The End of Creon's Line

The people of Zephyr never truly appreciated what their sacrifices accomplished. All they saw was the sacrifice, which left them with nothing but discontent. Too few understood the dream of Solon and Xanthe and so it was blamed for all their misfortunes. With the newly crowned Queen Daphne as the obvious symbol of that dream, she was made a scapegoat for all the kingdom's ills and her every action to save the people was twisted into some manner of attack against them.
The role of the Church could not be understated. With Gamaliel and his Army of Light returning to Zephyr two months ahead of the main force, the Archbishop had ample time to craft a narrative that could not be refuted even when contrary accounts became available. Archbishop Gamaliel's long decades of anger and resentment found fertile ground in a barren Zephyr. The seeds were sown before the expedition even left, were carefully tended by the clerics who remained behind and the harvest was ready upon his return.
Queen Daphne did not resist the Army of Light when it marched on Hesperia. Not wanting any bloodshed, she opened her gates to them and when the zealot army whipped up the people against her, she abdicated the throne in a bid for a bloodless peace. So ended the thousand-year reign of the sons of Creon.
The deposed Queen was spirited out of the country by the efforts of those still faithful to her, not least of all her longtime companion Uriel. Daphne escaped the blades of the Church's assassins, but many who were left behind did not. All who posed a threat to the Church's rule were purged and a simple-minded priest was placed on the throne to act as the Archbishop's puppet.
Lord Dionysios and much of his Fourth Legion rebelled against the new order. They were outmatched against the battle-hardened zealots, though, and ultimately routed by the cunning Iessias, a young tactical genius who outshone even the legend of Duke Cronos. However, the Church did not escape wholly unpunished. The White Dragon Corona's rampage burned much of the holy city to the ground and years later the kingdom would be thrown into chaos when a shadowy figure emerged to cut a bloody swath of revenge from one corner of the land to the next.