James Carmack

Hello and welcome to my little corner of Palidor Media. As you've probably figured out from clicking the 'James' link, I'm James Carmack. My specialties are fantasy and science fiction, but I'm willing to tackle just about any genre if there's a good storyline and compelling characters percolating in the ol' cabeza.

My stories are divided into the Five Arcs. The Tellus Arc is for fantasy and the Space Arc for science fiction. The Earth Arc has a range of pieces set on our own little terrestrial ball, most of them with paranormal elements to them. The Cross Arc is filled with science fantasy that mixes elements of the Tellus and Space Arcs. Last but not least is the If Arc, a collection of what if scenarios that turns my other canonical works on their head for new and exciting explorations of characters and scenarios.

Right now the fanbase is small, but I've got sections set up to host fanworks and already have a few bits of fanart for your perusal.

The Editor's Room features lessons on the writer's craft that actually seem to be fairly popular, so if you've ever wanted to know how direct address works, go take a look.

Lastly, the Author's Corner is where I answer your e-mails for the delight and entertainment of one and all.

Have fun and if you have any questions, comments or concerns, you can always get ahold of me at james@palidormedia.com. Enjoy.