Appendix D
Equipment Guide

Equipment - General

DataPad - A digital tablet that provides a convenient portable interface with a wide variety of devices.
PersCom - Personal Communication Unit, the ubiquitous multimedia communications device, capable of transmitting audio and video signals, connecting to the Interverse, and holographic projection among other functions.
superlight - A classification of spacecraft that is less than 50 meters in length, 30 meters in width and 300 tonnes in mass.

Equipment - Military, Earth Union

arm cannon - The common name for the PAK3.
BK98 pulse cannon - An update to the earlier BK87 pulse cannon that was in development when the war began. It was rushed into full production and became one of the most common mounted weapons in the Union Armed Forces.
BK101 ion cannon - A mounted weapon that fires a burst of ions to disrupt electronics.
BK110 microwave cannon - The successor to the BK101 ion cannon, it fires a focused beam of microwave radiation to disrupt electronics but has not completely replaced the ion cannon because of high power consumption.
BL16 Laser Array Mark VI - The standard laser array of superlight crafts, it is nearly half the size of the Mark V but with only a 36% reduction in output.
BlasTape - A type of plastic explosive that comes in thin, flexible adhesive strips and is used for breaching, capable of cutting through up to 40mm of standard alloy plating.
chameleon cloak - An optic camouflage poncho that can conceal a fully equipped soldier from visual and infrared scans.
chaff pod - A missile countermeasure that disrupts radar-based guidance systems.
Delta Series shield projector - The fourth generation of shield projector, it sacrificed the scalability of the Gamma Series for greater output and was only deployable on SFPS-equipped craft.
donner gun - The common name for the MG20 series.
EMP generator - A last-resort countermeasure to prevent the capture of Union craft, it unleashes a short-range EMP burst to disrupt electronics and hopefully disable any potential captor.
flare pod - A missile countermeasure that disrupts IR-based guidance systems.
interceptor pod - A missile countermeasure that launches a small AI-guided drone that synchs up with a missile's guidance system and collides with it. It is expensive and not terribly useful against the Sheolites as the guidance systems for their missiles tend to be easily thwarted by the vastly more inexpensive chaff and flares.
MediSuit - A powered armor exoskeleton employed by the Marine Corps' Mobile Armor Division.
MG20B - A version of the MG20 heavy squad support weapon designed for use by MediSuits, it is preferred to the MG12A2 blitz gun for its superior firepower.
Mk1 missile revolver - A missile launcher with six rotating chambers, each loaded with a missile. It allows faster firing that the older missile tubes and generally allows for a larger missile loadout while taking up less space.
Mk3 torpedo tube, space - A lighter, more compact torpedo tube designed to work with the larger superlights.
particle cannon - A mounted weapon that fires powerful particle blasts with moderately high destructive power offset by a low rate of fire.
P43 - The standard sidearm of both the Earth Union Armed Forced and the Federal Police, it fires a relatively weak charged pulse that is safe for use on spacecraft.
PAK3 - A portable plasma cannon attached to the arm of a MediSuit, it is the smallest feasible plasma cannon with three rotating barrels to allow a higher rate of fire.
Personal Heads-Up Display Unit - An ear-mounted heads-up display capable of synching with external scanners, functionally similar to the visor of a LightSuit helmet
pulse cannon - A mounted weapon that fires charged pulses at a high rate of fire, effective at depleting energy shields but with limited destructive power.
SSG1 - A portable railgun used as the standard sniper system of the Earth Union Armed Forces.
Starbeam - The standard space-to-space missile equipped by Union spacecraft.
StatSuit - A modular mechanical counterpressure suit that is standard issue to all offworld personnel.
TacVest - A type of light armored vest used by the Federal Police and the Orbital and Coast Guards.
TK9A2 light particle cannon, Type IIb - A variant of the TK9 direct-fire particle cannon designed for superlight spacecraft.

Equipment - Military, Sheol Empire

disruptor - A powerful electromagnetic beam capable of canceling shields, but often at the cost of shorting out the craft's own systems.
nail gun - The nickname for the standard infantry weapon of Sheolite forces, it fires alloy spikes that can bypass shields and crack if not penetrate LightSuit armor.