Palidor Media - The Team

"Palidor Media" is just a name, a label. "Palidor Media" can't do anything by itself. No, it takes a creative team with a commitment to quality. The power of the name "Palidor Media" rest on the shoulders of that team. A team is only as good as its members. Whether it stands or falls, the burden is on them. Since they've got to lug around that sort of responsibility, you might as well get to know them. It's a short list now, but you never know, that could change one day.

Lead Contributor

James Carmack

James Carmack likes to bill himself as an author and a linguist, but it's just a matter of time before he lists his vocation as "adventurer" like some daggone superhero. This international man of mystery has had a lifelong interest in writing and drawing, although the former is far more developed than the latter. He started developing the current crop of stories back in 1995 and began formally putting pen to paper in 2001. Now he wants to share his works with the world (and maybe, just maybe make a little money while he's at it). He is the founder of Palidor Media and the current administrator of this website. You can reach him at

Assistant Contributors

Lynn DeRiso

Lynn DeRiso is a young woman of more than one bad habit. First and foremost, she spends much time illustrating many a fantastical subject. In 2001, she began practicing digital painting in Adobe Photoshop. She also continues the practice of freehand drawing with pencils, pens, color pencils and what have you.
She began the art of writing as young as 15, but she finds those early works are far too embarrassing to show off. As of now, her latest works have been created in the span of the last 4 years or so. After much polishing and revising of material, you have the quality of what she has to give here.
Other than the aforementioned bad habits, she was born and raised on the island of Key West, Florida. She has a few good childhood stories to tell from her island-bound adventures with her family, but we'll have to let those tales be told over a few beers sometime. As of now, she resides in the North Georgia Mountains among deer that can fly, bunnies that have mastered wormhole technology, and a neighborly black bear that occasionally likes to chat over a cup of tea. You can reach her at

Kazuya Mori

Kazuya Mori is a man with a dream. While currently stuck in a salaryman hell, he dreams of becoming a mangaka. He's looking to raise the funds to attend art school, but in the meantime, he dabbles in his art in his spare time, helpfully contributing the illustrations and animations for the site. He can be reached at

Apprentice Contributors

Ayame Kato

Kato Ayame Jellybean is the official mascot of Palidor Media. Her three sizes are hi-mi-tsu. :P Her uncanny ability to lower office productivity has been well noted. In wartime, the government will no doubt airdrop her into the enemy headquarters so the bad guys will be too preoccupied giving her bellyrubs to notice all the SF operators swarming in to shut the place down. In the meantime, she'll have to be content distracting James while SF operators swarm in and shut down his apartment. Or something. She can be reached at

Olivia Bean

Joining the team in 2011 as a guest star, North Carolina native Olivia Bean was later promoted to junior mascot. Though her role was largely usurped by her frequent tormentor Molly Pepper, there are hopes of her making a comeback one day.

Molly Pepper

The newest junior mascot, joining the team in 2015, Molly may have short arms, but she makes up for it in big attitude. A classic tsundere, she lives for having things her way, even more so than the typical cat. While Ayame-sempai won't take any guff from her, poor Olivia finds herself the striped target of Moll's power plays. Maybe age will mellow her out. One can only hope.