Appendix A
Character Glossary

The Quest for the Pendants

Abdiy the Dragonslayer - The King of Byrn and an Elemental Knight, he was placed under a spell by Kyrios and can do nothing to stand in the way of the omnimancer's rise to power.

Arkady - A student at the Royal University of Sagia, he specializes in history and ancient languages. His dream is to study the ruins of Castle Ban.

Brenok - A descendant of House Serkan, he has tormented Mark ever since they were small children.

Catherine - The daughter of Lord Fyodor and a budding psychic, she has been taken captive by Kyrios and is being held in Dragova. Knowing she will be used to further Kyrios' ambitions, she sends out telepathic pleas for help before it is too late.

Chimera - The Wind Master, he is responsible for the Trial of the Wind Pendant

Fyodor Konstantinovich - The Lord of Fiora and Catherine's father, he was killed by the Dragon Guard as a potential threat to Kyrios' conquest.

Golem - The Earth Master, it is responsible for the Trial of the Earth Pendant.

Hydrus - The Water Master, he is responsible for the Trial of the Water Pendant

Ignatiy - A wandering pyromaniac, he is caught by Mark before he can set fire to a field. He apparently has a criminal record for arson and is terrified of the Dragon Guard.

Ivan - A farm hand working for Tiberius.

Kyrios - A powerful mage trained in the ancient art of omnimancy, he has bewitched the Dragon Guard and now moves to eliminate all opposition before claiming rulership of Byrn.

Ludimil the Invader - An Elemental Knight, he is traveling around the kingdom looking for followers and financiers for his mission to claim the fruit of the Tree of Life. He is Brenok's brother.

Luther the Guardian - Mark's father, he delivers his son to Tiberius in Byrn just before Randwulf's invasion.

Lycanthrope - The Gatekeeper, he holds the keys to the Pendant Masters.

Mark - The son of Luther, he has been raised by his uncle, waiting for his father to return from the war in his homeland. He is already talented as a swordsman but lacks any real combat experience.

Mikhail - A monk of the Order of Saint Arita, he publicly denounced Ludimil's quest.

Ofeliya - A healer from Fiora, she is widely known throughout the kingdom and has many pupils. Tiberius sends Mark to find her after he is wounded by the Dragon Guard.

Olofer - A deaf-mute shepherd from Falko, his flock was slaughtered by the Dragon Guard. He is personally selected by Catherine to become one of Mark's companions.

Phoenix - The Fire Master, she is responsible for the Trial of the Fire Pendant

Seraph - The Heaven Master, he is responsible for the Trial of the Heaven Pendant

Stefan - A rare example of a gadjo being adopted by the Roma and made one of their own, he is a talented fighter but lacks direction in life. Catherine offers him the direction he seeks by joining the quest to defeat Kyrios.

The Trustee - A member of the Board of Trustees at the Royal University of Sagia, he is an acquaintance of Catherine's father, who was an alumnus.

Tiberius - Mark's uncle and Luther's older brother, he was the Guardian for several years until an accident caused the gems to reject him. He moved to Byrn where he was making a living as a farmer when Luther placed Mark in his care. In addition to training Mark in the way of the sword, he has also been training members of the Dragon Guard in basic and advanced swordfighting techniques.

Vitaly Maksimov - The Captain of the Dragon Guard, he is a direct descendant of the national hero of Byrn, Saint Maksim the Valiant. He has fallen under Kyrios' spell and is now one of the omnimancer's puppets.

The Fall of Byrn

Abdiy the Dragonslayer - The King of Byrn and an Elemental Knight, he finds that there is little he can do to stem the tide of the Marauders' advance, but he remains committed to fight for his kingdom to the bitter end.

Algernon the Shadow - One of the Five Stalkers, he is Randwulf's top spy and a master of disguise. His intelligence network is extensive and very little ever escapes his notice. Randwulf is not the only person he reports to, though.

Cadmus Martial - The commander of the Marauders, he looks forward to the prospect of avenging the centuries-old defeat of Gladius at the hands of the Byrnans.

Drusus - One of the Five Generals, he is the commander of the Marauders' Archer Division.

Giles the Savage - One of the Five Generals, he is the commander of the Pikeman Division. Unlike his peers, he disagrees with the indiscriminate tactics being used by the Marauders.

Klement Kasparov - A monk from Whiteheart Abbey, he is a scribe who knew Mark before he returned to Gladius. Captured by Tariq, he is forced to serve as an interpreter for the Marauders.

Marcella the Nightstalker - One of the Five Stalkers, she is a skilled assassin who enjoys her work.

Nicabar - A Rom known for going out among the gadje and bringing back various curiosities to the village.

Randwulf the Conqueror - The King of Gladius and an Elemental Knight, he usurped the throne after invading the kingdom twenty years ago. Fearing the fulfillment of the prophecy of his downfall, he leads the Marauders into Byrn to capture Mark, the 'Eagle in the East', and to prevent the Byrnans from coming to his aid.

Reinard - One of the Five Generals, he is the commander of the Marauders' Spearman Division.

Sven Leifson - One of the Five Generals, he is the commander of the Marauders' Axeman Division and the father of Harald Svenson. One of the original Marauders, he is particularly ruthless and bloodthirsty. He has a highly antagonistic relationship with General Giles.

Tariq the Assassin - An Elemental Knight seeking to avenge the death of his father, he serves Randwulf as one of the Five Stalkers in the hopes of finding the man he seeks.

The Bodyguard - The mindwalker's bodyguard, he is a skilled hand-to-hand fighter. Although devoted to his mistress, he cannot understand why she will not stand up against the Gladian invaders.

The Captain of the Dragon Guard - A native of Gladius, he must lead the Dragon Guard against the invasion from his homeland. He did not command the Dragon Guard directly in the war effort until after the Battle of Dragova, which partially explains the crushing losses up to that point.

The Mindwalker - A noblewoman from Fiora, she exhibits considerable psychic powers, including prescience, but does not seem interested in taking direct action against Randwulf.

The Scholar - A graduate of the Royal University, he gave up a chance at tenure to devote himself wholly to research. He is particularly interested in the prophetic writings from Byrn's predecessor, the Kingdom of Ban.

The Shepherd - A shepherd from Falko, he possesses magical powers that he uses against the invading Marauders.

The Warlock's Apprentice - One of Shadowblight's six apprentices and a member of the Five Stalkers, he is originally from Byrn and uses his extensive knowledge to assist Randwulf's campaign. He enjoys tormenting others, Vincentian in particular.

Ulfson - One of the Five Generals, he is the commander of the Marauders' Swordsman Division.

Ursus the Giant - One of Randwulf's special operatives, he is one of the original Marauders.

Vincentian the Dark Knight - One of the Five Stalkers, he is the son of Cadmus Martial. He hates Shadowblight and his apprentices, especially the one who serves as a fellow Stalker.