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18 Apr 17

It's hard to believe, but The Trident War Chronicles has been running on this site for nearly seven years. I had to spend several minutes in the archives tracking down when we started. On 19 Jul 2010, I posted Solon's prologue of TTWC1 and though updates were sporadic at first (as almost all updates were back in those days), the series eventually became a weekly feature. One of the main reasons I wanted to post the series was as a warmup for The Brothers Pendragon, which we will be starting next week. It's hard to believe the series has been a part of this site's lifecycle for as long as it has, especially when compared to the Knight of Gladius series, which I consider to be the flagship of the Tellus Arc.

Anyway, let's get on with the show. The Bringer of the Red Rain meets with his finale in Akasame's epilogue of TTWC3. We finish off the book with the afterword and have all the appendices: the afterword, the species guide, and the maps of Notos, Zephyr and the Darklands. And that does it. Next week we start TBP, but before then, look for some films featuring George C Scott. Stay tuned.

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15 Apr 17

This week we're taking a look at a selection of films featuring the legendary Marlon Brando. We have such famous works of his as A Streetcar Named Desire and On the Waterfront (both directed by Elia Kazan), some less well-known titles like Burn! (Brando's personal favorite performance) and The Formula with George C Scott. We then cap it all off with that lovable cinematic catastrophe The Island of Dr. Moreau, in which Brando puts a champagne bucket on his head for one scene and nobody dares to say anything to him. Next week we've got the conclusion of TTWC3 and following my pattern of movie connections, we'll do a feature on George C Scott. Stay tuned.

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13 Apr 17

Is that just a neko sleeping adorably or is it the sign of something sinister? You knew Batista and Masako wouldn't get to stay out of trouble for long. It's about to get real in Chapter 9 of CeleKing1. We've still got Brando the Mando coming up. Stay tuned.

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UTC 10:29:03

11 Apr 17

I was just about to comment on the content of today's chapter with no heed of spoilers when I realized that someone might read this post before reading the book, so as a way of less spoilery commentary, you may recall Garm being involved in a purge after a certain incident of fratricide within the Alliance. Well, if you wonder if the purge went beyond that, you're about to find out. There's one thing the Red Warlord doesn't mind and that's some blood on his hands. Here's Akasame's Chapter 5 of TTWC3. Next week we bring the story to a close and can start to look forward to kicking off The Brothers Pendragon, an event 20 years in the making. Closer at hand, we've got more CeleKing1 and some of the films of Marlon Brando. Stay tuned.

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08 Apr 17

This week we take a look at some films of Yul Brynner. We have the WWII suspense Morituri with Marlon Brando, the spy thriller The Doubleman, and the Western Catlow with Richard Crenna and a naked Leonard Nimoy (no, I'm not joking). We've also got more of the Attack on Titan manga with Volume 21 and hot-off-the-presses Volume 22. We've got more TTWC3 and CeleKing1 next week and I think I'll use Morituri as a link to bring you some of the films of Marlon Brando. Stay tuned.

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04 Apr 17

The Red Warlord gets a lesson in hubris, as all prior lessons have failed to take. (What are your bets on this one triggering a change of heart?) It's Akasame's Chapter 4 of TTWC3. Only two more weeks of actual cannibal Akasame. We've still got some Yul Brynner films and hopefully Attack on Titan if I can find a bookstore in this town. Stay tuned.

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02 Apr 17

This week's theme is Westerns so nice they made them twice (or more). Connecting to last week, we have the original version of The Magnificent Seven, which is itself of course a remake of The Seven Samurai. From director Howard Hawks, we have Rio Brave and El Dorado. We also have the comedy duo of Support Your Local Sheriff!, and Support Your Local Gunfighter (the latter of which, besides having a lot in common with its predecessor, is a spoof of A Fistful of Dollars, which is a remake of Yojimbo). Next week we have more TTWC3 and I'm thinking about doing a mini-feature on Magnificent Seven star Yul Brynner. If I can get my hands on Volume 22 of Attack on Titan when it drops Friday, I'll cover it and Volume 21 (which I got last week). Stay tuned.

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30 Mar 17

As you can see, the mascot is busy running the shop Stateside while I'm reinstating the East Asia branch. We get a bit of a breather while our dynamic duo lays low in Chapter 8 of CeleKing1. We've still got some Western reviews coming up. Stay tuned.

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28 Mar 17

Oh, hey, the sleepy little hamlet of Kordai gets to enjoy the preferential, bordering on gentle, even lover-like treatment that only the Bringer of the Red Rain can provide. (And in case you're wondering if I'm being sarcastic for the sake of a Deadpool reference, the answer is of course yes, but, honestly, when I think about it, this is about as lover-like as this guy gets.) It's time for Akasame's Chapter 3 of TTWC3. Just three more weeks and we'll be done with this one. Before that, though, we've still got more CeleKing1 and some Western reviews. Stay tuned.

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27 Mar 17

I guess if had to name this week's theme, I'd call it "Missed Movies of 2016", which sounds better than "The Movies of 2016 I Considered Watching But Never Did" or "The Movies I Decided to Watch on the Flight Over to Japan Instead of Sleeping". We've got two remakes, Ben-Hur and The Magnificent Seven, and three comic book movies: Doctor Strange, X-Men: Apocalypse, and Superman. Okay, that last one wasn't from 2016. I just wished that'd been what I saw in theaters instead of Batman v. Superman. Coming up, we've got more TTWC3 and CeleKing1 and inspired by the Magnificent Seven remake, I'm thinking about having some Western reviews. Stay tuned.

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UTC 11:53:55

21 Mar 17

And so I've returned to sunny Nippon. (It was actually dusky and drizzly when I started wandering the streets of Tokyo.) You wouldn't think that I'd make a point to update the site while sitting in my little cube of a capsule hotel (which, to be fair, is much roomier than the typical capsule hotel), but that's the sort of dedication I bring to the table. We've got yet another angle on the First Battle of Maximilion in Akasame's Chapter 2 of TTWC3. I still haven't committed on a theme for this week's reviews. I may just opt for the movies I watched on the plane on the way over here. And I'll probably make that update from my new digs further up north. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 14:42:30

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