Meeting Prometheus

AZ 1446 - Late Autumn
Dungeon of Castle Notos, Maximilion, Notos

Duke Cronos did not enjoy making trips to the dungeon, but the prisoners captured a few weeks ago warranted his personal attention. The five men were all kept in a single cell to keep their seditious rabble-rousing from spreading to the other prisoners.
Cronos wanted to know for himself why they were trying to organize a rebellion. Had not Zephyr saved the people of Notos from the Chaos Dominion and protected them ever since? Did the Zephyrians not foster the reconstruction of their broken country? Was Zephyr not their first and best partner in trade and the source of all the fortune they enjoyed? What grounds were there for dissent? What justification was there for this gross ingratitude?
As he entered the cell, Cronos could easily tell which of the five prisoners was the ringleader. Though emaciated from the days of sparse prison rations, the man still had all the bearing of a deep-set pride and looked at the Duke in bold defiance. Cronos could respect that, even in an enemy. He took the initiative and spoke first.
"I trust you know why you are here," the Duke said. "You are charged with disrupting the peace, sedition, and conspiracy to commit hostile actions against Protectorate officials. What do you say to these charges?"
The leader spat at Cronos' feet, earning a blow from one of the guards. It did not stop him from speaking, however.
"Listen well, you dog of Zephyr. As long as there is hope for freedom in the hearts of the people of Notos, there will be men willing to sacrifice everything for her sake. You may have us, but you cannot stop the Promethean Alliance!"
"Indulge me," Cronos said. "What is the meaning of this name, the Promethean Alliance?"
"Heh," the leader scoffed. "You've heard of the legend of Prometheus, haven't you? He took fire from the gods and gave it to mankind. Through Prometheus' gift, Man gained the power to challenge the gods' tyranny.
"Zephyr and the Dominion are like gods towering over us, but my brothers and I will play Prometheus and give power to the people of Notos to choose their own destiny without the meddling of outsiders like you."
The Duke was not impressed.
"You realize that Prometheus was punished for his deed, do you not? He was chained to a rock to writhe in torment for eternity as an eagle tore at his liver every day. Unlike the gods of legend, though, I am more merciful than that. You will be executed for your crimes before the next sunrise."
Duke Cronos turned and walked away, but the leader still shouted at him.
"You can kill us, but you can't kill the revolution! We'll see how strong you are when you're the one in chains! I'll--!"
His words were cut off by the sound of a sword sinking into flesh. One of the guards must have gotten impatient. The guard would be reprimanded for his breach of protocol, but ultimately his actions made no difference. The rebels would all die down there in the dungeon anyway. There was no need to make them martyrs with a public spectacle. The revolution the leader had boasted of would die in that cell. There was no need to for the Duke to concern himself with the matter any longer.