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03 Mar 15

I'm changing things up. Because I've been making such good progress on TTWC3 over the past week, I don't see any reason to give myself two years of serializing TTWC2 before I get to it. As such, I'm inaugurating Tellus Tuesday. Basically, Tellus Arc stories are going to be a weekly feature for the foreseeable future. And we start things off with the debut of The Trident War Chronicles: Volume II - The Book of the Darklands. We kick things off with the Introduction and The Monarch Lich's Epilogue. You can tell we're shaking things up by today's representation from the Mascot Auxiliary. (See how there's two of them because it's Volume II and they're black 'cause it's all about the Darklands. Clever, right?) I don't know if I have enough pictures of them to keep the joke running for all 56 chapters, but I'll see what I can do.

In case you're worrying about Tico4, the latest chapter is still coming out this week. Serials from the other arcs will remain on a biweekly basis for the time being, but if I think I have sufficient lead time, I may bump up the schedule to a weekly one in the near future. Also, if you've been reading the blog, you may be aware of another feature I'm thinking about debuting later in the week. Stay tuned.

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UTC 09:15:17

25 Feb 15

The White Dragon(-cat) crushes the puny human edifice in her great and terrible fury. And now we brings things to a close with Corona's Epilogue of TTWC1. Be sure to also read the Afterword and take a look at the appendices. In two weeks we kick off TTWC2, but before that, we get one more taste of media sleaziness in the Earth Union before the next major arc of Tico4 begins. Stay tuned.

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UTC 20:46:50

18 Feb 15

The Japanese shironeko demonstrates properties both solid and fluid, fitting into a variety of containers of differing dimensions. This isn't exactly thematically related unless you want to pretend that cardboard container represents the Tico. Speaking of which, we return to the titular vessel for the first time in nine chapters with Chapter 17 of Tico4. We're wrapping up the Fugitive Arc of the story and about to move into the next stage of the story. Next week, we bring TTWC1 to a close, so look forward to that. Stay tuned.

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UTC 19:09:37

12 Feb 15

The mascot prepares for a confrontation with her archnemesis, much like our heroine in Corona's Chapter 5 of TTWC1. The week after next will mark the end of TTWC1 and from there we can start to look at things from the Darklanders' perspective. Before that, though, we've got to see how things are going in Tico4. Stay tuned.

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UTC 23:17:33

05 Feb 15

The mascot is watching you. That isn't really thematically related to today's chapter, but it's something worth knowing. Here's Chapter 16 of Tico4. The temperature's rising and it's just a matter of time before it all boils over. In other news, we've got the big showdown between Corona and Xorgoth next week. Stay tuned.

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29 Jan 15

Sometimes even though you want them to stay, they must go. So it is in Corona's Chapter 4 of TTWC1. That anniversary content I promised is still on the way and of course the torture by news organization will be continuing in Tico4 next week. Stay tuned.

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UTC 20:44:22

27 Jan 15

Happy anniversary, Palidor Media! It's almost becoming a tradition that I come to the anniversary (mostly) empty-handed. I guess I'm going to have to start the preparations earlier in the future. Kazuya's informed me that if I make him draw and color backgrounds again, he'll kill me. ^_^; His commemorative illustration should be ready in another day or two, as will some of the new content I have waiting in the wings. I will go ahead and tell you the plan for the year, so this won't be a total wash.

As you know, TTWC1 will be wrapping in four weeks. From there we'll move on to TTWC2, then TTWC3 and then on to The Brothers Pendragon. I may move the update schedule for the Tellus Arc to a weekly basis to move more quickly through The Trident War Chronicles. We'll see. As for the Space Arc, Tico4 will wrap in December and there may be some intermittent shorts, but this will probably go quiet there for a while. To fill in the void, I'll be bringing some Cross Arc content. In October, I'll debut Junker Jorg and I plan to restart Everyday Magic and alternate between the two of them.

Also, I'm going to go forward with launching a sixth Arc, the Else Arc. Basically, the Else Arc will hold any stories that don't fit anywhere else. The rules I apply to the other Arcs won't apply here. Anything goes. To avoid a bunch of broken links, I'm going to retain the "Five Arcs" label, so consider the Else Arc to be a sort of hidden Arc. I'll have some teasers on the way soon. Other than that, look for this week's chapter of TTWC1 and let's see what mischief we can get into this year. Stay tuned.

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UTC 22:05:46

23 Jan 15

The mascot's eyes are glued to the TV as MCN runs its latest hatchet job in Chapter 15 of Tico4. Although it should go without saying, the ISIS mentioned here and in earlier chapters isn't the one in the news. Unlike Archer, I'm not changing the name of the organization because of those scum. Here, ISIS stands for 'Internal Security Information Service' and is roughly equivalent to our NSA. With that cleared up, look for more Corona next week. Stay tuned.

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UTC 21:04:35

14 Jan 15

The White Dragon(-cat) does not understand your human emotions. This is a fairly short one, but here's Corona's Chapter 3 of TTWC1. We're halfway through her section. The end is in sight. Meanwhile, more mud's about to be slung in Tico4 next week. Stay tuned.

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UTC 21:37:02

08 Jan 15

The mascot is looking very serious because there's some heavy stuff going on this week in Chapter 14 of Tico4. In other news, next week we have Corona in the Darklands. Stay tuned.

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UTC 04:02:25

02 Jan 15

A new year dawns as the White Dragon(-cat) watches over you from atop her perch. Between my wanderings in the wilds and the irresistible lure of my recently acquired copy of Zelda Musou, I've been neglecting my authorial responsibilities, but I haven't forgotten about my readers. Here's Corona's Chapter 2 of TTWC1. Next week we pick up with our gang on the lam in Tico4. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 17:04:27

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