see if I can't get Kazuya to do a belated illustration for this one. Stay tuned.

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UTC 19:13:45

16 Sep 14

Those of you who have been following the blog are aware that I've recently had a new story idea that's been holding my attention. I've developed it enough to add it to the list, so enjoy the teasers for The Celestial Kingdom: Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3. If you're wondering why these are in the Fifth Empire Cycle, it's because they take place during the Fifth Empire period and center around a dynasty of pretenders to the throne. More of the lore at some later day. Be on the lookout for the next chapter of Tico4. Stay tuned.

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UTC 02:20:19

10 Sep 14

Again I have a picture of the mascot with no real thematic connection to the chapter at hand. I used to completely avoid doing this, but one of my readers took note of her prolonged absence, so now I don't go more than a week or two without having her fuzzy face grace this page. Anyway, on to the main event. We've got Xenomachos' Chapter 1 of TTWC1 up for you. The plot thickens. Speaking of thickening plot, look forward to something a little more hopeful in the wake of the tribunal arc of Tico4. Stay tuned.

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UTC 15:38:19

03 Sep 14

I'd love to say that I've got a magical eleventh-hour turnaround for you, but I think we both know things aren't going to go that pleasantly. Here's Chapter 5 of Tico4, bringing a close to the tribunal arc of the story. Expect more twists and turns, plots and plans to come. Stay tuned.

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UTC 15:50:52

28 Aug 14

Ayame of the Iron Wall braces herself for the coming onslaught. That or she's just resting her chin on the leg of my drafting table. Anyway, here's Xenomachos' Prologue of TTWC1. We'll see how you like our new lead. Next week we wrap up the tribunal arc in Tico4. Stay tuned.

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UTC 15:19:45

20 Aug 14

Things get worse for our gang in Chapter 4 of Tico4. When writing this, I was amused at how similarly a lot of these sections end. I suppose you could say there's some thematic continuity there. I'd like to say things are going to be looking up, but that'd be a lie. Rough sailing ahead. In other news, look for us to kick things off with Xenomachos in TTWC1 next week. Stay tuned.

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UTC 16:16:35

13 Aug 14

From her perch on high, the mascot calls her faithful to arms for a new holy war. In completely unrelated news, here's Gamaliel's Epilogue of TTWC1. And that'll do it for the Archbishop. Next time we'll pick up with the celebrated Xenomachos the Iron Wall. He'll serve as an interesting point of comparison to Duke Cronos as a completely different sort of military leader. Stay tuned.

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07 Aug 14

I tend to bend the interpretation of these pics to thematically tie in to the week's chapter to the point of abuse, but I'm not even going to try with this one. Here's the mascot giving Lord Vader a kiss. Chu. Also, ater tormenting you a bit with the previous entry in the series, I've got some real meat for you here in Chapter 3 of Tico4. Look forward to some courtroom drama ahead. Stay tuned.

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UTC 15:31:07

30 Jul 14

Unfortunately for the Army of Light, they won't be facing Dragons this lazy in Gamaliel's Chapter 5 of TTWC1. We've just got one more chapter left and we'll bid farewell to the Archbishop. Similar to what I did for Duke Cronos, I plan on dedicating a blog post to review his character once we're done. After that, I'll be introducing you to Xenomachos the Iron Wall. And while I teased you last time, next week you'll actually find out what happened to our boys and girls in Tico4. Stay tuned.

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UTC 15:27:08

23 Jul 14

You may have come here looking for answers, but all you get is the mascot's casual indifference. Admiral Mfume isn't finding much more luck in Chapter 2 of Tico4. Don't worry, though, you'll find out what's become of our leads in the next chapter. Stay tuned.

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UTC 15:04:33

16 Jul 14

The Army of Light has a lot of vermin to clear out in Gamaliel's Chapter 4 of TTWC1. Look for some answers on what's going on in Tico4 next week (or perhaps some red tape runaround). Stay tuned.

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UTC 15:08:35

09 Jul 14

The mascot makes a break for the door, but there's no escape. Things suddenly get dire in Chapter 1 of Tico4. The war may be over, but the nightmare doesn't end. Speaking of nightmares, look for the Darklands campaign to continue in TTWC1 next week. Stay tuned.

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UTC 16:03:09

02 Jul 14

The mascot is second-guessing her decision to step out into the world of adventure, but there's no turning back for the Army of Light in Gamaliel's Chapter 3 of TTWC1. More Tico4 on the way next week. Stay tuned.

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UTC 14:39:26

18 Jun 14

The Archbishop feels that King Solon is giving him this treatment in Gamaliel's Chapter 2 of TTWC1, but the truth is quite different. While we continue to merrily roll along in TTWC1, next week marks the debut of Tico4, so look forward to that. Stay tuned.

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UTC 15:06:11

16 Jun 14

Kazuya was finally able to find the time to whip up a quick sketch to cap off Tico3's run. You might be thinking I should've requested a scene from the awards ceremony in the epilogue, but I like this a lot better. In all honesty, I would have liked to close the book on Chapter 30, but I felt it was necessary to get a big picture view of the grand scope of all that's happened. There are a number of loose threads that remain, but that's what Tico4 is for. Be looking for that to kick off the next week. Provided there's no major schedule slip, Tico4 should come to an end before the end of next year. I wonder what I'll do next. Perhaps I'll shift gears to the Cross Arc for a while. We'll see. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 00:13:03

12 Jun 14

There's probably some irony at work here, but I'm bringing you the Epilogue of Tico3 with very little fanfare. I didn't want to hold things up any longer, but I'll try to wrest an illustration out of Kazuya to commemorate the big event. This marks the seventh novel to complete its serial run on the site, fitting given that the site's been going on for seven years. No, I don't complete a novel a year. It's more like one every two years. I need to pick up the pace if I want to make more headway on my backlog before I kick the bucket. Anyway, be on the lookout for that illustration, which I'll hopefully have by the weekend and look for more intrigue with the Church militant in TTWC1 next week. Stay tuned.

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UTC 07:15:47

04 Jun 14

The war may be over in Tico3, but it's just getting started in Gamaliel's Chapter 1 of TTWC1. Speaking of Tico3, be looking for the finale next week. Stay tuned.

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UTC 15:32:36

28 May 14

After the edge-of-your-seat action of two weeks ago, we get to step back, take a breath and reflect on everything that's happened with Chapter 30 of Tico3. In the previous two entries of the series, this chapter would be more in line with the epilogue, but this time around I have something else in mind to draw the book to a close. Enjoy the quiet character moment and get ready for Gamaliel to kick off his holy war next week. Stay tuned.

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UTC 14:49:48

21 May 14

We kick off a new section of TTWC1 today with Gamaliel's Prologue. We've seen this guy at a distance before and now you get see what makes King Solon's archnemesis tick. Next week we'll begin the process of winding down Tico3 (as Chapter 30 and the Epilogue constitute a sort of two-part denouement). Stay tuned.

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UTC 14:59:26

15 May 14

This is the closest I could get to a dragon to tie in with the title of Chapter 29 of Tico3. The long-awaited day of reckoning is finally here. Read on to discover what happens. In other news, we'll be picking up with Archbishop Gamaliel in TTWC1 next week. Stay tuned.

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UTC 15:39:25

07 May 14

The Hero of Maranthe's adventure comes to an end in Ionathas' Epilogue of TTWC1. From here we'll be moving on to that little ray of sunshine that is Archbishop Gamaliel. Before that, though, we have the grand climax of Tico3 coming up next week. Stay tuned.

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01 May 14

It's the seventh annual observation of International Ayame Jellybean Day and you can celebrate by taking a look back at the Mascot Monday series. In other news, we've got Chapter 28 of Tico3. It won't be much longer now until we wrap things up. Speaking of wrapping things up, next week will mark the end of Ionathas' section of TTWC1, so stay tuned for that.

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16 Apr 14

Revenge is the order of the day in Chapter 27 of Tico3. The time of the final reckoning draws ever closer. I'm in a bit of a rush, so we're going to have wrap things up quick. Enjoy the chapter and look forward to more of Ionathas' adventures in TTWC1 next week. Stay tuned.

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10 Apr 14

The besieged mascot looks out from the ramparts, not unlike our protagonist in Ionathas' Chapter 4 of TTWC1. In other news, I thought it was worth noting that with the lead time I have on both TTWC1 and Tico3, we're set for ten weeks of updates. Surely I can use that time to stay ahead of the game. (I may well be in sore need of that extra time soon.) Look for some good old-fashioned revenge in Tico3 next week. Stay tuned.

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02 Apr 14

After the end, mascots have to take refuge in cupboards as they eke out a mean existence, waiting for a glimpse of a restored civilization that may never come. Something to that effect can be found in Chapter 26 of Tico3.

With an ample buffer for both Tico3 and TTWC1, I have the freedom to take my long weekend and branch out into some new directions. It's hard to say what I'll end up doing, but be checking the blog to see what happens. Stay tuned.

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UTC 04:57:11

20 Mar 14

The mascot perks up at the news to be had in Chapter 25 of Tico3. It looks like the Union's turning the corner to the light at the end of the tunnel. (I'm terrible, I know.) Honestly, things seem to be looking up for them. With wars going on in both my current stories, maybe I should come up with something light and fluffy for a change of pace. Besides more pics of the mascot, light and fluffy though she may be. I may consider the notion. In the meantime, look for the next chapter of TTWC1 next week. Stay tuned.

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UTC 03:38:00

14 Mar 14

We have a mascot at improbable angles. There are probably some characters in this week's chapter who have similar abilities. The length of the chapter should offset its tardiness. Here's Ionathas' Chapter 2 of TTWC1. It's a good thing I've got this buffer given the week I lost to the peripheral materials. (You can refer to the blog if you're not up to date on that harrowing saga.) I'm going to be pretty busy through next week, but hopefully I can replenish the buffer and keep these updates coming. Stay tuned.

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UTC 05:41:51

07 Mar 14

I apologize for the delay. I've really gotten wrapped up in my pre-production work on a new series. (You can read more about it on the blog.) Without further ado, here's Chapter 24 of Tico3. We draw ever closer to the endgame. What comes next? Stay tuned.

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UTC 15:57:22

01 Mar 14

Well, look what we have here. Kazuya's gotten a new tablet and one of the first things he did was make a belated anniversary illustration. You might be wondering who these folks are. They're that main cast of GottMono. This should give me a little more impetus to get at least one chapter out this year.

I've been sitting on this for a while, but here are the teasers for two stories in the newly minted Fifth Empire Cycle of the Cross Arc: Ex Inferis and Candidate 03. Enjoy.

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UTC 22:41:55

26 Feb 14

The mascot is doing her darnedest to see that we get banned in Germany. I certainly didn't expect her to be so scandal-prone when I hired her. Official statement: The mascot is demonstrating the Bellamy salute as part of a pre-war American history class. Yes, that's what it is. (Or she's just stretching in an unfortunate posture doubled by the fact that her country was a member of the Axis.) But enough ill-advised political humor. We've got Ionathas' Chapter 1 of TTWC1 up for your viewing pleasure. In an ironic twist, I'm starting to build up more of a lead on Tico3, but I plan to keep both stories on track. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 16:51:25

21 Feb 13

With the absence of header images featuring the mascots, there have been statements of concern for her well-being. As you can see, she's just fine. In fact, I take her everywhere. (Disclaimer: I do not in fact take her everywhere.) Speaking of things we haven't seen in a while, I've got a new chapter of Tico3 ready for you, so go and check out Chapter 23. Chapter 24 is also finished, so that'll be ready in two weeks and there's no worries about the next couple chapters of TTWC1 either. I am getting this update out later than I would've liked, but it's hard to find the time even when I have a chapter ready to go. Here's to smoother sailing next week. Stay tuned.

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UTC 07:35:50

13 Feb 14

I very nearly forgot that I needed to get an update out. It would've been one thing if I was empty-handed, but I actually have something. On that note, Daphne gets to take a break from carrying the story and now you can get to know the fabled Hero of Maranthe better, starting with Ionathas' Prologue of TTWC1.

In other news, I've actually gotten a start on Chapter 23 of Tico3 at long last. Will I have it done by next week? Who knows? Stay tuned.

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UTC 07:14:08

06 Feb 14

Well, we've got another Space Arc short for you this week. Here's "This Grunt Walks Into a Bar". Look for Ionathas to make his debut as a lead character next week. Stay tuned.

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UTC 16:37:03

29 Jan 14

Well, we finally bid farewell to the Princess Regent of Zephyr in Daphne's Epilogue of TTWC1. Ionathas the Hero of Maranthe is up next. We're now at the halfway mark of the book. I've got a couple chapters' worth of buffer in this current section, so hopefully it can proceed without any hiccups. Gamaliel and Xenomachos' sections are going to require a fair bit more work, but all things in due time. Expect another short next week and then after that I hope to have Tico3 back on track. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 16:06:33

27 Jan 14

Happy Anniversary, Palidor Media! Unfortunately, we don't have an illustration because Kazuya's having hardware issues. It would seem that getting a six-year-old tablet to work on Win8 is a bit of a challenge. >_> Anyway, we'll just have to drive on without the illustration. Perhaps he can find a solution and we can get it later. Moving right along, let's look at the agenda for the year. Yes, I know it rarely comes out the way I project, but it's good to have goals.

If my calculations are correct, TTWC1 will continue throughout the year but be done around this time next year. Tico3 should be finished in a matter of months (if I can get the story restarted) and I'll be moving on to Tico4 to round out the series. More shorts will inevitably fill in some of the gaps. I'd like to start posting chapters from GottMono1 (A Tale of Gottfried: Act 1), but I can't make any guarantees there. We also have "The Case of the Stripes Leopard" and Everyday Magic twisting in the wind, so resuming those would be nice, too.

All this would be a decent challenge even if I didn't have anything to do but write, but I'm pretty busy this year, so I have no idea how much I'll actually be able to accomplish. We'll find out. Here's to a (hopefully) productive year. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 15:31:42

22 Jan 14

The mascot's taking life easy. At least someone gets to relax around here. I've got another Space Arc short for you in lieu of a new chapter of Tico3, "Deulofeu". Be warned, though, if you haven't read Chapter 12 of Tico3, this short contains a major spoiler. In other news, while Tico3 is stalled for the moment, TTWC1 will be moving right along until about halfway into Ionathas' scenario. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 15:41:10

16 Jan 14

Sorry there's not much fanfare for this week's update, but here's Daphne's Chapter 5 of TTWC1. I can't guarantee a chapter of Tico3 next week, but I may have another short for you. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 04:32:42

08 Jan 14

I've managed to carve out enough time to get this update out. We're going into some dark territory with the Space Arc short, "Happy Little Family". It's an important story to tell, I think, but it will get uncomfortable for some people. I plan on discussing things further in a blog post this evening. In other news, TTWC1 is going to be set for a while now and I'm going to need to work on getting a similar buffer built up for Tico3. If I don't make it, though, I can always resort to another short I have waiting in the wings. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 15:54:13

02 Jan 14

Christmas is over and the boxes are opened. I got a mascot, but it looks like a regift to me. In other news, after a long not at all due to Dragon Force binging hiatus, we're back in action with Daphne's Chapter 4 of TTWC1. If I can get things moving along, we'll be moving from Daphne to Ionathas next month. Hopefully we'll be getting to TTWC2 this year. It'll be interesting to dive into the Darklands side of the story. I can't promise a new chapter of Tico3 next week, but I'll at least have that short story I've been hinting at. I'll also consider including a couple new teasers, too. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 05:36:45