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26 May 15

We're almost done with our fun with spiders with Arachne's Chapter 5 of TTWC2. Just one more week and we'll be moving on to our next lead. Looks for more reviews later on in the week. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 23:08:14

25 May 15

Circumstances have prevented me from getting this out sooner. However, rather than skipping an update, I'm pressing forward. I'm happy to present the entire tetralogy of the the Alien franchise: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection. I planned on trolling you a bit by adding Alien Nation to the list, but I didn't have the chance to watch it before the week's activities began. Instead, I present Volume 1 of Azumanga-Daioh, a change of pace from all the Attack on Titan I've been doing lately. In other news, we've got more TTWC2 tomorrow and more reviews that may or may not have a theme to them. I'm thinking something Caesarian. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 05:11:10

22 May 15

The mascot speaks to you from a cage as a symbol. She is in a cage because you are in a cage. You have lived your lived in the cage, so you never even saw the bars. Open your eyes See the bars that confine you and rebel, rebel against the humiliation of your birthright, the cage they would have you live and die in. *beat* If you like demagoguery like that, get another helping of it in Chapter 23 of Tico4. In other news, reviews coming up soon. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 06:19:34

19 May 15

What's new with our spider friend? Find out in Arachne's Chapter 4 of TTWC2. Look for the latest chapter of Tico4 and a bunch of reviews brought to you by the letter A later in the week. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 21:02:33

17 May 15

*sigh* Late again. Well, so it goes. This week's theme is movies about what Denarian Saal would call "a bunch of a-holes": Guardians of the Galaxy, Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of Lolita and Reflections in a Golden Eye. I'll let you decide whether or not the a-holes involved are or are not 100% dicks. (Yes, yes, I'm being rather low-brow today, but if you see the first movie on today's list, you'll be in on the joke.) Besides movies, we've also got Volume 7 and Volume 8 of the Attack on Titan manga. Some of the above may apply there too. Friggin' MPs. ^o^

We draw ever closer to the end of Arache's section of TTWC2 next week and more of Tico2. As for next week's reviews, I'm thinking about a trip to space, where no one can hear you scream. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 01:28:40

12 May 15

I was almost late again on the update, but I managed to remember it in time. We've got more fun with our spidery protagonist this week with Arachne's Chapter 3 of TTWC2. I haven't committed to a theme for this week's reviews yet, so I guess it'll be a surprise for everyone. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 21:23:47

10 May 15

Yes, yes, late again. Seems to be a trend this week. By the time I get back into the swing of things, things are going to get disrupted again. Well, anyway, let's get on with the show. Following last week's review of Avengers 2, I've got some more comic-based movies for you with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past. We've also got Volume 5 and Volume 6 of the Attack on Titan manga. Lastly, we have a review of an anime series that wrapped earlier this year, Maria the Virgin Witch. Look for more TTWC2 next week. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 03:41:32

07 May 15

Both the mascot and Marshal Graves are busy getting ready for company in Chapter 22 of Tico4. Look for some reviews tomorrow or the day after. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 19:43:16

06 May 15

This post is a day late, but out of sensitivity to the French, I couldn't have a post on Cinco de Mayo. Ha ha. No, I just didn't hop on it as soon as I should've. Still a little out of it. Anyway, here's Arachne's Chapter 2 of TTWC2. Look for the next chapter of Tico4 tomorrow and some more reviews after that. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 09:27:43

02 May 15

We've got a change of pace with my reviews with a couple flicks currently in theaters: Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ex Machina. We also continue our manga review of Attack on Titan with Volume 3 and Volume 4. And then the black sheep of the bunch is The Swan Princess. Next week we have more TTWC2 and Tico4. Stay tuned.

Posted by: James
UTC 21:05:33

01 May 15

It's the eighth annual observation of International Ayame Jellybean Day. Raise your glasses to everyone's favorite stubby-tailed mascot. Cheers!

Posted by: James
UTC 20:15:28

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