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08 Oct 15

The time has finally come. We bid the Ticonderoga series a fond farewell with the Epilogue of Tico4. This is the end to a journey nearly as old as the site. From 28 Mar 07 to now. Four books over the course of eight years. This isn't the end for the cast, though. You'll be seeing them again in a number of shorts I have in reserve. I want to dedicate this finale to my dearly departed Number 1 fan. This would be her birthday. I would've liked for her to have seen the story to the end. Well, nothing for me to do but continue on in her honor. In other news, look for a batch of Dracula-themed reviews. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 03:12:25

06 Oct 15

Well, the Dark Eternal got his baby, so now it's off to zombie military school with him. This is only a slight exaggeration of what happens in Dox's Chapter 3 of TTWC2. In a couple days we wrap Tico4 and then after that we'll be having some reviews of films featuring the infamous Son of the Dragon. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 07:17:31

03 Oct 15

I've been holding off on my reviews of horror films until now. In fact, it was marathoning most of the films presented today last year that contributed to my decision to start doing these reviews. (In case you're wondering about my 6-month rule, the reviews were written within six months of seeing them.) We kick off the October scary reviews with the Hellraiser series. We've got the original Hellraiser, Hellbound: Hellraiser II, Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, Hellraiser: Bloodline, and then all the direct-to-video sequels: Hellraiser: Inferno, Hellraiser: Hellseeker, Hellraiser: Deader, and Hellraiser: Hellworld. (No, Hellraiser: Revelations didn't happen.) We've got more TTWC2 coming up next week, the grand finale of Tico4 and a batch of reviews featuring everyone's favorite bloodsucker. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 19:53:11

29 Sep 15

Any of you out there have a mother who has a habit of pestering you about giving her grandkids? Alternatively, are any of you mothers who pester your kids about giving you grandkids? Well, if so, Dox's Chapter 2 of TTWC2 will have some relevance for you. Get ready to kick off October this weekend with the question "What's your pleasure, sir?" Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 06:35:19

28 Sep 15

Well, the Summer 2015 season has ended and I have reviews for three of the featured series: GATE, Overlord, and... Monster Musume. >_> We've also got the OAV series Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar and the last feature film of famed Ghibli director Isao Takahata The Tale of Princess Kaguya. We've got more TTWC2 coming up and as we're going into October, expect plenty of horror-themed reviews. For this week, we have such sights to show you. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 02:41:47

24 Sep 15

It's entirely coincidental that I watched Network for the first time a couple days ago. What am I talking about? You'll see. We get a little view of the aftermath in Chapter 32 of Tico4. And now we just have two more weeks until we bring Tico4 to a close. In the meantime, look for those reviews. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 01:37:01

22 Sep 15

We've got some disagreements about the destiny of darkness in Dox's Chapter 1 of TTWC2. Be on the lookout for more Tico4 and anime reviews later in the week. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 05:50:36

21 Sep 15

It's time for a celebration of one of the great filmmakers of the previous centuries. I don't have the most obvious title yet, but that'll come in a future installment. That I do have is Throne of Blood, Yojimbo, its sequel Sanjuro, Rashomon, and Kurosawa's take on Dostoevsky's The Idiot, Hakuchi. Be on the lookout for more TTWC2 and Tico4 plus reviews of a sampling of anime from the summer season. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 04:55:26

15 Sep 15

A new darkness is born into the world in Dox's prologue of TTWC2. I'm thinking about some Kurosawa reviews later this week. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 04:15:05

13 Sep 15

I'm going to dispense with the attempt to render the theme song in text, but have it playing in your head as I set this one up. A couple years ago I tried to watch the Rocky movies but couldn't get into it. Being a captive audience for the first one last year managed to turn things around and now I've gone through the entire series and have the reviews here for you now. That's right. We've got Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky IV, Rocky V, Rocky Balboa, and Rocky 5000. Oh, scratch that last one. (Believe it or not, as a smart-alecky kid, I made that joke before Mel Brooks committed it to the silver screen. Emergence at work.) Anyway, look for us to start up a new lead in TTWC2 and a batch of reviews whose theme is to be determined. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 04:51:38

10 Sep 15

The mascot watches intently as the final battle reaches its conclusion in Chapter 31 of Tico4. Four more weeks to go and we wrap. Everyone excited? In other news, look for reviews in the next couple days. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 03:27:56

08 Sep 15

We bid farewell to the unfortunate Khrom Orghim in Orguz's epilogue of TTWC2. Next week we'll be picking things up with the sinister and enigmatic Dox the Dark Eternal. In the meantime, we have more Tico4 and some pugilistic reviews coming up. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 14:06:27

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