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30 Mar 17

As you can see, the mascot is busy running the shop Stateside while I'm reinstating the East Asia branch. We get a bit of a breather while our dynamic duo lays low in Chapter 8 of CeleKing1. We've still got some Western reviews coming up. Stay tuned.

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28 Mar 17

Oh, hey, the sleepy little hamlet of Kordai gets to enjoy the preferential, bordering on gentle, even lover-like treatment that only the Bringer of the Red Rain can provide. (And in case you're wondering if I'm being sarcastic for the sake of a Deadpool reference, the answer is of course yes, but, honestly, when I think about it, this is about as lover-like as this guy gets.) It's time for Akasame's Chapter 3 of TTWC3. Just three more weeks and we'll be done with this one. Before that, though, we've still got more CeleKing1 and some Western reviews. Stay tuned.

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27 Mar 17

I guess if had to name this week's theme, I'd call it "Missed Movies of 2016", which sounds better than "The Movies of 2016 I Considered Watching But Never Did" or "The Movies I Decided to Watch on the Flight Over to Japan Instead of Sleeping". We've got two remakes, Ben-Hur and The Magnificent Seven, and three comic book movies: Doctor Strange, X-Men: Apocalypse, and Superman. Okay, that last one wasn't from 2016. I just wished that'd been what I saw in theaters instead of Batman v. Superman. Coming up, we've got more TTWC3 and CeleKing1 and inspired by the Magnificent Seven remake, I'm thinking about having some Western reviews. Stay tuned.

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21 Mar 17

And so I've returned to sunny Nippon. (It was actually dusky and drizzly when I started wandering the streets of Tokyo.) You wouldn't think that I'd make a point to update the site while sitting in my little cube of a capsule hotel (which, to be fair, is much roomier than the typical capsule hotel), but that's the sort of dedication I bring to the table. We've got yet another angle on the First Battle of Maximilion in Akasame's Chapter 2 of TTWC3. I still haven't committed on a theme for this week's reviews. I may just opt for the movies I watched on the plane on the way over here. And I'll probably make that update from my new digs further up north. Stay tuned.

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18 Mar 17

Well, it's a little late for St. Patrick's Day, but Warwick Davis brings the luck of the Irish to a series of mostly middling but at times entertaining horror films. We have the whole set, starting with the original Leprechaun (the best of the bunch) and go on to its decreasingly satisfying sequels: Leprechaun 2, Leprechaun 3, Leprechaun 4: In Space (yes, really), Leprechaun in the Hood (I'm not kidding), and Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood (really not kidding). No, we're not considering Leprechaun: Origins. No Warwick, no watch. (Much like my objections to Hellraiser: Revelations.) Next week we've got more TTWC3 and yet to be determined reviews. I may not have mentioned it before, but I'm venturing to the Orient again and there may be some temporary disturbance with the schedule until I get settled in. Stay tuned.

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16 Mar 17

So these bad hombres come to town lookin' for the one the call the Jellybean. She done left these here parts, but they stick around to sniff out the trail. Yes, well, we have something like that in Chapter 7 of CeleKing1. Even more people are on Batista and Masako's tails and this isn't the end of it either. Before we can find out what's going on with them, we get to celebrate St. Paddy's with our good friend Warwick Davis, so look forward to that. I'm going to try to be sure it's actually out the day itself rather than posting Saturday or Sunday. Stay tuned.

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14 Mar 17

The Red Warlord finds a new place to raise Cain in Akasame's Chapter 1 of TTWC3. The situation in Notos is sure to get better after this. We've got more CeleKing1 and Leprechaun reviews coming up. Stay tuned.

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11 Mar 17

We conclude our current feature on the works of Studio Ghibli with a trio of films by other directors than Miyazaki and son or Takahata. We have Whisper of the Heart, its spinoff The Cat Returns, and The Secret World of Arrietty. I'll eventually add Only Yesterday and When Marnie Was There to my collection and feature them when I do. I may even try to hunt down R2 DVDs of some of the lesser known Ghibli works, but that's a job for another day. We also have the recent release Logan, which is quite probably the best film of the X-Men franchise. Also, continuing with the Inuyasha manga, we have Volume 3 and Volume 4. Look for more TTWC3 and CeleKing1 next week and in honor of St. Patrick's Day, I'm thinking about paying homage to my Irish heritage by posting reviews of the Leprechaun franchise. Doesn't that sound nice? Stay tuned.

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07 Mar 17

Well, we've finally came to the last of our lead characters in this third entry of The Trident War Chronicles. The basic theme was that the three volumes would represent white, black, and grey morality, though most of the Zephyrians were not so pure nor were all the Darklanders entirely unredeemable. Among the Promethean Alliance, most of the lead characters have gravitated more toward the moral center, but our new lead would probably be more at home in the Dominion. See for yourself in Akasame's prologue of TTWC3. Spoiler alert: He's not going to get any sudden attack of conscience that moves him to reform. And after six weeks with him, we'll be done with the story. In the nearer future, we've got our last batch of Ghibli films for the time being. Stay tuned.

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UTC 17:59:43

06 Mar 17

If Hayao Miyazaki is one pillar of Studio Ghibli, then Isao Takahata is another. While I favor Miyazaki, Takahata's works are rightfully acclaimed. A while back I posted a review of his last film, The Tale of Princess Kaguya, and now we add three more. First is the bitterly tragic Grave of the Fireflies, followed by Pom Poko and My Neighbors the Yamadas. This doesn't represent an exhaustive filmography of Takahata by any stretch, but these three round out all the films of his currently in my collection. We also are going to kick of reviews of the Inuyasha manga with Volume 1 and Volume 2. I've reread the entire series recently, but I'm well behind on writing reviews. Next week, we'll be starting Akasame's section of TTWC3 as we head toward the end of the book and we'll be looking at three more Ghibli films from other directors for reviews. Stay tuned.

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02 Mar 17

You never know the sort of surprising encounters you might find on the job. If you thought all Batista has to worry about is hardscrabble types looking to make a quick buck, then you're wrong. Get a look at who else is picking up the trail in Chapter 6 of CeleKing1. Look for those Takahata reviews in a couple more days. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 19:33:07

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